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The Stela Of Mereri: The Egyptian Merry Christ, And Its Connection To Merry Christmas

"After western medicine failed me, I headed East and ended up in Kathmandu" - Dr. Stephen Strange

"This manila envelope the results of my insanity quack said I crossed the line

tween real life and fantasy" - Jay-Z

"The mother is creator, nurturer, and preserver but she is also destroyer of the

sacred king.....Her womb is the tomb....in the guise of the terrible mother"

- Charles S. Finch III, M.D.

"I checked in as the monarch of melanin, the elephant, my body is a shell I'm in" - Black Thought


Tis the season as they say because as I write this we are in the season commonly known today as Christmas. It must first be said that the celebration of Christmas around this time of year is nothing new really. Ancient people all over the world celebrated the winter solstice before the coming of Christianity. In fact I believe the Temple of Karnak in Egypt is actually aligned to the sun on the winter solstice which is very much proof of this ancient tradition. So for all my fellow radicals that want to rebel against Christmas as somehow being part of the establishment go ahead if you must, but for me I enjoy it actually because underneath it all its very much rooted in the paganism of ancient civilizations and cultures that were very in tune with nature.

Temple of Karnak illuminated by the light from the Winter Solstice only a few days before Christmas.


Revelers in Philadelphia celebrate around the Christmas tree that actually sits right on top of a painted zodiac in the center of William Penn's City Hall. The evergreen is both a fertility symbol for its greenery, and an obelisk like phallic symbol for its shape. The pine cones are symbolic of the illuminated pineal gland awakened by the sun. The star usually placed on top is Sirius, and the garland that wraps around is kundalini snake energy. Those on the left end of the extreme who are too radical for Christmas are actually missing the point entirely. Those who are too conservative on the right end of the extreme, have failed to penetrate the deeper symbolism and mystery.


As with past post I continue to keep my focus on the esoteric elements buried within in history and rendered mysterious, as well as continuing to probe away at what the psychologist Karl Jung labeled as synchronicity. My curiosity has recently lead me to a very old Egyptian stela currently housed in Scotland known as the Stela of Mereri. I believe this particular stela is very illuminating for what it possibly represents and how it might even connect to the Christmas season, and strangely how it relates back to my life in a synchronistic way very hard for even me to believe. Let me bring your attention to the above aforementioned stela. In the stela is depicted a priest named Mereri. Mereri has its root in the Egyptian word Mr which means love or loved. The word Merry we commonly use today is most likely rooted in the Egyptian Mr.

The hieroglyphic for his name is located by his feet next to the image of a feather. In fact you can see four columns in this particular stela including the one with the image of Mereri himself holding a staff. Not only does the stela state his name but also his job description. The second column at the top has a lion and an extended bent arm which translates as the governor, so we know Mereri is a powerful man who is clearly ruling over something. Underneath the arm we see an image of an owl and what looks like masonic tools this is the image for priest, so we can translate it as Mereri was the governor as well as the overseer or leader of the priest. The owl I find interesting it was a Greek symbol for wisdom known as the female goddess called Sophia, but before that we see it in Egypt associated with priesthood. The owl represented wisdom for many reasons for one it can see in the dark (nocturnal) when many other animals can not. Also the owls head seems to turn around 360 degrees. It is important to point out that the owl is also the symbol of the mysterious Illuminati. The Illuminati was a secret society born in Germany/Bavaria that many believe secretly run the world. It is my opinion that the Illuminati's use of the owl was most likely borrowed from the much older secret societies of Egypt (Kemet).

The owl celebrated by the Greeks as Sophia the goddess of wisdom


Some conspiracy theorist see the owl as the symbol of the Illuminati as well as being almost undetectable on the back of the dollar bill, maybe they are right?


Before both the Greeks and the Illuminati, the owl was the symbol of the Egyptian priest and those with authority. Egypt is most likely the origin for this esoteric symbol. I find it fascinating that the Batman comic books have the Dark Knight battling a secretive Court of Owls, and the rapper Drake's company has the symbol of an owl as its logo. In fact the letters OVO form the actually face of an owl.


Finally at the bottom of the column we see cattle with a man seated. We are told that this translates as the guardian of the temple cattle. I believe based on the royal symbols that Mereri holds in his hands that he was definitely a man of some power though not a pharoah. I also believe the temple cattle may have possibly had two meanings. Not to say that temples did not have animals for sacrificial use, but also the cattle hieroglyph could be symbols for the people who he governed over like a shepherd watches over sheep, so Mereri though not a pharoah was still viewed as a shepherd of the people, this is why he has the walking stick that shepherds famously carry. It is quite probable that the Pharoah needed helpers to rule over the vast kingdom of Egypt, it was too large for one person to do it, so the pharoahs used governors, priest, and viceroys to help them administer the land. This would make sense, and would be very similar to how a President of the United States uses Senators, Congress men and women, as well as governors, and mayors to help him administer the country.

In the final column we see in the bottom right hand corner an eye (all seeing,) a throne, and a seated man with his knees folded and bound. This is the famous symbol of Osiris. We are told that Mereri gives honor to Osiris, and that may in fact be the case. It also maybe that this governor priest Mereri was most likely a member of the Cult of Osiris, and was probably initiated into this very important Egyptian mystery cult that most likely had its origins at Abydos. Osiris are in fact men who experienced a level of power and awareness through ritual, but the eye I believe stands for something way more powerful than an earthly secret society, but this eye is otherworldly a god or extraterrestrial that watches over all especially members of the mystery cult. The Cult of Osiris much like the story of Jesus was a death and rebirth cult. In fact the Jesus story most likely was rooted in this much older Egyptian ritual. Though the Osiris death and rebirth cult had its origins in Africa it did not solely stay there. Through invasions, trade, or initiation this cult spread all over the world taking on different names and forms wherever it expanded to, so in Greece it was the cult of Dionysus, and in the Middle East it became the story of Tammuz. In India it was known under the name of Krishna, and among the Jewish priest known as the Essenes it was the death and rebirth initiation that Jesus experienced.

Anubis or Anpu aiding the dead king Osiris in his resurrection. The star Sirius is a part of the dog constellation Canis Major. It is my opinion that the "all seeing eye" linked to Osiris has its origins out of this world. Just who is the eye? Is Earth being watched from beyond (Sirius)? Events in my personal life that will honestly be hard for uninitiated outsiders or the rational mind to comprehend led me to believe it is.


The constellation Canis Major that the star Sirius (Dagon) is a part of.


Besides tearing up my carpet, couch, sneakers, and dining room table my dog Othello (Ot-hell-o) has been a much beloved and very intelligent helpful guide. He would always bring me pine cones and acorns as well as strange sticks he personally shaped into the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for ebony wood (tree) as well as the hieroglyphic for love (Mereri/Mr/Merry). I probably should have named him Anubis(Egyptian dog) or Ogo(Dogon Fox) for both the help and chaos he caused. We did not realize it at the time, but the black and white patches on my dog are very much like a chessboard, the yin and yang symbols as well as the opposites that bring balance found in Maat. My beard is black and white (premature) which I believe is probably somehow a visible biological encoding of Maat within me. In a twist William Shakespeare's Othello was a Black Moor "hounded" into chaos/hell by a white antagonist Iago. Iago very much like Ogo the dog/fox of the Dogon who in of itself is similar to the Egyptian Anubis who travels through chaos and hell with the initiate. In fact the very name Othello has the word hell within it, and of course Iago and Ogo also sound the same.


What's in a name? Everyone's favorite beloved dog Charlie Brown's Snoopy, created by Charles Schultz. Not only is Snoopy's black and white fur symbols of our universe, but the name Snoopy itself may hint at something else entirely. Does Snoopy actually snoop, if so for who (Sirius)? I believe based on my personal experience that dogs (Anubis) and cats (Bast) are used as shells or vessels for aliens to communicate with a chosen few. Snoopy then would be a modern day Anubis that aided the dead king Osiris in his ritual initiation.


There were then many who could be called Jesus and Osiris. It was a mystery religion of which Mereri was most likely a member. The name Mereri comes from the Egyptian word loved which would have been pronounced as Mr. I wonder if this Mr is the origin for our word Mister. Mister also sounds a lot like mystery or mysterious, or the mysteries (ritual). Mereri is also most likely connected to our word merry which means happy. Osiris and those who were put through the mysteries were known as the mummified resurrected Krst. This Egyptian Krst was later turned into the Greek word Christ which means the anointed one. The Egyptian Krst were also anointed because you anoint bodies with oil, and perfume before you mummify them. It would not be wrong then to view this former son of the Cult of Osiris and current priest and governor's name as "Mereri the Krst" or "Mr the Krst." This then could also be viewed as the "Loved Krst" or "Loved Christ," and even the "Happy Christ," or "Merry Christmas." Christ for that matter is a title it would not have been Jesus actual name in fact Jesus was not even his name, but was most likely Yahushua.

A very old image of an Afro-asiatic melanated Jesus? This fresco was taken from the Crypt of Ampliatus in the Catacombs of St. Domitilla in Rome. Was Jesus an Essene who experienced a death resurrection ritual similar to the Cult of Osiris, and also found in Freemasonry? Was Jesus of dragon/Dagon blood as I believe most of the prophets were? All of these prophets were small men as is believed are the extraterrestrials from Sirius. Think about it Bob Marley, Elijah Muhammad, Emperor Haile Selassie, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all small men. Were all of these diminutive giants Dags? Yoda (green/wadjet) of Star Wars fame also very small, yet also very powerful. Is this all just coincidental, or is there something to all of this?


Yahushua as an Essene most likely participated in a living resurrection ritual very similar to Mereri being that he was a member of the Cult of Osiris. In fact Mereri most likely first had to be initiated into this death and rebirth cult before he was given the honorable title of governor/shepherd of priest, cattle, and people. Jesus it just so happens was also known as a lamb and shepherd. It also just so happens that one of the many titles given to Osiris was Peaceful One, or Prince of Peace. This is striking because according to the book of Isaiah this was also a title given to Jesus as well. Furthermore Mereri's name sounds very much like the word merry which happens to mean happy, so one could view Mereri's name as the happy and peaceful governor or ruler. My last name Carey could be viewed as caring, or a person who cares. It just so happens that my first name Jeffrey can be broken down as Jeffrey/Geoffrey/Godfrey, and from Godfrey you get Frey or Fredo. In my last post I mentioned that in strange ways I am very much connected to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings sagas, and from the name Fredo one can very easily make out Frodo. The character Frodo has a very caring balanced personality. Not only is Frodo a part of my name, but Frodo's uncle Bilbo is also a part of my name as well. The name Bilbo can be made out to be Bill, and my middle name is William. Bill is short for William. Well in another stranger example of Jungian synchronicity my name Jeffrey also translates as "Gods peace," or "the peaceful ruler" just like the Egyptian priest Mereri of the Cult of Osiris's name can translate as the "merry peaceful governor." Well some people may say governor of what, you govern nothing, and that may very well be the case as of now. But I believe my circumstances if I'm lucky will in fact change. Its always better to be on the optimistic side, as the Rasta's say think ire thoughts. Irie or iri is an ancient Egyptian word for not only good, but the ability to create or "make do," or "make good" through the power of positive thinking. In addition to all of this my name Jeffrey Carey has the same initials as Jesus Christ, which is J.C. Again it should be stated Jesus Christ was not a name but a title. The Krst or Christ would die and be reborn, this would symbolically happen to many chosen people by birthright.

Raised in New Jersey, but actual born in Philadelphia at Presbyterian hospital which in itself means predetermined or Presbyterian. Curiously the image for this hospital is a fish/Dagon?


What does one do with a birthright? Would you isolate yourself in a tower, or help out others where one can. Is it too much to believe the synchronicity of a persons life born in a Presbyterian (Penn) Hospital in Philadelphia which translates as the "City of Brotherly Love," or as author Robert Bauval sees more fitting, the "City of the Brotherhood." Members of this brotherhood much like the Cult of Osiris are destined to arrive at luck all while continuing still to help out others when they can?

What if this Bill or William also happened to reside in a small town named Willingboro, New Jersey or Will's Borough. Now is that coincidence, or so synchronistic that it verges on predestination. I sincerely believe that my dragon bloodline has placed me in a position of being a part of a very grueling ritual that actually extends back thousands of years that originated on the banks of the Nile River in Africa. My wife, mother, sister, two sons, the entire public at large, musicians, athletes, actors, politicians, heads of state, and even my other worldly ancestors from Sirius put me through this strenuous ancient ritual. Being that my real life strangely very much centers around the story The Hobbit I searched through this book again, as well as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Peter Jackson's wonderful films for helpful hints. It also came to my attention that though most of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings stories focus mainly on Bilbo and Frodo (they are actually the same person really) there are also some other very important Hobbits in these stories as well that caught my attention.

There are the two Hobbits known as Merry and Pippin that aid Frodo in his journey. Of course in my journey my two sons Jordan and Malcolm were very crucial to my initiation ritual. I truly believe the two of them worked closely together very much like the characters Merry and Pippin. The name Merry instantly made me think of the priest Mereri which for me seemed more than a coincidence. It also just so happens that the names Merry and Pippin sound very much like the name Mary Poppins.

A lot of talk these days about Black Girl Magic, and there is some definite truth to that. It is my opinion that Mary Poppins (Beloved Sun) is a cover for the African witch, or priestess that wields control over bad weather, as well as influence over children and adults through telepathy and other means (cooking, broomsticks, ex.). The witch or priestess most likely has its origin in Africa before spreading out. One clue to Mary Poppins origin is she is the nanny. The name nanny is a word rooted in Africa. Many in the African community like myself have mothers or grandmothers we call Nana. In order to understand this alternative world you either have to experience it, really study the occult, or a little of both. Those on the outside who use rationalism will never grasp the metaphysical world of the occult, and you can't blame them. Just think of the comic book character Dr. Stephen Strange before Tibet and you get the idea.


Many of these African witches or priestesses were empowered by their melanin and pineal gland, as much as their braided or dreadlocked hair which enabled telepathy. In fact the Tignon (Tiyon) Laws of Louisiana that forced black women to wrap their hair was not based on a beauty aesthetic as most writers believe, but I personally believe it was based on the ability to wield magic, and influence. It just so happens in a strange case of my synchronistic life, my wife who has both beauty, and yet powerfully feared (dreaded) dreadlocks, drives a Volkswagen Tiguan (Tignon?) car that has strangely been draining me for money ever since I bought the lemon. The fear and respect for dreaded hair go hand and hand, and I believe it can be traced back to the rituals of the Cult of Osiris in Egypt. The hieroglyphic for terrible is pronounced Hr or Her, and shockingly it looks like a man beating two locks of hair. Her and hair seem to be linguistically connected, as well as associated with an ambivalent emotion of both terror and respect. In another example of synchronicity my wife's name is Brett spelled backwards is tterb, or terrible. According to author and scholar Dr. Charles Finch Isis was known as the savior of Osiris, but also the "terrible mother." So yes the "dread" in dreadlocks is a fitting term. Its all very Egyptian. Not to take away from Black Girl Magic (its special) but it can equally be balanced by a lesser known Black Man Magic not often discussed. This is the magic of the Pharoah symbolized by the cobra (nag) on the uraeus (crown) and the long pharaonic beard that has a God consciousness connected to other worlds.


Now it just so happens that growing up in my house my mother pushed Mary Poppins on my older sister the same way she pushed The Hobbit on me, and I believe there was a reason for this. I believe my mother, sister, and grandmother all have peculiar mental gifts similar to my own. Mary Poppins is actually a witch (priestess) who can fly (astral project?) work magic, and carries a broom, or chimney sweep, or she is associated with chimney sweeps. Mary Poppins also has a nose (rosy cheeks) that twitches similar to the 60s- 70s television show Bewitched. Though my wife is melanated blood rushes to her nose, and her nose will slightly wiggle, details I've learned to pay close attention to because they reveal a lot during conversations. Nose twitching, or a flushed nose is definitely the sign of a witch. Now for me the term witch has no negative connotations at all, but I know for some less familiar, they may not like the word. For me witch and priestess is interchangeable. Rest assure you I believe that if my mother and sister lived in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago they would have been considered powerful priestesses. In fact some of these Egyptian priestesses may have even originated further south of Egypt in the land called Nubia.

Both my mother and sister have endometriosis which is known for forming a tree like overgrowth of tissue outside of the uterus. In ancient Egypt these women were known as the priestesses of Hathor and also called the Sycamore Tree for the psychic abilities they imposed. They most likely would have been the only women allowed in the temple of Hathor, especially during the Old Kingdom. The power of these women could be found in the hair like a tree uses its branches for the sun, they have kinky strands of hair as a sort of antenna. I do not have braids or locks, but my straggly beard also served as a receptor to not only telepaths who want to impose, but even the gods (Dagon/Sirius) themselves. It just so happens in a strange coincidence which is really Jungian synchronicity, my sister lives on a street called Sycamore Lane just like Hathor the Egyptian Sycamore Tree. Her middle name is Kendra which broken down and spelled backwards gives you Draken or dragon because like myself my sister carries dragon or Dagon blood. Her first name Jill hints at a fish origin because a variant spelling of Jill is Gill, as in fish gills. Another example of my families ancient alien/amphibian origins.

As I mentioned in another post my son Jordan's name broken down and spelled backwards gives you Drojan/Dragon as well. In another bit of my families synchronicity the HBO hit Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen has a dragon named Drogon, and a husband named Khal Drogo. My oldest son Malcolm's middle name is Mansa, named after an African king who happened to be the richest man in the world. His name broken down spells Saman, which was the old English way for spelling Salmon. The fish Saman also sounds a lot like Samson, the biblical character in the Bible who received strength through his hair (dreadlocks?). Salmon the fish are known to be incredibly strong swimming both up stream, and even having the ability to swim up waterfalls.

Salmon are also called lox, and interestingly enough freemasonry is also refered to as lux or light. These are all fish names in my family because the Dagon of Sirius are most likely reptilian like amphibians. Remember reptiles have the pineal gland or partial eye as well, and the men and women in my family have very active pineal glands that allow us to have these psychic gifts. My wife being that she carried my sons would be the mother of dragons carrying the royal sangreal. My wife then would be like a cup/grail that carried my families royal blood. I believe my sons are going to grow up to wield a certain level of power maybe even beyond that of me and my wife. It is a bloodline (sangreal) that flows down after all.

In fact my grandfather was a major in the Army which I believe was only a cloak for his actually job which was a mystic telepath for the Army while in Germany during World War II. After the Army he worked for the Post Office I believe this only served as another cloak, its actual function being spying and gathering intelligence. What better way to spy but through the mail be it paper or e-mails.

Some writers who write on conspiracy believe this goes all the way back to Ben Franklin who possibly could have been a spy for the British government, and happened to be the founder of the United States Postal Service as well. Many of the majors in the Army are given the insignia of an oak leaf. The reason for this I believe is that the oak leaf, oak tree, and acorn were all symbols of the mystic seer who could look into the past and future, and probably even control minds through influence.

It just so happens I have an oak tree in my backyard, as well as a dog that likes to bring me acorns when I meditate. The wizard Gandalf in the Hobbit is really the alter ego of both Frodo and Bilbo, they all blend into each other and should not be viewed isolated from each other. Well, Gandalf's name broken down and spelled backwards is Nag-Dalf, or Nag-Daph, which means the snake and tree.

This is a clear reference to the Hindu nag and kundalini power the Indian mystics and Egyptian pharoahs both possessed that allowed them to have hypnotic powers like a cobra. The tree is the oak sacred to the Druids of Ireland, but trees or groves of other varieties (Baobab) are very sacred in places like Nigeria as well as Ethiopia. In fact a strong argument can be made that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is really a metaphor about Africa and Ethiopia with its many place names like Gondar and Rohan that are actually places in that old country. Some esoteric writers even believe that the Druids of Ireland also known as snakes (nags) were colonized, and initiated into the mysteries by Ethiopian or Egyptian priest.

I believe my mother, sister, and wife are all powerful telepaths, and mind readers, as well as mind feeders being that they can plant thoughts. All of this was part of my initiation.

Just think of Ta'Challa in the movie Black Panther surrounded by powerful, pushy, controlling, and yet loving women and you will get a glimpse into my life. Planting thoughts is a way to create a false consciousness in order to false shame you into believing in things you would have not agreed with otherwise. Its a head trip really in the most unbelievable way, yet initiations are meant to transform. Though from a historical point of view I understand the meaning of ritual, it still does not make it any easier. If some one tells you to find your old self after an initiation they miss the point entirely. The whole point of ritual is transformative. The old you is dead merely a distant memory, my vision is much broader now. Although you never forget your past, but your past no longer limits, or encompasses you. Instead of thinking merely locality, you think earthly thoughts, even intergalactic. One foot in your community, the other foot in the vast world, with your eyes set upon the stars. My mind very much like my mother, sister, and wife is also psychic as well, but at the same time is also very different than theirs. I have the ability that enables me to be in touch with what many religious people would say God. In fact they would say that people like myself long ago would be called prophets.

I however am too humble to believe the Gods are talking to me though; however, I do believe there are advanced extraterrestrials, as well as ancestors who have transcended and are now able to communicate with me based on the sun, and my pineal gland. I have a "cracked head" so to speak, that allows them to enter in. They communicate with me in very clairvoyant dreams, as well as through nature, animals, insects, birds, plants, wind, clouds, rain, and the sun, moon, and stars. I'm not going to lie the ritual is so powerful on many days regardless of how I presented myself I was brought to tears many times, not always from hurt and pain but the incredible power of it all. In fact I even witnessed miracles.

One day while crying after staring at the sun in combination of going to war with my emotions, I had a bee sting me around my eye multiple times (mind you bees only sting once) only to have the wound show up on my youngest sons face. It was then when I truly understood the mystery of the Egyptian wadjet eye, also known as the Eye of Horus, from which the popular Star Wars concept of the Jedi comes from. The Egyptians actually called the bee Ra's tears, or the suns tears. Egyptologist would be surprised to learn that this idea of the bee being associated with tears is literal not abstract. I experienced many other paranormal events as well, and could probably do an entire blog post on that subject alone. Back to the name Merry and Pippin and Mary Poppins for a minute. If you take the word Pippin and split it in half, and reverse it like many adepts who study esoterica often do, you get Nippin from Pippin, and from Poppins you get Nippop.

Was the classic movie Mary Poppins about a witch or sun priestess. Here she is with a broom, and also she can fly attributes associated with a witch. A real witch flies through telepathy, and in your dreams as she astral projects. Its as though the university cleverly miseducates you only for Hollywood (Holly Tree/wood/magic wand) to slip the truth in, but only in the most obviously ridiculous places, like right under your nose. I remember my mom making my sister watch Mary Poppins as a kid the very same way she made me watch The Hobbit. She may or may not have been aware as to what she was doing, for predestination and synchronicity is very unplanned on the part of the person or people involved. Synchronicity is not something you plan or work out in advance, it just happens. It is at that moment of realization you say oh shit! I say oh shit a lot these days.


Disney plans to remake Mary Poppins reintroducing it to a much younger public.


Most folks are not aware of this, but before the country was called Japan it was actually called Nippon. The word Nippon translates as sun, so Merry and Pippin, or Mary Poppins really means "Happy Sun" or "Loved Sun."

This is all about an ancient Egyptian sun cult. The power of the magical sun, and how it not only has power over the temperature and plants, but it also has power over us. The priest of Egypt were very aware of this. They knew that being connected to the sun helps to activate our brain and puts us telepathically in contact with the greatest mystery of all, and that is we are connected to a second sun even more powerful than our own. Our solar system is actually part of a binary star system the two suns being our own and Sirius. It is the Sirius star system that has life forms that are actually more advanced than our own. As we move into the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Capicorn the two suns are gravitationally being pulled closer together not only will this create a browner population, but also more active pineal glands that will allow the two sister suns and populations to communicate with each other. It just so happens that I have two sons of my own that coincide with the two suns in our own binary star system. I like to call my sons the binary stars Sirius A and Sirius B. I wish upon a star that the future is brighter for them, and their generation than it was for my own as we now enter the Age of Aquarius.


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