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Superhumans Among Us: Is Humanity Evolving For The New Age?

"...there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate." - Stephen Hawking

"We have to now visualize that about the close of the Atlantean period there were various groups of man-like beings on earth....whose spiritual development far excelled that of the great mass of humanity, and these taught spiritual wisdom and performed god-like acts." - Rudolf Steiner

"A Lemurian may, indeed, be said to have been a Magician" - Rudolf Steiner

"It moved with a floating action, rather than walking" - Rudolf Steiner

"Some interested scientist have openly stated that they were afraid that they would lose their credibility should they investigate...psychic abilities." - Dr. Diane Powell


As I write this latest blog post I realize that some may notice that with each blog post the trajectory always seems to change, and each post gets more fantastic as I delve more into the occult and paranormal. This is because as I experience and learn more on my personal journey or initiation, things that I once might have believed have now changed, as my opinions are constantly evolving. My last couple of post have dealt more with what is known as the new age, and how it is linked to what is known as the precession of the equinox, and how I also believe that this is linked to the very real lost continent of Atlantis. All of these subjects for me seem to converge as they all come together some how. With this post I will continue to do more of the same. As I previously mentioned going by Plato's account Atlantis was destroyed about 11,000-12,000 years ago roughly 9600 B.C. Before it was destroyed the people who once lived on Atlantis and Lemuria had certain abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and flight. This gave a segment of the population what seemed to others like superhuman powers.

The late Stephen Hawking before he passed away predicted the dawn of the superhuman in the near future. It was Hawking's belief that these superhumans would be created by the very rich and elite. Hawking believes these people will be willing to pay scientist to manipulate genes to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve, and to be able to compete. Hawking also believes those without money will be left behind unable to catch those with advanced superhuman like abilities. Where I diverge from Hawking is I believe that certain humans maybe naturally born with this ability and it is somehow passed on, or switched on by way of certain genetic bloodlines. These bloodlines as David Icke and others have pointed out may have a special biological and psychic connection with their more advanced extraterrestrial ancestors who are able to guide and influence them. When you hear most writers talk about Atlantis or Lemuria they are usually talking about the location, they never talk about the abilities of the people.

Austrian writer, educator, and mystic Rudolph Steiner talked about the abilities of the Lemurians and Atlanteans when he said these people had the power of intuition, imagination, and will. When Steiner says the word intuition I believe he means those with sensitive psychic abilities, or a sixth sense if you "will" and who are sensitive to the natural world and the synchronicities around them. Being that things move in cycles the precessional cycle is about 24,000 years and this means that we are at the half way point since Atlantis was sunk because half of 24,000 is 12,000 years. This halfway point has brought about the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of a New Atlantis. It is now as we just entered this new age it seems that some of those abilities that rendered the Atlanteans superhumans have now started to return to us. They may have never left, but their numbers will be increasing. As the age has been approaching I believe television and Hollywood have slowly been preparing the mind to get ready to live in this new age of superhumans. I came across a video on the internet of a girl in Russia levitating, and I also came across a video of an African shaman also levitating as well. Whether these videos are real or fraudulent I'll let you be the judge. The videos I found while doing a You Tube search. Both videos claim to show people who exhibit some of the abilities for which I talk about. Some skeptics may view some of the videos that I choose to share as fake and they may in fact be; however, knowing what I know about esoterica and the age being upon us my natural inquisitive nature have drawn me to videos like this.

Russian girl caught on camera levitating, real or hoax?


A team out of Germany filming an African shaman levitating. Have humans now entered a new stage on the evolutionary chain, as we are living in the new age of Aquarius.


Is this a charlatan, or is what we are witnessing real or a hoax?


I remember being amazed by the magician David Blaine when his specials would come on television, but I also remember one of the criticism of David Blaine that was "floating" around by I presume other jealous magicians was that what he does is not real magic, and that he wasn't a "real" magician. I personally think David Blaine is both charismatic and talented, but I wonder is the criticism somewhat correct? Maybe what we are witnessing with Blaine is not magic at all, at least not all of it. Maybe Blaine might be one of the few individuals with these superhuman abilities such as levitation. Maybe he also does magic, or maybe a mixture of both? The question is purely speculation and I know to even ask questions such as these invite ridicule, but I myself have witnessed too much personally to not take the supernatural world very seriously. Occult writer Rudolf Steiner believes that those that once lived on Lemuria and Atlantis had abilities that made them seem like magicians. Stan Lee once mentioned in his show Superhumans for the History Channel that out of the 6 or 7 Billion people on the planet he believes there are some that have extraordinary abilities that would make them superhuman. I need not go into my past personal experiences with things such as telepathy at this point because I already did that with other post, but I did provide a video of Blaine in the act of levitating in much the way the African and Indian shamans were known to do.

Telepathy is defined as the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses. In other words the ability to read minds. I believe that in the past and once again now telepathy was linked with the feminine side of the brain. Telepathy is also linked with long hair especially dreadlocks (Rasta and Hindu yogi) that serves as a receptor of sorts. There also maybe a strong link between those with melanin and the pineal gland what Descartes called the "seat of the soul." According to neuropsychiatrist Dr. Diane Powell studies show possible telepathic links between sets of twins (the Jim Twins) who are raised apart but make similar decisions such as marrying partners with the same name, and naming their pet dog and children with the same name. How can this be explained without some sort of telepathic link.

I also believe there maybe a connection between telepathy and red hair possibly a genetic mutation to gain melanin and vitamin D in cold climates, but was also advantageous for psychic abilities. It was even discovered recently that red heads have a higher tolerance for pain, and yet require 20% more anesthesia than most when being operated on hinting to a greater psychic awareness. Red hair is not an exclusive European trait but is found in Africa as well.

There are dark people from the Solomon Islands as well as Middle Easterners, Berbers from North Africa and some even believe the pharaoh Ramesses II may have had red hair. I find it more than ironic that the strongest telepath in the Marvel Universe is Jean Grey (Phoenix) a member of the X-Men with red hair. The strongest telepaths I believe are mostly women (right brain) with long hair (medusa legend) but also certain males who are able to tap into both the masculine and feminine side of the brain; however, there are those that believe children or people who have autism might also have some sort of psychic ability. The autistic children have some how adapted and evolved as a way to cope with what many view as limitations in socializing with others. Below are a few videos of a young boy and his mother who may in fact share a special telepathic connection. They were even tested by a neuropsychiatrist who had to admit she was even amazed, but also added that working in academia there is an added professional pressure of writing or speaking on subjects that would be defined as occult or supernatural.

This autistic child seems to be able to guess numbers that his mother happens to think of, by every definition of the word this would be considered telepathic.


Under a more rigorist computer generated test the same autistic child still performs successfully after being tested by John Hopkins trained neuropsychiatrist Dr. Diane Powell and still continues to show signs of telepathy.


As I mentioned before many of abilities like telepathy, levitation, and flight may seem shocking to most, but when you are raised as a child reading comic books and science fiction these kinds of topics are ones that you are familiar though it is safely printed under the guise of "science fiction." If you remember not to long ago there was a show on the History Channel called Stan Lee's Superhumans. In the show they travel around searching for humans that resemble some of the super powers Stan Lee created for his heroes and villains. I don't know if the timing of the show was purposely chosen for the age we are living in or if it is a coincidence, but it would be interesting indeed if some how all of these things link together with the very real precession of the Equinox, the Age of Aquarius, and the lost continent of Atlantis. I truly believe all of these topics overlap. It seems like humanity continues to evolve and maybe this is the reason for these enhanced abilities. Writers such as Drunvalo Melchizedek in his series of books titled The Flower of Life mention how humanities chromosome count is constantly changing, maybe this is a possible cause for some humans having these abilities as well? Most humans have 46 chromosomes but at times Drunvalo believes humans had 44 and even 48 chromosomes, maybe this is a possible link. I also continue to believe there are some humans that have extraterrestrial blood a carryover from past interactions between humanity and beings from other worlds. It is quite possible that this alien blood enhances these humans with greater abilities. The Bible does not call them aliens the Bible mentions fallen angels from the sky or Nephilim, who mated with humans and passing on to them some of their super abilities. I believe that Hollywood working as a propaganda agent may cleverly be preparing the public for these inevitable changes that await the public. All of this being signs of the time, or signs of the age. If our sun is in a binary star system with the more powerful Sirius, and if the precessional cycle is about 24,000 years and Atlantis sunk around 12,000 years ago (9600B.C.) then we are at the halfway point within the precessional cycle. It seems Atlantis is rising again, or those abilities seem to be returning. What is even more amazing is this is just the beginning of the ascent! Now with Stan Lee's recent passing toward the end of 2018, I find it only fitting that I conclude this post with a clip from his show Superhumans that takes a look at the claims of telekinesis, an ability that I believe is very much real and one we will see more of in this current age of Aquarius.

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