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Navigating The Waters Ahead: Preparing The Mind As We Shift From Pisces To The Waters Of Aquarius

"It was quite possible for the Lemurian to communicate with his fellow-men without the necessity for speech, his manner of procedure being, in fact, a kind of "thought reading." - Rudolf Steiner from Atlantis and Lemuria

"Individuals with extraordinary abilities may already be among us." - Charles Xavier

"What's free, free is when nobody else can tell us what to be." - Meek Mill

"I believe comics are a last link to an ancient way of passing on history. The Egyptians drew on walls. Countries all over the world still pass on knowledge through pictorial form." - Mr. Glass


Humanity is now about to enter a new stage. In fact we already have. We are now currently living in a new eon or age. The age that is upon us is called The Age of Aquarius. For those unfamiliar with the ages, or the cycles known as the precession of the equinox this can be a very scary and confusing time. Can humanity change its thinking or will we be stuck using an outdated mold. It most surely is time to break the mold, but do we have the courage and will. Especially when most cultures around the world have had their culture and world view shaped by the 2000 or so years of the previous Age of Pisces. 2000 years is a long time for our perception to be shaped one way, then only to have our perception and conditioning to now be shaped once again in an entirely different direction. Things that we were once certain of and rules that we once followed are no longer the case. It is as if we have all been living in the movie The Matrix that starred Keanu Reaves and Laurence Fishburne and Neo is told by Morpheus that the Matrix is not real but there are those who still want to follow the rules of the old age clinging stubbornly to the past refusing to move forward; however, as much as someone tries to slow or stop a cycle you cant stop what's inevitable.

The Matrix as a concept is very symbolic of the Age of Pisces we just left. It was an age that was mostly built on lies and deception, and the exploitation of people. It was a lower age on the Kali Yuga Cycle and the precession of the equinox. As our planet and sun are gravitationally pulled closer to Sirius and we ascend in our level of consciousness ignorance will be replaced by the knowledge and information of the new age of Aquarius. Some of us will be ready and others may not want to unplug from the age of Pisces especially if they were those who benefited from the ignorance.


There are those who benefited greatly from the deception and lies taught during the Age of Pisces, in fact their wealth and power was based on keeping those lies in place. During the past age we witnessed the oppression of people of color, gays, and women of all kind. We have been taught that black is bad, and that bad guys wear black. If you argue that concept further it eventual leads to everything black is negative. Well what if that was all a lie? What if black is positive? What if God (if you believe in such a thing) was perceived as black? How might humanity react to that concept, and has the perception of God changed from age to age? In fact one antiquarian writer from the past by the name of Godfrey Higgens said this exact thing about the gods in his two volume work Anacalypsis. In it he states that in the ancient world many of the pagan gods all over the globe from Africa to Asia to Europe were all depicted as black.

The Black Madonna statues found in Europe today are a remnant of days gone by. They represent a forgotten older world view that predated the Age of Pisces. Those images either slowly faded away, or were explained away by lies. Feminist writer Merlin Stone often mentions that in her classic book When God Was A Woman that in the past ages God was not always conceived of as solely a man. At one time the female goddess was worshipped right along side the male gods. Names like Isis, Hathor, Ishtar, Kali Athena, Aphrodite, and Diana were household names. Men once worshipped women as fertility symbols because of their ability to give birth.

Early primitive man at one time did not associate conception with males it was solely associated with women and because of this women were revered if not worshipped. This is why some of the earliest statues (35,000 years ago) ever carved look like pregnant women (Venus figurines.) all of this changed with the ages and pregnancy and birth became associated with pain and original sin. I say all of this as an example of how we come accustom to things and form habits, but never asking if whether those habits are wrong or outdated. Lets take the homosexual question as an example. Some religious institutions taught that being gay or bisexual was a sin. We all remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah if we attended a conservative Sunday school, and we remember how some people used Sodom and other Bible verses to bluster their points. If we are to be honest during the Age of Pisces homophobia was taught first from the church pulpits dressed up with a divine stamp of approval so to speak. I mean who wants to argue with God? Being a child of Pisces born in the year 1974, homophobia was much more prevalent then than it is now. The Catholic Church under the very liberal Pope Francis has taken a more progressive approach today, rather than condemning gays he calls them children of God. My guess is his Jesuit background (astronomy) has possibly informed him about the new cyclical age. If you are under the age of twenty it is really hard to imagine the discrimination and stigmatizing the gay community endured. I never viewed myself as homophobic, and I never bashed those who were gay; however, I never spoke out against homophobia either. I see now that even if we did not speak up against it in a way our silence condoned it, gave it space, and the same also applies to racism. In the ancient pagan societies of old a thing such as racism did not so much as exist; however, nationalism did, as Frank Snowden's Before Color Prejudice has shown us. In a Roman slave market a slave could just have very easily have been black as white. Slavery was indeed a part of Greece and Rome, but no color was attached to it. It seems that the lifestyle of gays and bisexuals was more readily accepted in the pagan civilizations of Greece and Rome. Progressive stances on race and homosexuality found during the Age of Aries was eventually replaced by a rigid and more conservative Pisces of which we just exited where being gay or a person of color could very much cost you your life.

There are alternative writers such as Leonard Horowitz who wrote Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? and Robert Strecker of the infamous Strecker Memorandum who believe that the AIDS virus was not only man made, but purposely unleashed on not only the African, African-American, and Afro-Caribbean community, but also the homosexual community which included members of all races. These writers believe this was an actual conspiracy that targeted certain undesirable groups in a form of population control. On a personal note I believe one of my uncles was homosexual. He died under mysterious circumstances and the subject has always been a taboo one in my family, but I believe he may have died from AIDS. If the conspiracy is true which I believe it is who is to say how many people actually lost their lives this way? Again I must say it is very interesting and not coincidental that groups like blacks (melanated people) women, and gays who suffered the most under the lower age of Pisces, will most likely be the ones benefiting the most under the higher Age of Aquarius. It is not a coincidence either that Atlantis and Lemuria were most likely populated by brown skin (melanated) people, and women who wielded a greater amount of power (telepathy) than they had in the Age of Pisces, also according to Rudolf Steiner a segment of the population would have been bisexual. I want to be clear I do not believe the heterosexual population disappeared, but what most likely occurred is that you had all of these different groups coexisting at the same time, sort of like you see today, but in larger numbers and with greater harmony and acceptance.

I believe things have now started to come full circle. When you look at the precession of the equinox it is about a 24,000 year cycle that can be divided into 12,000 years of darkness as the wheel descends and 12,000 of enlightenment as the wheel ascends. We have just left the darkness (Pisces/Kali) and have now begun our ascension. The period of time we are living in is what Sir Francis Bacon understood as an Atlantis, or in his words a New Atlantis. Atlantis was an actual real place most likely located in the Atlantic very close to the Caribbean and Latin America. Austrian writer and philosopher Rudolf Steiner wrote an interesting little book that I cant seem to put down and always come back to titled Atlantis and Lemuria. In this book he has an interesting chapter titled The Period Immediately Before Sex Separation where he mentions that sex was more liberal and even on some levels polygamous, this before polygamy was viewed as a perversion by those living in other ages. Steiner also uses the term "unisex" in his book in relation to ancient Atlantis and I wonder by unisex did he really mean that Atlantis and Lemuria had among it a "bisexual" population, and if so are we now living in the Age of Aquarius (New Atlantis) going to see an increase in a certain percentage of the population who are born like this. The people of Atlantis had great mental abilities much greater than what humans today are used to. Part of their ability was based on the Earth being closer to the star Sirius which is ten times the size of our own sun. This closer proximity seems to have had a great influence over humanities capabilities and its level of consciousness most likely brought on by electromagnetic rays. The close proximity probably also had an affect on not only their skin color (melanated) but maybe even the climate (global warming)? Though some activist see homosexuality as a sin, or a conspiracy I must say based on my understanding of Atlantis I disagree. I believe that for those born bisexual they are very misunderstood.

It goes way beyond the outwardly expression of being sexually attracted to both men and women, that is only scratching the surface, and misses the big picture. It actually has a lot to do with the brain. Our brain is bisexual. We have both a left and right hemisphere of the brain. Our brain is described as being both masculine and feminine. I believe that today and in the future those who are born bisexual, and I do believe they are born this way, they will have a greater use over a larger percentage of their brain. Bisexual people will be able to tap into both the masculine and feminine sides of the brain. Today most of us only use one half of our brain at a given time, and on top of that we are only using between 5 and 10% of our brain at any given time. Bisexual people will be able to use a much greater percentage of the brain. Their brain capabilities will be very similar to that of a dolphin.

Dolphins use both the left and right hemispheres of their brain. A dolphins brain never rest. Even when they sleep one half of the brain is always active. Some believe that the dolphin may in fact be the most intelligent animal on the planet surpassing the chimpanzee. It is very possible that dolphins had a closer relationship with man during the era of Atlantis and we may even be able to learn more about ourselves by studying them. Some alternative thinkers even believe dolphins on top of having a sonar like echo location they also may in fact be telepathic. There are numerous dolphin trainers that claim that dolphins who they worked with would respond to their commands even before the words came out of their mouth. If this is indeed the case there may in fact be a link between telepathic dolphins and telepathic people. In fact it is the right hemisphere or feminine side of the brain that is also associated with things such as dreaming and intuition. On a personal note I recently found myself being put through an initiation of the brain. Where I had a recent stay at a behavioral treatment facility in New Jersey where everyone in there I believe had some kind of psychic gift. If I could describe it in a comedic way because laughter keeps me sane these days, the facility was a cross between a psych ward and Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Me being in the facility in the first place centered around some of my more eccentric beliefs such as the belief in extraterrestrials (though Harvard's head of astronomy recently said sort of the same thing) and the idea that we are now living in a time that will see an increased percentage of humans with supernatural abilities. This being said these are all ideas I still very much cling to, and me being in a behavioral center has nothing whatsoever to do with my mental capabilities and everything to do with initiation, training, research, and ritual. Its really not funny but I laugh because I recently saw the new Predator installment called The Predator and the lead character sniper Quinn Mckenna was put in a mental facility because you guessed it, he witnessed aliens. I cant make this stuff up how popular culture mirrors my personal life these days.

While at the behavioral facility I found myself among a group of at least 30 telepathic people including patients, students, and staff. As a collective the group was somewhat of a mixed bag, some would wrongly be considered bipolar (the planet is bipolar, atoms are bipolar) others well educated from the surrounding New Jersey colleges (Rutgers, Rowan, Princeton). At times I had to deal with what I can only describe as a very rigorist kind of brain probing and possible sleep deprivation. I went through about four weeks of sleep deprivation technics where flash lights were constantly shined on my face every fifteen minutes or so especially the moment I went to sleep and entered a dream state, as if to let me know I was being telepathically observed. My guess was it was as a sort of brain exercise, or ritual into the feminine side of the brain. Again like most rituals it was meant to educate, and in my particular case it was an education of the brain. I also believe the government is preparing the population as best they can to be in synch with the new age that will be a very psychic age. More can be said about myself and families personal journey into higher levels of consciousness, but I will leave that for another article or even future book. My basic point is the human body and brain can actually be conditioned to stay awake or conscious for longer periods of time than what many believe possible. We most likely will be using a larger portion of our brain in the near future. This makes me think of the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews who always had two pillars (obelisk, Jachin, Boaz)) on the outside of their temples that symbolized the sun and moon, but really it was all about the masculine and feminine aspects of the brain.

The temple was the place where the priest were initiated into the mysteries of the universe and human body, and the holy of holies in the very rear of the temple taught about the masculine and feminine parts of the brain. During the Age of Aquarius there will be a return to this sort of thing. Now what does this mean for humanity? This means humanity will be much smarter than what we have been use to. In fact some writers believe there will be a time when our mental abilities will be so great that we will no longer need to catalog things like history in books because the memory of humans will be so great. Humanity will have other abilities most humans did not experience during the lower Age of Pisces and the Kali Yuga. What other abilities are these one might ask? I believe the abilities can only be described as super human. They will have abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, flight, and long memory to name a few. Many of the superhuman abilities we read about in the X-Men comic books and Star Wars movies as kids will come to life, in fact I believe they already have for some, but the numbers of those with these abilities will slowly (I say slowly because an age is 2000 years) increase.

The above scene is taken from the movie the X-Men, but also fits quite well here. In Atlantis I believe a large part of the female population as well as the male bisexual population were able to use a larger portion of their brains giving them certain capabilities such as telepathy. Have we now come full circle, and have these mythological abilities returned to a segment of the population.


The above scene is from the show Stranger Things the character Eleven has the ability to move objects otherwise known as telekinesis. Her name Eleven or 11 may hint to the 2 (1 and 1) hemispheres of the brain she is able to tap into. The character Eleven has a shaved head meant to look like a boyish hair cut, this sexual ambiguous look is done on purpose, as it is symbolic of the two sexes, or the two sides of the brain. In season two the hairstyle is even more telling. During the time of the New Atlantis which coincides with the Age of Aquarius humanity will be functioning at a higher level of consciousness. Humanity will have a greater control over a larger capacity of the brain, bridging both the feminine and masculine sides.


Many of us were all certain we understood how the world functioned, yet only to have the rug pulled from underneath us and told that how we were thinking is wrong. As other writers have pointed out whenever people have been living between two ages things can be twice as confusing, as we move from one age to another the frustration and confusion that humanity experiences is very similar to a detox period.

Detox as we all know is very hard to do, but this is actually what is happening now. Think about it haven't we seen an increase of homosexuals on television and in the news. Have we not witnessed our first black President. I'm sure a female and even a gay President is right around the corner.

Take a look at popular culture, Black Panther and Wonder Woman may have been more popular than Superman, I believe that there is something in the air, or cosmos, and that something is the precession of the equinoxes. As shifts take place in the cosmos we will also feel a shift on the ground. Remember the ancient Egyptian (hermetic) saying "as above so below." The very few who are aware of the precession of the equinox, and the cosmic and cultural shift are well ahead and are better prepared for the shift. The transition for them will be much smoother, and they may even be rewarded, but for those who were not aware it maybe a bumpy ride at first. Change and cultural shifts can be hard on people. Some people may naturally dig their feet into the ground and stubbornly cling to the outdated mode of thinking from the prior Age of Pisces. For these people life will be the hardest. We must all prepare for the inevitable. Everything is a cycle, as the sun sets it too will rise. The ocean's tide ebbs and flows. Things die and things are born, or as the singing group The Byrds famously say " to every season turn, turn, turn." We have now turned the corner and have entered another age. The challenge will now be are we brave enough to free ourselves from the cultural conditioning of the Age of Pisces?


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