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The Mystery of the Chinese Bi Stones: Nephrite, Nephilim, Nephthys and the Sirius Star System


"...for if we are to investigate the extraterrestrial issue with honesty and unhampered by fear of ridicule, then the possibility of contact in our distant past is a viable option." - Robert Bauval

" And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up." Ezekiel 1:19

" There were Nephilim in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men..." Genesis 6:4


I remember when I was a classroom teacher who taught history, I would often say to my class when discussing lets say the ancient Egyptians, or Inca that "the reason they say that aliens contributed to these civilizations, as well as others is because they were blinded by racism." I would tell my students that "certain people could not conceive how people of color could build these amazing civilizations, so they discredit them by saying it was aliens who did it." In fact I recently heard the very respected Neil deGrasse Tyson repeat this same line of argument as well. I have to say I no longer believe those words anymore, nor the rigged line of argument that could be rather entrapping, and close minded if you think about it. Especially in an era of afro-futurism that has no limit, or bounds when it comes to free thought. I also personally believe an intelligent man like Tyson was being coy when he made that statement, but that's only my opinion. I feel as though if people around the world who may have been visited by a superior alien "race" than those people would be rather lucky because they were in fact chosen in a way. Also I further believe that if this alien race of higher intelligent beings actually mated with humans and formed hybrids as some alternative writers believe, or if they left valuable technology and knowledge for humans to later build their civilizations on, this could be viewed as a good thing in the course of human evolution and development. In fact the argument that says this takes away from human accomplishments could instead be viewed as a biologically collective accomplishment of two "species" building on those foundations left behind by others, or even an accomplishment of an entirely new hybrid species that may in fact still share a kinship and bond with those distant travelers. This would of course change our understanding of human evolution, but history is written to be rewritten some would say.

An image from the classic Steven Spielberg movie E.T. released on June, 11, 1982. Hollywood has much to say about possible alien life in outer space, but it is billed as science "fiction" with an emphasis on fiction.


Classic characters like the speculative Agent Mulder, and the data driven objective Agent Scully made the Chris Carter produced sci-fi television series The X-Files a hit in the 90s and throughout. What if Mulder was right is the question I ask?


This summer the recent hit franchise Predator released a new addition on September 14, 2008 titled The Predator that touched on the possibility of alien and human hybrids of course when its billed as entertainment the"dog loses its scent if you will."


The Marvel Comic's character Diamondback from the Netflix's hit Luke Cage is firing a Judas Bullet from a Judas Rifle known to be derived from alien technology. This idea of alien derived technology is a common theme in Marvel comics that we have seen in the movie Black Panther with Wakanda's alien metal known as vibranium, as well as the character the Vulture in Spider-Man Homecoming who manipulated alien tech to his advantage. Again this is all labeled as science fiction, so it cant possibly be true.


With a Fall release date of 10/5 Marvel's new movie Venom is another movie that explores the possibility of alien human hybrids with the character Venom played by Tom Hardy. I also like to highlight that Venom is the creation of scientist Carlton Drake, a veiled reference to outer space as in the so-called Drake Equation of Frank Drake, and its calculations for alien life. The black and white image for Venom is no doubt symbolism for the polarity found in the universe.


In fact all around the world ancient people have left evidence of contact that was made between themselves and visitors from other planets. Whether we are talking about the Nazca lines of Peru, the Egyptian Djedkhonsuifeankh Papyrus, or if its elongated Inca and Egyptian skulls, ancient people as well as up until modern times continue to give testimony after testimony of this kind of contact, or of some obduction of one kind or another. Hollywood and the comic book industry, as well as many writers of fantasy and sci-fi have capitalized on our fascination with beings from other worlds.

I believe we have even been slyly educated in the most obvious ways through the unassuming use of art and entertainment. I remember reading somewhere that it was named Hollywood after the Holly Tree which was a wood that had magical powers. The wizards of folklore make their magic wands out of holly wood. What magic is Hollywood performing in front of our very eyes one might ask? With this article however I only want to focus my attention on contact that was made between ancient people and extraterrestrials, and leave those modern close encounters for possible future post. So let us leave popular culture with all its hidden messages real, or imagined and travel to ancient China to discover the legend of the Dropa stones, and how this may all connect to life in outer space.

A photo of two Dropa stones taken by Ernst Wegener at a Banpo Museum; however, other than these pictures there is no tangible evidence that these stone disk exist.


The legend of the Dropa stones and "Dropa" people is a fascinating tale that most people write off as a hoax. As the story goes beyond the Kun Lan Mountains on the border of China and Tibet in the Baian Kara Ula Mountain region a Chinese archaeologist by the name of Chi Pu Tei stumbled upon a series of graves inside this mountain range, and what he discovered is simply astonishing. As the story goes Chi Pu Tei and his party unearthed the graves of small people with large heads that could ony be described as an alien race. Along with these graves were a group of disk shaped stones with spiral hieroglyphics that today are known as the legendary Dropa stones. The disk were said to have a circumference about 12 inches with a hole in the middle roughly dividing it into 6 inches on each side. Another Chinese professor who was said to later immigrate to Japan by the name of Tsum Um Nui would later come across these stones at a university, and would claim to be able to translate them.

According to this professor Tsum Um Nui the translation of the stones recorded the story of how a group of aliens crash landed their disk like craft (flying saucer) in the Baian Kara Ula Mountains and upon discovering the less civilized human population they would later mate with them creating a new hybrid species. Local Chinese legend it is said is filled with tales of dwarfish people known as "Dropa" in the mountains of China inheriting their small size from their alien ancestors. I find it also interesting that small people were revered (elite) by the ancient Egyptians ( Old Kingdom) in the form of the dwarf god Bes, and in English folklore like J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit; for example, small characters like Dwarves and Hobbits seem to bring good luck. You also see this kind of unique magical power with characters like Smurfs and Gnomes. The Hindu dwarf god Vamana is quite fortunate as are the Leprechauns of Irish folklore. In Rick Strassmans book DMT The Spirit Molecule test subject after test subject claim after given hallucinogens to have visited other dimensions where they encounter small friendly beings. It is possible that this multidimensional world may also consist of beings of multiple sizes as well corresponding to Dwarves, Elves, Pixies, and Fairies. If this all sounds quite fantastic to you rest assured it did for me as well.

Beautiful Chinese Baian Kara Ulu Mountain region where the legend of aliens were said to have crashed and then some were buried in graves, survivors were said to have mated with the human population. Mainly written off as a hoax, but some believe there is truth in the legend.


This story was later told in a book written by David Agamon called Sungods in Exile about an explorer named Karyl Robin-Evans who interviewed the descendants of this ancient alien contact in China.

It was said that the book was written in a very credible and believable way, that was until Agamon later revealed that he made the whole story up based on local legend, and it was only a work of fiction. Today the story of the Dropa people, and crash landing flying saucers is viewed only as a hoax by most people, but I wondered was their kernels of truth in this "hoax." Why wouldn't there be among most ancient people there are kernels of truth found in ancient mythology, religion, and folklore of people, so why wouldn't there be with the story of the Dropa stones and people. It is also important to note that the Dropa stones are very much shaped like the famous wheel like images we have come familiar with as flying saucers. Could the Dropa stones be replicas of alien flying craft? I became further convinced of this when I began to research the very real Chinese Bi-stones. Dropa stones may or may not be legendary; however, Bi-stones on the other hand are very real indeed. Chinese Bi-stones can be found in museums all over the world. The Bi-stones date as far back as the Neolithic period. They are found in the graves of the Liangzhu period throughout the Zhou Dynasty. Most academics are not sure as to what the purpose of the Bi-stones were other than they were associated with death the afterlife and the sky. For me the way the Bi-stones are designed with a disk shape with a hole in the center are very much like how the Dropa stones that most consider as a hoax are also described, and I wondered could there be a connection?

I found it extremely interesting to say the least when I discovered that these Bi-stones were made out of a stone called nephrite. Nephrite is actually a brownish green crystal that is in the same family as jadeite. Now I am always probing the Bible for allegory, and I remember coming across certain Bible verses in the Old Testament that also mentioned a group of beings who fell from the sky and mated with humans forming hybrids. Genesis 6:4 is very telling when it reads as follows


"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days,

and also afterward, when the sons of God

went to the daughters of humans

and had children by them, the same became

mighty men.."


For me when I hear the word nephrite it sounds very much like Nephilim and I wondered was this a coincidence, or could there be a connection. Now most Biblical scholars will tell you when they translate the word Nephilim it means either giants, or fallen. In the case of translating Nephilim to mean "giant" I do not believe this is a reference to height, but rather mighty ability. I find this interesting because in China for the legend of the Dropa people Aliens did indeed fall out of the sky, and being that they came from an advanced civilization they appeared as giants. If religious conservatives choose to see the Nephilim as fallen angles, and scientist view them as intelligent alien life forms the two stories are so closely linked arguing the point would be like water falling off a ducks back. Genesis 6:4 is not the only Bible verse to mention visitors from other worlds or dimensions, but the book of Ezekiel for me is most revealing Ezekiel 1:19 reads


"When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved;

and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose."


To me if that verse does not sound like a description of a flying saucer I dont know what does, and it is described as a circular wheel.

The Dropa stones and Bi stones are also circular, and many translate Bi stones to mean sky or heaven this combined with the fact that Chinese and now Hebrew legend reference visitors from the sky, and also what seems like phonetic links between the words nephrite and Nephilim on its own would be enough to raise eyebrows, but there is more. The Bible also describes the face of these visitors as crystal, once again returning to the book of Ezekiel 1:22 reads


Spread out above the heads

of the living creatures

was what looked something like a vault,

sparkling like crystal, and awesome.


Recently my feelings led me to reread an old book I bought years ago by Robert Temple called the Sirius Mystery. I believe what led me to the work of Temple was my interest in an African tribe from Mali called the Dogon that I learned about while listening to either a lecture by Charles Finch III, or reading one of the many articles and books he wrote on the Dogon tribe. Both Finch and Temple have written on the amazing astronomical knowledge that the Dogon seem to have of the Sirius Star System, even knowledge that NASA was not aware of until the invention of high powered telescopes. Temple claimed that like the Dropa people of China who I mentioned earlier, the Dogon claim to have received their knowledge from aliens from outer space. The Dogon may have also shared cultural/astronomical links with the ancient Egyptians another African people whose culture was centered around the Sirius/Sothis Star System as well.

The "so-called" primitive Dogon of Mali have one of the most sophisticated understandings of the Sirius Star System known to man, and they attained supposedly without the use of high powered telescopes, so the question begs how did they get it? Much is said about the stars Sirius A and Sirius B, but Dogon lore says there were many more stars. It is quite possible that the Sirius Star System maybe composed with as many as six stars.


The Sirius/Sothis Star System consisted of two stars possibly three according to these African people. There was a Sirius A that is observable as the nighttime star that twinkles and a hidden Sirius B that most likely orbits Sirius and causes a wobbling affect similar to our own Earths wobbling affect.

In fact it is quite possible that our Sun and Sirius A are actually sister stars part of a binary star system that gravitationally pull at each other. In any case for the ancient Egyptians Sirius A was associated with the female goddess Isis, and Sirius B was associated with Isis sister Nephthys. It was at that moment when I pronounced the name Nephthys did I realize that it had the same ring as nephrite and Nephilim, and wonder was there an eytemological connection? Here we have nephrite, Nephilim, and Nephthys all with a link to outer space and strangely all with a link to the color green. The Goddess Nephthys of Sirius B and her sister Isis with links to Sirius A, as well as Isis dead resurrected god king Osiris were all painted green. In fact Nephthys has what looks like a green palace or house on top of her head. Now I was aware that green for the Egyptians was associated with growth, good luck, and vegetation or rebirth, but I wondered was their another meaning for green.

Isis the goddess associated with Sothis or Sirius A depicted as green.


Nephthys the sister of Isis associated with the heavy dense invisible star Sirius B, here she is depicted as wadjet or green.


Osiris or Asar the dead but resurrected king associated with the constellation of Orion, here he too is depicted as green. Do these green stones like Nephrite and Jadeite exist in larger numbers somewhere in outer space? Could Sirius possibly be a watery green star system with green beings? Is this the place of the so-called Annunaki, or the Biblical Nephilim remembered by primitive people as angels? Do both theories necessarily have to be juxtaposed to each other.


This royal Egyptian dwarf (Dag) shown with a dog and what looks like an eye (All Seeing) and a staff or possible crook? Dag sounds very similar to the Sumerian Dagon and the Malian Dogon tribe.


Aliens are often portrayed by Hollywood as green though some sources mention grey even silver, and possibly those from Sirius according to Sumerian legend were called Annunaki, and were supposed to be amphibians who could live on land and in water. The Bible also makes a reference to people being like grasshoppers compared to the mighty Anak or Annunaki, as Numbers13:33 reads:


"And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight."


In their rituals the African Dogon tribe also mention a fishlike people called Nommo from Sirius. According to Robert Temple the Sumerian hero gods were called Anu, as well as the first Egyptian people were known as Anu. The Egyptian god most associated with an other worldly afterlife is named Anubis or Anpu. The Egyptians did not view the pygmies as dwarves, they considered dwarves something different. Pygmies(Mbuti,Twa) who visited from inner Africa were mainly known for their dancing; dwarves, however, were kept close to royalty because they were viewed to have magical powers. Could the dwarves magical power be that they were related to the Gods? The Egyptian name for dwarf was Dag which basically means small person.

These Egyptian dwarves or Dags at Abydos had royal burials, as they were considered royal and elite. Hieroglyphics of one Egyptian dwarf (Ser-Inpw) show a dog like Anubis/Anpu and what looks like an eye and staff. The star Sirius is actually in the constellation called Canis Major as in canine known to us as a dog or possibly Dag? The dogs in the back of American police cars are called K-9 after Sirius which was Canis Major the possible home of the Dags or their ancestors. It just so happens that the letter K is the 11th letter in the alphabet this gives you 11-9 or 9-11, and 11 x 9 equals 99. If you turn 99 upside down you get 66, and 6 is a number associated with the universe and carbon. 6 can also be broken down into 3+3. I wonder was this home of Sirians/Annunaki a home for amphibians similar to the world of Aquaman? DC Comics Aquaman is soon to be a movie which comes out later this year starring Jason Momoa. The blockbusters scheduled release date is December 21, 2018. This all made me think of the fish god of the Middle East who was called Dagon. Charles Finch sees a curious linguistic connection between the Dagon fish god of the Middle East and the name of the African tribe the Dogon who also revered a fish god. Also remember the Egyptian name for dwarf or small person was Dag. I find the connection between Dagon, Dogon, and Dag similar to the connection between nephrite, Nephilim, and Nephthys way too coincidental to write off as mere chance. Its also not just a case of phonetics they are all linked in some way by similar cultural meaning.

This Dagon fish god may in fact be the origin of Catholic Popes wearing the fish mitre head dress. For me this is all more evident that Sirius could be a watery planet. The Egyptian afterlife was conceived as a Field of Reeds by rivers, as was the Roman Elysian Fields another heavenly place by rivers. In fact France's famous Champs Elysees near the River Seine is named after the Elysian Field, and its earlier predecessor the Egyptian Field of Reeds, all of these are watery concepts of Heaven. Phylum or "thys" in the name Nephthys means snake, or mollusk that has gills. This made me give the Beatles song Yellow Submarine another listen and wonder what the fellas were thinking?

It just so happens that the name Nephthys when translated out of Greek nephros means kidney stone which seemed odd and apparently led to nowhere, until I actually took a look at a kidney stone (green urine) and saw that it actually looks like a crystal similar to the crystal shapes of the brownish green nephrite that the Chinese so revered and crafted into disk, and buried with their dead as symbols of sky, heaven, and the afterlife. When writing on subjects of this nature you run the risk of ridicule I am completely aware of that, and yet It seems to me that the idea that we are alone in this universe seems rather dull. I was recently reading a book by Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe and Robert Bauval titled the Cosmic Womb where it was stated:


" We now know that our solar system is one of hundreds of billions of similar planetary systems in our Milky Way galaxy, which itself is one of countless billions of galaxies in the observable universe."


I believe to think that we are alone in this universe is rather naïve and foolish to put it mildly. We must never be afraid to let our minds wander free and imagine. Our mind is made up of more neurons than are stars in our galaxy we must never give up on our ideas and dreams, and pursue all avenues of thought free of ridicule. As our sun and planet begin to be gravitationally pulled toward the possibly binary sister star system of Sirius, humanity will begin to ascend on the yuga wheel and the precession of the equinoxes, and into a more enlightened Age of Aquarius. In this new age challenging questions such as life in outer space will be encouraged and no longer scoffed at.

The song Another World by rappers Mos Def and Talib Kweli collectively known as Black Star.


At the Smithsonian Museum's Freer Gallery in Washington DC inspecting the nephrite and jadeite Bi stones. The Chinese word for jade is yu which by strange coincidence or not, sounds a lot like the "u" in UFO, also known as unidentified flying object. These Bi stones or Yu disk were buried with the Chinese royals in hope of ascending to heavens afterlife.


Excellent well balanced documentary on Chinese Dropa stones with arguments from both sides.


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