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Illuminating Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Everything is Love: From Egypt to Paris to Popular Culture

"We all lose when the family feuds." - Jay-Z

"Y'all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together, to get her back I had to sweat her." - Common

"I been to Paris at least two times, I've seen the Eiffel, I've seen a "eye-full." - Jay-Z

"I will never let you shoot the nose off my Pharoah." - Beyonce


Recently Beyoncé and Jay-Z affectionately known as "The Carters" have been back in the news taking the world by storm, reminding everyone that they are still the reigning king and queen of popular culture, and thus the music industry. Hip-hop's "Royal Couple" if you will kicked off a European tour, and then suddenly shocked everyone by releasing a new unexpected album titled Everything is Love. This was of course accompanied by a brand new music video titled "Ape S**t" that was shot in France's very own historic Louvre Museum. As with many of my previous post where I sought to decode hidden messages in the Dollar Bill, or if it was breaking down symbolism in Marvel movies like Logan, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War, this post will attempt to do some of the same. I will attempt to deconstruct some of the symbolism in the music video for "Ape S**t."

In my opinion to even mention that there is symbolism in the music video for "Ape S**t" would be a glaring understatement. Symbols are all over the place, but only for those with eyes that can see. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z are definitely not new to using symbols. Beyonce singing in both the "sunlight" and "moonlight" wearing a seven pointed uraeus on her head similar to the Statue of Liberty "lighting up" the world, was clearly invoking pregnant mother goddess symbols during her 2017 Grammy performance.

Jay-Z is often accused of throwing up "Illuminati" symbols hidden under the guise of "Rocafella signs." Jay-Z often jokes that he is the "New Illuminati." For those not aware the Illuminati may refer to the secret society from Bavaria/Germany that may or may not have had possible links to the United States. The Illuminati today has a negative connotation, but may not have necessarily have been a bad thing. The philosophy of the Illuminati like the Age of Enlightment, and the American Freemasonry of the Revolutionary War stood for free thought, freedom to choose your religion, and also "free" democratic political systems. Illuminati is simply a word meaning "light" or "enlightened" or "being aware." It is interesting though that Adam Weishaupt the founder of the Illuminati was also a Freemason, so the enlightment values of the two societies easily blend together. President Thomas Jefferson even hinted at this. Stretched out to its broadest terminology many people can be "Illuminated," or support Illuminati values without necessarily being initiated.

Are Jay-Z and Beyonce Illuminati? Who knows for sure, but I think it is highly possible. They both have proven that they are definitely familiar with the language of symbolism. Now before we get into the "meat and potatoes," of all of this, and in order to make things easier to decode, I find it useful to first make the music video watchable before we attack some of the symbolism. Of course other writers and bloggers are welcome to interpret for themselves what they think the meaning of the music video is, or if there is even any meaning at all. This is simply a Stranger History interpretation then. These are only some of my hunches, or "gut feelings," that I have about the video. It could be that this was, or wasn't their intent. I'll leave that for you or even them to decide.

1. The most obvious question is why are Jay-Z and Beyonce standing in front of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa? The Mona Lisa is striking in that it is one of the more plain inconspicuous paintings being displayed in the room that it is in, and this really stands out when watching "Ape S**t."Why does it seem so important for Jay-Z and Beyonce to highlight Da Vinci's painting? It is my guess that they are familiar with some of the mystery around the painting. Some have suggested that the Mona Lisa is a symbol for the union between the masculine and feminine, also a deeper acknowledgement of the forgotten time of goddess worship. All of the civilizations in the ancient world always had both male and female deities. With the rise of patriarchy the female goddess has been suppressed, but as we enter the Age of Aquarius we will slowly begin to see this change. We will begin to feel a shift in culture, some of us probably already have.

It has been noted that the Mona Lisa's face is very dualistic in nature, very androgynous in the way it is presented. It seems as though it is a combination of the male and female principal. Some say the name Mona Lisa is really a combination for the names of the male Egyptian god Ammon and the female Egyptian goddess Isis, thus forming together the name Mona Lisa. If this is indeed the case then it makes sense why this would gain the attention of Beyonce and Jay-Z who may view themselves as the "true and living" embodiment of these ideas. Being African-American the idea of this famous European painting encoded with these African concepts would have naturally attracted them as well. Later in the video they are in a different section in the Louvre, where now they are both standing in front of a Sphinx known as the Sphinx of Tanis. Now this is definitely of some interest because the Sphinx of Tanis was located in a temple in Tanis dedicated to the god Ammon, yes the same God Ammon who is encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, or maybe the same Ammon sound one makes when they say "Amen." As for Leonardo it is well known that he was also a member of secret societies, and many Renaissance artist often shrouded their work in elaborate codes in order to conceal ideas out of fear of persecution or even death. Great thinkers like Galileo was threatened with death and Giordano Bruno was even murdered.

Sphinx of Tanis at the Louvre


2. Is Beyonce the new Virgin Mary, symbolically speaking? I know that statement may come as a shock to many, and may even seem like a scientific impossibility being that her and her husband have three children, but hear me out. What I mean by is Beyonce the new Virgin Mary is does she symbolize the Virgin in their music video. I believe she does symbolize the virgin, and in more ways than one.

Is Beyonce symbolizing the Virgin Mary or something else? Notice Jay-Z's hands and legs form the upside down triangle the symbol of feminine energy. Jay-Z is symbolically acknowledging Beyonce's strength. Beyonce with her legs crossed form an upright triangle acknowledging Jay-Z's masculine energy.


First Beyonce is seen sitting on what looks like a bench, or stylized ottoman grasping her husbands leg. Jay-Z has his hands in the upside down triangle shape the symbol for woman. Beyonce has her hair covered like Mary the Virgin. In the video we see the words Virgo which of course mean virgin.

Queen Elizabeth I was also known as the "Virgin Queen." The state of Virginia in the United States gets its name from this fact. I also find it both bizarre and downright conspiratorial that Beyonce is actually born a Virgo. This would indeed make her an actual virgin in an astronomical sense; however, there is also an African connection here. Even before Beyonce, Queen Elizabeth I, and the Virgin Mary of the Bible one of the very first "virgins," if not the first, was the Egyptian Goddess Isis. The death of Isis husband Osiris and the birth of her son Horus make Isis the first mythological virgin in history. In fact many of the later Greek and Roman virgin goddess were modeled on Isis the prototypical virgin goddess; therefore, Beyonce as Virgo is symbolic of the African virgin goddess Isis.

The above two photos really show the feminine energy on display. Beyonce and her dancers form the upside down triangle the symbol for feminine energy, as it makes the shape of a chalice and the female sex organ. Behind them hangs the painting The Coronation of Napoleon.


Unlocking the mystery of the sacred bee.


3. What is the connection with Napoleon and Josephine? One of the most powerful images in the video "Ape S**t" and the image I cant get out of my mind is why was it important for Jay-Z and Beyonce to use the famous painting titled The Coronation of Napoleon. Of course there is the common sense value of it all, for one the French Emperor and his wife Josephine were the Royal Couple, and Beyonce and Jay-Z play with the imagery and idea of being a Royal Couple of Hip-hop and popular culture. Also Jay-Z and Beyoncé's lives because they are celebrities are open for all to observe their success and failures, just think of the words "elevator" and "Becky" and you get the point. Anyone that knows a little about history knows that Napoleon and his wife Josephine were full of the many highs and lows that come with any passionate relationship, you could even say they were "Crazy in Love," so on that level everyone should get it.

Napolean is known as the Bee just like Beyonce. Notice the many bees all over his robe, and even on the floor.


A young Queen Elizabeth II with the bees in her robe and crown. Also within the crown is the Fleur-de-lys that we see in France and New Orleans. The Fleur-de-lys is actually a stylized bee.


There is something else that I find extremely interesting though. On the robe of both Napoleon and Josephine, if you look close you will see the image of bees. In fact Napoleon's nickname was the "Bee," and is not Bee an abbreviation for Beyonce. Let us unpack this some more. The bee was the symbol of royalty used by many royal families not just the French. You can see bees in the robe and crown of Queen Elizabeth II of England as well. The origin of the bee as a symbol for royalty can first be traced back to Egypt the land where beekeeping began.

Some believe the Egyptian Pharaohs White Crown gets its inspiration from the beehive. Pharaohs wanted to organize their societies like bees they even gave themselves titles like "Beekeeper."


The Pope borrows his Mitre from the Egyptian White Crown which was a beehive. Did the Popes also view themselves as "Beekeepers?"


The beehive admired by ancient societies for its organizational skills.


The Egyptian Pharaohs admired the bees because of how they worked in an organized society. Also honey had medical powers and symbolically transformative power. The bee turns nectar into honey similar to the story of Christ turning water to wine, or even Osiris and Dionysus turning grapes to wine.

The Rastafarians know that the Ethiopian king Lalibela's name translated means "swarm of bees." The French Merovingian kings like Childeric I were buried with 300 golden bees, but even before any of them it all can be traced back to the Land of the Pharoahs. Some say that the Pharaohs used the symbol of three bees in art, and were also even buried with three bees in hope of being transformed in the afterlife. This concept of three bees was borrowed from the Pharoahs by the Barberini family and their patronized artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini who created art for Pope Urban VIII within and around the Vatican.

The bee was also admired for how they organized their society and worked together. It is for this reason that the Egyptian Pharoah wore the white crown in the shape of a beehive also the Popes of Rome would wear Mitres also in the shape of a beehive because the modern day Popes viewed themselves as Egyptian Pharaohs holding the shepherd's crook and all. The Freemasons use the bee and beehive as symbols of industry and teamwork, and it is said that Adam Weishaupt before he called his group the Illuminati he thought about calling it the Bees.

Here is where it gets interesting the fans of Beyonce are known as the Beehive, and are known to organize and attack anyone who attacks Beyonce. The bee society is also a matriarchy run by a sole female Queen Bee. The bee mates with the male drone bee only when the sun is out. It is for this reason the Egyptians called the bee the tears of the god Ra(Ammon.) When bees mate is where we get the origin of the term "honeymoon." The hexagram shape of the bee honeycomb is reminiscent of the up and down triangle of masculine and feminine energy.

Males tread light though because after the female Queen Bee mates she kills the male drone. Beyonce then is the "Queen Bee" who chooses Jay-Z to be at her side. Together they have a considerable amount of influence over the music industry, and maybe even society. Don't think that secret societies, governments, and musicians don't work closely together, they always did since the days of Josephine Baker working for the Allies during World War Two. The government under the code name Operation Husky also worked with the Mafia (Luciano/Lansky) during World War Two as well, please don't get it confused. In one final odd twist Beyonce though she is known to hail from Texas she is of Creole background which has a New Orleans/French connection. The New Orleans Fleur-de-lis then is non-other than the stylized bee. Beyonce is the Queen Bee figuratively and literally. Its impossible to believe all these coincidences were planned out since her birth, if so you have now entered the world of conspiracy. All we can do is accept the fact that it is all indeed just a very strange coincidence, or is it?

The Fleur-de-lys of the New Orleans Saints



4. Jay-Z and the Louvre Glass Pyramid. One of the most powerful images in the video is Jay-Z rapping in front of the Glass Pyramid which screams of egyptomania, as with the Sphinx of Tanis Jay-Z is celebrating the continent of Africa. As Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop would say Egypt is indeed a Child of Africa. As was mentioned earlier the upward triangle is also the symbol of masculine energy. Of course the person who pushed for the Pyramid to be in front of the Louvre was French President Francois Mitterrand who many believe, but cant be proven was a 33rd degree Freemason.

Former French President Francois Mitterrand and architect I.M.Pei making an interesting handshake these are the two men behind the Louvre Pyramid/Glass Pyramid in front of the Louvre.


Mitterrand pushed to have the Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei to design the structure. The Glass Pyramid has the exact same slope dimension as the Great Pyramid of Giza which is about 50.71 degrees. It is said that there are 666 individual glass panels that make up the Glass Pyramid. As I mentioned in previous post 666 is not the sign of the devil but the sign of man. Man is made of carbon which consist of 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. It just so happens that the bee's honeycomb is also a hexagram with 6 points. Beyonce and Jay-Z's album Everything is Love has 9 songs but if you flip the number 9 upside down you get the number 6, whether this was done on purpose one can only guess. What maybe of interest to some is if you put the number 6 and 9 together you get 69. Also remember the 6 points in hexagram is made by joining the two triangles together, so once again its a sign for the masculine and feminine energy united. The 6 points are also the double triangle of the "so-called" Star of David, or Seal of Solomon, but it can also be seen in the Square and Compass of Freemasonry.

5. Is the Louvre Museum really an Egyptian temple in disguise? Many are not aware of the fact that the Louvre Palace was designed with the idea of being the Egyptian Temple of Luxor. The Louvre and Luxor are identical. When Jay-Z was rapping in front of the Louvre he was really standing within an Egyptian temple. The history of Egypt has been buried in favor of Greece and Rome, but the Hermeticist, Freemasons, and even the Vatican are all built on Egyptian(African) concepts. In fact they all revered Egypt as the seat of civilization, but according to Martin Bernal in his heretical book Black Athena racism influenced people to write certain groups out of history. Its now time to write them back into history. This all goes way beyond art.

The Temple of Luxor where the priest were initiated sits on the Nile. The temple is suppose to be in the shape of a man a concept I want to build on in a future post.


The Louvre is almost an exact replica as the Egyptian Temple of Luxor. The Louvre sits on the Seine River the exact same way the Luxor Temple sits on the Nile River. This is no accident at all.


This painting by Baron Antoine-Jean Gros is titled Battle of the Pyramids. Napoleon gives a Freemasonic hand gesture admiring the pyramids and Egyptian civilization.


6. Purple and Green? For those that are still with me lets go back to the very beginning of the "Ape S**t" video for a moment, Jay-Z and Beyonce are wearing purple and green, lavender and green, or if you will violet. Is this meant to symbolize the unique vision of the bee. A dogs vision pales when compared to the vision of humans, most say that dogs see limited colors like black and white (some say yellow and blue.)

Human vision pales in comparison to the vision of the bee that can see ultra violet light. Violet is a color associated the higher chakra of a Hindu philosophy known as kundalini. Philosophies similar to the snake and flower symbolism in kundalini can also be found in Ancient Egypt as well. Violet is the color of higher consciousness or a higher state of spiritual awareness. This is the true meaning of the term "woke." The "purple and green" dress of Mr. and Mrs. Carter I believe is symbolic of this as well.

The colors of the violet flower is what it truly means to be "woke." Violet being the color of the 7th chakra and beyond. Also Jay-Z and Beyoncé's arms and shoulders form the upside down triangle (v) for the feminine principal which you will see increase as we leave the Age of Pisces and are now in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.


The painting titled The Raft of Medusa by Theodore Gericault is what some interpret as black survival. The half dead and starving crew are lead to survival by a black man.


7. Everything is Love is a celebration of love, family, and survival. Much respect to the Carters whose lives are transparent for all to see, warts and all. I guess that's the price of celebrity some might say. Their lives have become an outlet for their art though, from Beyoncé's frustrations heard on Lemonade to Jay-Z's introspection and growth on his 4:44 album. The Carters took many of their fans and admirers on an emotional roller coaster ride, as we vicariously lived through them, experiencing both their failures and successes. With the album Everything is Love you can hear both Jay-Z and Beyonce finally celebrating their marriage, as it survived what would have broken most marriages. In the music video for Ape S**t you see a painting titled The Raft of Medusa. Jay-Z then is the black male(survivor) in the painting The Raft of Medusa, the true story of a desperate shipwrecked crew of about 147 who make a raft and sailed the ocean hoping to be discovered. The painting shows the moment when the Medusa was discovered. Out of the 147 or so people only ten survived the near starvation and cannibalism, with the main person leading the crew being a black man waving a flag. Jay-Z and Beyonce survived what would destroy many. In many ways together they are the Medusa. Everything is Love then is a celebration of both love, family and survival. It is a blueprint for those who may have experienced similar things, or for those who may experience these sorts of obstacles in the future. Below is a very introspective interview of Jay-Z dropping jewels(life lessons) with CNN's Van Jones about marriage, and his appreciation for his wife Beyonce.

Jay-Z during a very transparent, enlightening, and introspective interview about the importance of marriage and family.


The sacred bee admired by both Egyptian Pharoahs, French Kings, Freemasons, and the Illuminati.


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