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The "Unknown" Hobbit: An Unexpected Allegory


"Far over the misty mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old We must away ere break of day, To find our long-forgotten gold The pines were roaring on the height, The winds were moaning in the night" - Misty Mountains

"Fish is all we eat in this little town. Fish and fruit and wheat.

That's all we eat! But now, I can fish, and am on my way to being an adult. My coming of age is not for a few years yet, eight to be exact. But I can go fishing"

- Gollum


When I was a child I guess in second or third grade I have vague memories of either my mother or myself stumbling upon a children's abbreviated version of the classic book The Hobbit in my local library, which at the time was yards away from my house. I remember being attached to the book and when my mom would make me return it to the library on its due date, I would only check it out again. The abbreviated addition was a picture book that was based on the 1970's Rankin Bass version shown on television, which many critics hated, but for a second grade kid with an imagination the book with a sing along record were simply amazing. I mean before there was any such thing as a Harry Potter how could a kid go wrong with dragons, wizards, and magical rings? It was a magical escape for me. As a child I loved the Bass Rankin's animation, especially the children's movies The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Rings.

I laugh now, but as a kid I even fell in love with the songs that still sort of have a sort of reminiscent charm, I'm shocked that none of my favorite Hip-Hop acts ever sampled from these television classics in the way they did the martial arts flicks (Wu Tang) and those Saturday morning Marvel Comics(MF Doom) cartoons. There is still a treasure trove waiting to be mined. Today as an adult either through some strange synchronicity, or some odd coincidence I ordered the childhood book for my kids (and myself) accompanied with a vintage sing along record that I found used on eBay because in an era oversaturated with video games I wanted to pass along The Hobbit's same captivating magic to my sons. Little did I realize that things were about to become full circle for me.

Second grade I believe was when I first encountered the characters of Bilbo and Frodo little did I know then what I know now, that our lives are linked in more ways than one a subject that I will touch on here, but tackle in greater detail in a future post about synchronicity and quantum physics.


It never once occurred to me that I would see things in The Hobbit now as an adult that to my knowledge no one has ever written about before in public. I believe I was born with a special ability for lack of a word that allows me to see certain things that many others can not, or will not. I am not the only one with this sort of ability there are others I'm sure. Some would describe it as mystical others might say we are sensitive and very curious. I have read about this sort of thing before, and I heard it described as having a six sense similar to Spider Man's spider sense to use a popular analogy. All I can say is that I have experienced what can only be described as paranormal activity recently, something that I would have considered ludicrous only a short while ago. Without saying too much for out of fear of being perceived as crazy, I'll simply sum it up as me going from lets say a Dana Scully of the X-Files to a Fox Mulder in 0 to 60. I realize now even by me saying those words will have me lose a certain audience, and I completely understand that. I wouldn't believe me if I was them. all I can say to that is "if you know, you know. If you dont, you dont" This experience of mine has given me a strong sense of confidence that allows me to trust my intuition before anything else. I rarely even watch the news anymore, for information that is. I dont consider myself an academic in the traditional sense, or even a scholar, though I admittedly have a love for books. I simply consider myself gifted if I may say that, or even a bit on the lucky side.

I believe it is this intuition, or six sense of mine that allows me to pick up certain symbols and metaphors buried in the works of both John Milton's Paradise Lost and Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy that to my knowledge have not been written about before, or at least not in public. I have even penetrated occult information concerning the goddesses Hathor and Amenta in the Egyptian Book of The Dead or Coming Forth by Day. Not to repeat my whole argument about Paradise Lost and Divine Comedy in short Hell for me was located in the brain, and the four rivers and lake of Hell that Milton and Dante speak of actually correspond to the four ventricals and brain fluid that surround the crucial pineal gland. For those interested in a much more thorough explanation read the article on this blog titled The Secret Meaning of Hell. How this article connects with my past article on Hell is that I believe J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is loaded with clever allegory about the brain in much the same way Milton and Dante's works also previously did. Wizards, Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and Goblins was Tolkien's creative and imaginative gateway/porthole that allowed him to address issues that were far more serious than fantasy. Billed as a "children's book" which it definitely wasn't, is actually a serious piece of literature that asked some very potent questions about man's mind, body, and soul, and dare I say even the paranormal or supernatural world.

Though we all love the fantasy aspect of Tolkien's Middle Earth, Shire, Rivendell, and Lonely Mountain there is so much more he was trying to say about the nature of man than merely entertaining us with English folklore. First let me say that I believe that Tolkien was a member of either a secret society, or an elite group of people, and when he was writing The Hobbit he was writing it for a particular audience. One major clue is there is a line in the Hobbit when Tolkien's character Mr. Bilbo Baggins says about the wizard Gandalf:


"Gandalf, Gandalf! Good gracious me! Not the wandering wizard.....who used to tell wonderful tales at parties, about dragons and goblins and giants and the rescue of princesses and the unexpected luck of widows sons?"


This is a major clue indeed. Who is the widow's son? This is of course a Freemasonic reference to the ritualistic dead and reborn Hiram Abiff. Freemasonry on one level is about building the character of men by symbolically killing them only to resurrect them as a character called Hiram Abiff.

Of course like most things masonic the ritual most likely dates back to Ancient Egypt where the widows son was Horus/Osiris born from the widow Isis, and the dead resurrected king Osiris. He definitely had an ear in mind when he was writing these classic works, and these stories are loaded with so many interesting clues and I believe I was able to pick up on some of these undercurrent themes that run through the story. The first thing that stands out for me is Tolkien seems to have a thing for numbers. Tolkien seems to like the numbers 2 and 4. Bilbo Baggins it was said descended from a group of Hobbits called "Tooks" who married fairies. With in the first few pages Tolkien is telling his audience that he is speaking of a royal bloodline. This fairy legacy is a hint at Bilbo Baggins royal and I believe otherworldly lineage. Also the name Took happens to be pronounced Two-k, also there are two letter Bs in Bilbo Baggins name. The letter B is not only the second letter of the alphabet but the two Bs together produce the numbers 22 if you add 2+2=4. In fact the Hobbit reads:


"It was often said that long ago one of the Took ancestors must have taken a fairy wife. That was, of course, absurd.."


Two of course has multiple meaning but the most obvious one for me is that two refers to the two hemispheres of the brain. With that being said we realize the kind of ground Tolkien was trying to cover here. Two also deals with the polarity of the universe the yin and yang concept of Taoism if you will. Why Bilbo as the hero is an interesting question indeed? He is not as strong as Thorin, nor does he possess the speed or beauty of the Elves. Bilbo does not have the great magical power such as the wizard Gandalf; however, what he does possess is much more subtle, and even possibly more valuable. Bilbo possess in his character what the Egyptians referred to as Maat. Both Bilbo and his nephew Frodo's soul and brain mirror the universe quite well, and in doing so we will observe their conscious being pulled by the opposite forces as they struggle to decide what to do with the Ring of Doom.

The chaos that exist in the universe also exist in some men, but in a strange way it is this constant pushing and pulling of opposites that create a level or balancing affect. Gandalf would be the wrong person to carry the ring though he is obviously more righteous than Bilbo and Frodo; however, righteous people who we often admire can be unbalanced in a way. A not so obvious flaw concerning righteousness is that if your not careful you can often fall into the trap of being self-righteous, where nothing or no one satisfies you. Self-righteousness can lead to zealotry. Of course on the opposite side of Gandalf we have the Wizard Saruman which offers a balancing affect with his obviously negative self serving ways, but what I find even more interesting are the Dwarves. Thorin's grandfather the Dwarf King Thror, as well as his son Thrain and grandson Thorin, unlike well balanced Hobbits some of the Dwarves lost their minds as well when they succumbed to obsessing and hoarding the coveted gold. Their minds only being set on the enormous wealth of the Arkenstone that was mined under the mountain.

Thorin's Grandfather Thror sitting under the jeweled Arkenstone which is, but another metaphor for the brain. If you look close the Arkenstone is shaped like the "all seeing eye" which of course is the pineal gland at the center of the brain. The Hobbit more than a fantastic adventure is an allegory about the brain and the battle for a man's soul.


A little known fact is that mountains and hills were often symbols for the brain. This goes back to Egypt as well with the Goddess Hathor who was a goddess associated with not only dreams but also mountains and mines. The word mine not only sounds like the word mind, but in an allegorical sense you can mine for treasure in a mine or in the mind. Tolkien was concerned with the mind.

The struggle between Bilbo and Gollum and later Frodo and Gollum is really a struggle between ones self. The Rastafarians have a saying called I and I this is a battle of the twoness of the soul and mind. This war of polarity is also found in the the universe, the shifting climate, the magnetic poles of the Earth. The Hobbits soul unlike the righteous Elves and the powerful Wizard Gandalf could actually be defined as a struggle that finds balance. Its odd but being bi-polar is actually closer to Maat and Tao than is righteousness. Righteousness is actually unbalanced. Righteousness needs negativity the way negativity needs positivity lack of one and things collapse.


Whenever and wherever struggle takes place in the story The Hobbit it is always inside a cave or mountain. When Bilbo meets the monster Gollum it is inside of the mountain (brain) this is because Gollum represents what happens to Hobbits when they lose their twoness and sense of balance. Gollum was at one time a Hobbit himself, but like Thrain (Brain/Strain?) and Thror lost his mind to greed and lust turning from a hobbit into a monster he is now. This is also where elves can turn into goblins, and dwarves into orcs all inside the mountains of our mind. This mountain is known as the Lonely Mountain, but also referred to as the Mines or Mountain of Moria. Tolkien's Moria takes its name from the real Mt. Moria in the Bible near where King Solomon's Temple was supposedly built. Many in the esoteric community believe that Solomon's Temple did not really exist but was a metaphor for not a temple but more a concept, as in the "Soul-of-Man." In fact the Bible makes reference to no tools or sounds used in the construction of the temple, 1 Kings 6:7 reads :


"And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building."


This is a strange temple indeed. In fact I dont know how one can build a temple like that with no tools. We must be talking about something else entirely then. Remember Solomon's Temple as well as Egyptian Temples did have two pillars in the front representing sun and moon or the two hemispheres of the brain that were viewed as the opposites of masculine and feminine. We also see these two pillars with Tolkien's Doors of Durin.

The Gates of Hell, the obelisk at Karnak and Luxor, or the two pillars at Solomon's Temple as well as Tolkien's Doors of Durin are all clever metaphors for entering the brain. What is the keyword to gain access in this fantastic scene? The word is Melon, but the true secret is that it's not an elvish translation for friend, as it is a clue for the actual fruit. Have you ever actually cut a melon open and looked inside what do you see.....


For Muslims Mount Moriah was Mount Marwah located near the Kaaba. There is an account of rams horns from Abrahams sacrifice being left inside the Kaaba near Marwah. Again as I mention before the ram is an animal associated with the brain. The Egyptian Temples at Karnak and Luxor were based on the human body with the ram or head being the Holy of Holies where the ram god Amun was worshipped. The animal the ram is known to bang heads. Inside the brain the two ventricles look like rams horns, so all of these struggles of Thror, Thrain, Thorin, Bilbo, and Frodo are all dealing with brain and thought. In fact in the movie The Hobbit many of the dwarves and the wizard Radagast wear hats shaped like the two ventricals or ram horns in the brain.

Here you clearly see displayed in bright purple the two ventricles of the brain that I believe are the inspiration for the famous devils horns. The mind then is Hell and your thoughts are at war with themselves. Especially when we are talking about polarity or well balanced people there is a constant push and pull with their thoughts very similar to universal laws. Being neither overly positive or negative The Ring of Power will pull at Bilbo and Frodo as they struggle to find balance.


Radagast the Brown a wizard that is a favorite of mine for reasons I dare not mention, but I draw attention to his hat which is shaped like the two ventricles of the brain that cerebral brain fluid flows out of. This is clearly an allegory of a mental journey not just an entertaining Hollywood adventure story.


Once again the very balanced dwarf Bofur with a hat styled like the two ventricles similar to Radagast.


Thought then is linguistically connected to the name Thoth, the Egyptian God who ended the fighting between the Egyptian Horus and Set. Horus and set represent the polar opposites at war, or your thoughts at war. What makes the Hobbits so special is their struggle is a beautiful struggle at least for Bilbo and Frodo who survive it eventually destroying the Ring of Power in the Crack of Doom which is of course another mountain. The Goblins and Orcs that the Dwarves and Elves constantly do battle with is what happens to men when one fails to achieve their higher self and succumb to their baser nature. It is when one is consumed by their baser nature when the vision gets blurry or filled with smog/Smaug if you will.

Tolkien's warning then is when your thoughts are blinded by smog it is then when dragons appear. This is why Bilbo must slay the Dragon Smaug so that the Dwarves can get their gold again. Gold is a reference to a higher state of mind. Bilbo slaying the dragon is a reference to Saint George slaying the mental dragon in your head. Slaying negative thoughts.

Before J.R.R. Tolkien's Smaug and George R.R. Martin's Drogon there was the famous Saint George slaying the dragon.


Once again this dragon slaying can be traced to ancient Egypt with the God Ra with the help of the cat Bast slays the dragon or snake Apep.

In HBO's hit Game of Thrones based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire we see this idea of slaying dragons again.

Like the polarity in the universe the mind has its own polarity which is the atom with its spinning electrons around a central nucleus made of positive protons and negative neutrons. The famous dragons of Game of Thrones are positive and negative as well, or fire and ice one could say. Its important to understand that positive and negative does not mean good or bad it simply means opposites which the ancient mystery religions originating in Egypt and the East were very much aware of.


This higher state of mind is also represented by all the references in The Hobbit to either pine cones or pine trees. The songs the Dwarves sing are loaded with these references to pines which are of course the pineal gland of the brain which is shaped like a pine cone.

The pines were roaring on the height....


Another clue in The Hobbit that these are mental battles in the brain is the constant references to water. Water shows up in the rivers mentioned in the works of John Milton's Paradise Lost and Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy as well. This water is of course the cerebral brain fuild that flows through the ventricles and surrounds the pineal gland. This is why Bilbo confronts Gollum near a lake in a cave and Thorin battles the Orc on a lake of ice. The most obvious water reference is those known as Lake-Men, or Men of Dale who get barrels of wine from the Elves. Why Lake-Men because we are talking about the brain fluid again. The spinning barrels down the river is nonother than the electrons spinning around the protons and neutrons in your brain. The atom mirrors the spinning found in our solar system as the planets revolve around the sun. Our mind is a miniature solar system then, in fact there are more neurons in our brain than there are stars in the galaxy. Another hint at Tolkien's clever brain metaphors is when we see Bilbo and Gandalf always smoking pipes making smoke rings. What is inside those pipes that allow their brain to transcend. My guess is the pipes are symbolic to the natural hallucinogens in nature such as marijuana and mushrooms and anything of the like that releases melatonin and dimethyltryptamine into the brain fluid at night as one engages in the ritual of battling thoughts and dreams in our brain.

Bilbo is known a Took or Two also a "Lucky Number" but he also calls himself Under-hill as well. Under-hill is obviously the Hobbit hole where he lives, but a hill is but a little mountain, so again we are talking one more reference to the brain. The Elves also struggle with thoughts this is not just something that affects Dwarves. El is also found in the word eleven, and the number eleven/11 is 2 again, as in two 11s. The Elves as I mentioned earlier struggle with self righteousness. Self righteousness can be just as bad as wickedness. The wisdom the ancient mystery schools taught have all been beautifully preserved in the works of Tolkien as well as others such as George Lucas, George R.R. Martin, and J.K. Rowling. Why I was so attracted to this book and children's movie as a child I can not say for certain. I believe it is somehow connected to Jung's idea of synchronicity that go beyond coincidence. The synchronicity found in my family between my wife and I and two sons and extending to my mom and dad and grandparents is very strong. This synchronicity connects to numerology and astrology and if given the time I could literally write a book on it, but here for lack of space and time I will only touch on a few things. To begin with my family is not tall, and hobbits are not tall either. I actually live in a one floor rancher style home similar to the layout of Bilbo Baggins and Frodo's home. Behind my house are oak (Thorin Oakenshield) and pine trees (pineal) two trees with spiritual significance. My first mortgage company for my home was named Oak Tree Mortgage.

The pine tree because of its pine cone in the shape of the pineal gland and the mushrooms that grew underneath it was a very powerful occult symbol for the ancients. Of course the pine or evergreen is also a symbol of fertility because it is green all year


The oak tree (groves) and acorn were another important occult symbol. The acorn was a Druid symbol of ancient knowledge.Trees were portals or doors to the past and future. It just so happens I have an oak tree in my backyard that I sit under. I also have a pine and a dog who loves to bring me pine cones and acorns, and drop them at my feet especially when I am in deep thought.


Trees were revered by the Druids and Africans alike because they were viewed as portals to other worlds and dimensions prior to temples and churches. This is why the Hobbits door is round like a portal. I dont have a round door but right next to the doorway of my home is a round zodiac style clock complete with images of the solstices and equinoxes which represent time or a portal in a way. First the name Bilbo has the root of Bill. Well my middle name is William, and Bill is short for Will as in President William Jefferson Clinton. Also the name Bilbo Baggins or Bag sounds a lot like Dag. If you flip the b to a d which occult mystics often do you get dag/Dag. The letter b can also be viewed as a 6 as well so Bilbo Baggins with the two bb can actually be seen as 66, a subject I may touch on later in more detail, and how it relates to the element carbon. Back to the Dag for a bit just who are the Dag? They were the Egyptian small people the Ser or seers who had a mysterious link to god (Nephilim/extraterrestrials?) and therefore good fortune. Bilbo's nephew Frodo who is equally as important as Bilbo, well the name Frodo can be linked to my name Jeffrey. From Jeffrey you get Geoffrey, or Godfrey. From Frey you get Fredo and then Frodo. If that synchronicity does not blow your mind I dont know what will.

Frodo reading under the oak tree. Frodo and Bilbo love their books as do I. In fact I read every night as a way to relax myself for who knows how long. Hobbits are known for their ears and feet. My two sons Malcolm and Jordan have very peculiar ears and feet. Malcolm's feet look a little too big for his body and my youngest son Jordan has what I lovingly call President Barack Obama and Will Smith ears, but there is so much more to it than that, that goes way beyond mere coincidence and is quite hard for me to explain.


Also Bilbo Baggins name is made of two "BBs" which represent 4 as well as 2. Like Bilbo Baggins I myself am a Took or Two as are my sons. I was born on April 12th a combination of the fourth (4) month of April and the 12th day which is 1 X 2= 2. My middle name is Will the two lls of Will make the number eleven/11 once again a 2. If you take my birth month April (4) and multiple it by my birthday the 12th you get 4x12=48 or 84 the number of identifiable stars (million) in the Milky Way. If you take my oldest son Malcolm's Birthday (29) multiple it you get 2x9=18 or 8 then if you take my youngest son Jordan's birthday (22) and multiply them you get 2x2=4. Now take the 8 from Malcolm and the 4 from Jordan you put them together you get 84 the Milky Way again. Are you dizzy yet? As I write this I am 44 years young. President Obama was the 44th President and rapper/mogul Jay-Z had an album titled 4:44. My youngest son Jordan was born April(4th month) 22nd, which combined is also 44. This is how synchronicity works too many events align to be coincidental. You are dealing with something cosmic and much larger than you.

Also his name Jordan can be unscrambled as Drojan or Droj or Dragon. Malcolm is born on June 29th, adding the 2 and 9 you get the number 11 which is still a 2 again. Malcolm's middle name is Mansa which in the ancient West African kingdom of Mali means king, but if you unscramble Mansa you get saman. In old English the fish Salmon was spelled Samon. Sam also means sun which is interesting because unscramble the word Mason you get Sam-On which means "sun-sun" essentially. On was also the name for the Egyptian sun city of Heliopolis. In both The Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones Frodo and John Snow are aided by Sams, Sam the Wise and Samwell. Both Salman/Saman and Dragon are fish names, and the fish maybe the biggest secret buried in Tolkien's story of the Hobbit, and my final point I want to address. One of the biggest secrets in The Hobbit is the many fish references. When Bilbo and Gollum have a contest of riddles two of the riddles are based on fish; however, this does not show up in Peter Jackson's wonderful films. Gollum discovers the ring while hooking a fish in a lake, that's how he actually discovers it. The powerful Smaug is a dragon, but the word dragon looks very similar to the word Dagon. The Dagon sometimes called Anunnaki were known by many of the ancient civilizations around the world as visitors from other worlds. The Dagon were called the Nommo by the West African Dogon tribe of Mali. The Dogon as well as Babylonian record that they were fish like amphibians from the star system Sirius.

Assyrian relief of Dagon the fish gods who descended from the sky and brought civilization. These Dagon were also known as Anunnaki or Anki, Anu, Anpu, and Anubis.


Dogon tribe of Mali and their artistic image of amphibian visitors from the star system Sirius.


Modern Dogon artistic representation of Nommo/Dagan?


Recently Hollywood has produced a stream of films about extraterrestrials mating with humans. Is this information finally being released as we ascend into a higher New Age of Aquarius/Cepheus?


Starbucks has a very interesting image for a number of reasons. First the curious fish like human hybrid. Secondly the use of the color green. Green is a color that has been associated with beings from another world as in green jade and nephrite associated with Chinese Bi-Stones. Many of the Egyptian gods/goddesses are portrayed as green such as Isis, Nephthys, and Osiris. Finally the five pointed star is the hieroglyphic for the star Sirius, and the establishment is called "Star" bucks?


There were a people called Dag in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, known as royal small people that were close to the Egyptian Pharoahs at Abydos because they brought good luck. Legends around the world from Tibet/China and South America as well as the Bible (Nephilim) speak of visitors or beings from other worlds who fell from the sky and came to Earth mating with a segment of the population and bringing civilization. I am confident that Tolkien was aware of this ancient mystery, and as astonishing as this may sound he may have in fact been a descendent, or a Took or Two if you may.

Temple at Abydos Egypt with its 42 steps home to a cult of Osiris that held a special importance afforded to royal women and royal Dags. Many of the Dags (small people) were oddly buried with dogs, and often given the surname Ser. The symbol of one Dag was an eye a dog and a crook like walking stick. Amazingly at Abydos there are graveyards for dogs and walls built to house birds that still visit the holy site to this day.


Finally back to Bilbo for a minute. Bilbo was said to be descended from a Took pronounced like Two-k. Bilbo Baggins as I said before is two BBs, and B is the second letter of the alphabet so we have 2+2= 4. It seems to me there is something special about 2s and 4s. I believe the connection goes all the way back to the creation of the universe known as the Big Bang. This is where you have an explosion but nothing is destroyed in fact galaxies and universes are created from it. The same factors found in the Big Bang explosion seem to also be found in an atomic bomb. This idea of splitting an atom to create two which leads to a chain reaction. Also When a supernova star explodes it creates another galaxy. Now what if these same factors found in the Big Bang (22) and the atomic bomb are also somehow found in our brain. Do we split the atoms in our brain and create a chain reaction just by using our thoughts? Is this what Tolkien means when he says both Bilbo and Frodo are "cracking?" Cracking (splitting) to mean what, atoms in the brain?

Why is my life and the life of my family so similar to J.R.R. Tolkien's tale of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings? Further more do the actions and thoughts of myself as well as others also affect those people in futures to come in rather strange ways. I believe this chain reaction is somehow connected to the strange seemingly coincidences Jung referenced with synchronicity. An atom can be split to form two. The Ancient Egyptians were somehow aware of this because in their pantheon of Gods/Goddesses we have the one god Atum splitting and creating 2 Shu and Tefnut. After Shu and Tefnut you next have Geb and Nut collectively they all equal 4 together. From Geb and Nut they create Osiris and Isis and Nephthys and Set combined with Shu and Tefnut you have 8. Is this not a chain reaction. Two seems to be very important indeed the creation stories found in the Bible mention two. We have Adam and Eve as the first two people God created. The name Adam rings of Atum, no doubt in some way being connected to the older Egyptian story. There is an amazing temple on the border of Egypt and Nubia built for the pharoah Rameses II that is aligned to the sun on the 22nd of February and the 22nd of October this can not be coincidental. Finally I believe we have been mislead about our solar system we dont live in a solar system with one sun we live in a binary solar system with two suns. The second sun being Sirius(A,B,C?) where I personally believe the Dagon (2) who some of us are related to reside, secretly watch over and guide our Earth. As we slowly ascend into The Age of Aquarius, and higher and higher up on the Yuga wheel humanity will be raised to a higher level of knowledge and consciousness and understanding. I believe The United Confederation of Planets and Galactic Republic found in movies like Star Wars and Star Trek are only anticipating this great awakening while using a form of government propaganda to slowly prepare the masses for the inevitable realization of other life forms beyond Earth.

The Temple at Abu Simbel dedicated to the Pharoah Rameses II (2) aligned to the sun on February 22nd and October 22nd a place I would love to visit.


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