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Wizardry In Shazam: Magic 8 Balls, Crystal Balls, Crystal Skulls, And The Battle For Human Conscious

“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.” - Arthur C. Clarke


So I took my two boys to see the movie Shazam recently. I was pleased that it was actually on the surface a light hearted and fun movie that we all really enjoyed. Like most Hollywood movies these days on a much deeper level it was loaded with a ton of mystical and occult symbolism that I could not help but notice. Most writers who wrote reviews on Shazam gave it positive reviews which is rare for a DC movie these days, and many loved the idea that the movie was foil and fodder to laugh at the seriousness of Superman; however, few writers mentioned the serious occult symbols and messages that the movie conveyed, so I thought I would tackle those ideas here. As I've stated in many of my post I do believe that a Hollywood elite use film as propaganda tool to slip in hidden messages directed at the public. Most movie goers don't even notice, but it must have a certain affect on a subconscious level because why would Hollywood even bother to do this in the first place. So in this light Shazam is no different than films of the past, so let me address some of the things that may have went under the radar for some folks. The first thing that caught my eye was when Shazam or Billy first gets his powers the Wizard who passes the power down to Billy tells him to say his name which of course is Shazam. Billy at first has problems saying the name and first utters what sounds like the name Sheshat. This was more than what it appears at first sight as a mistake. This was no mistake for Sheshat is the name of an Egyptian Goddess of wisdom the counterpart to the male god of wisdom Thoth. Some occult writers believe that the Statue of Liberties seven crowned uraeus is based on the Egyptian goddess Sheshat.

The symbol for Sheshat was a seven pointed flower. The number seven is a theme that is repeated all throughout Shazam. There are the seven deadly sins that follow and empower Shazam's nemesis Dr. Sivana. In fact Dr. Sivana's name phonetically is a play on the word seven. The illuminated Hollywood elite as well as DC Comics seem to be well aware that magic and mysticism originated among the dark skin nations of the East.

In Hindu mysticism their are seven chakras that a person must master before they reach spiritual awakening. The seven chakras are known as kundalini snake energy and are usually associated with the subcontinent of India, but may have originated in ancient Egypt or in an even older lost civilization such as Atlantis. The pharaoh in Egypt was the snake (uraeus) who I personally believe had mystical power such as hypnotism or will power. If so this could probably be why in DC Comics Shazam of The New 52 also has the kind of magic associated with the seven chakras or snake energy that is connected to another super hero named Black Adam. Black Adam just so happens to be Egyptian and this is not the only Egyptian connection. An associate of Dr. Sivana is Mr. Mind who is a telepathic worm (snake) from an alien planet. As for Dr. Sivana, obviously he never masters the concept of the seven chakras becoming evil, and he is eventually defeated by Shazam who uses his magical wizardry for good.

There is an important scene in the movie when Billy tracks down his mother who abandoned him at the fair. In order to reach his mother he takes the elevator to the 7th floor and then knocks on room 77. Now 77 or 777 is a very important occult number this is why in the casino slot machines if you hit 777 you win the grand prize. But what is the grand prize? Well there is a deeper meaning to 777. In the Bible 77 or 777 is the number associated with one of Cain's sons called Lamech. Genesis 4: 23-24 reads as follows:

"Hear my voice: ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my heart. If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold."

It is the belief of both occult writers and some Christian conservative writers as well, that the descendants of the Biblical Cain and Lamech would have daughters who would sleep with fallen angels known as Nephilim. 777 then is what one would call an angel number. This is a number of the magical Nephilim that Hollywood has turned into the magical wizard Shazam. The Bible says that these fallen angels would be cursed, but I believe the opposite is true.

They actually reign on Earth as royalty. The Egyptian pharaohs, The kings of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Greek demigods, as well as European royalty were all related to Nephilim. The sons of Nephilim are the Beast of the Bible who have super human powers but live on Earth. Both Shazam and Dr. Sivana are wizards but that is only allegory in fact what they really are is magical Nephilim coded in comic book lore. Some believe that the ultimate mystery taught in these secret societies is their powers do not come from angels at all, but is really alien Dagon blood or dragon blood. I am well aware that this idea let alone angels maybe too much for some, unless you experience it, it is very hard to believe. Most probably missed this but there is a key scene in the movie when Dr. Sivana catches a bullet with his hands he makes the o.k. symbol, but it really is the sign 666 which is the mark of the Beast. It also just so happens that the number 6 is associated with the Nephilim in the Bible when one reads Genesis 6:4 it states


The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.


I believe that not only 666 and 777 but the numbers 11 and 2 would all be considered angel numbers associated with magic, and especially the number 4 or 44. You must ask yourself why would the writers and directors of Shazam put this in a movie? Do you still believe they are not illuminated? What are they trying to say about Shazam? For me the most obvious is that Shazam the wizard really has his powers because he is a son of Cain and Lamech. These fallen angels were also known as Sons of God very different than Sons of Man, though many believe they were put on Earth to guide men.

Shazam is a Son of God, a child of the Gods, or a fallen angel, as his name hints at. He has power over electricity with his Zeus like thunderbolts. In fact the "el" in electricity actually means gods as in Elohim. Shazam really represents a fallen angel or fallen Nephilim. In fact the el in angel also means gods. I also want to point out that the seventy and sevenfold of Lamech is really 11 times greater than the sevenfold of Cain, and this would give you another occult number of 7-11. Yes both 7 and 11 are occult angel numbers this is why in the dice game craps you win by rolling 7s or 11s. The Statue of Liberty has a seven crowned uraeus but stands on an 11 pointed pedestal.

This movie is all about occult magic its really not kids stuff, though kids may enjoy it, but like most things there is a surface level, and then a much deeper understanding. The number 11 is the duality of Shazam and Dr. Sivana because 11 when viewed as digits can be 1 and 1, or 2. The World Trade Center was in the shape of an 11 or 2 and was mysteriously brought down on 9/11 which would really be 7/11 in that September or "septem" translated means 7 not 9. Duality or 2 is a theme that can be seen in a whole stream of movies whether one is talking about the Jedi and Sith of Star Wars, or the Hobbits and Gollums of Lord of the Rings, or even the dual characters in Harry Potter that have evil counterparts in wizards such as Malfoy and Voldemort. Shazam and Dr. Sivana really represent the war for consciousness or the war for the human mind. Will a person be good or evil if you may. The seven deadly sins are really the climb up the seven chakras in the human spin as the war takes place in the brain. This is why Dr. Sivana holds onto the Magic 8 Ball.

The Magic 8 Ball was created by Albert C. Carter and Abe Bookman of Alabe Crafts Inc. Carters mother was a mystic who had an interest in the occult. She would often spend her time trying to read into the future. When Carter first designed the Magic 8 Ball they called it the Syco-Seer or Syco-Slate (psyche?) and conceived of it as a crystal ball.

They sold it to a toy company called Brunswick Billiards. It was eventually turned into the 8 ball we are so familiar with. This is why in the Wizards lair across from the statues of the seven demons or seven deadly sins you see a crystal ball. The 8 Ball and crystal ball are one in the same.

Crystal balls were even popular in the court of British Queen, Queen Elizabeth I. It was one of her advisors the mystic John Dee whose scrying crystal ball can still be viewed in a museum. Before their was anything such as a crystal ball the ancient Aztec and Mayans had what was known as crystal skulls. No one knows how these civilizations were able to carve something as hard as quartz crystal, and some believe that these skulls were carved by an even older advanced civilization such as Atlantis and were later inherited by later Mesoamerican civilizations. Some even believe these skulls were carved with advanced extraterrestrial technology. It is my belief that these crystal skulls are very old and would have predated and influenced the later more famous European crystal balls. The crystals skulls seem to be a mystery for many scholars, and one is left to wonder were they connected to strange occult powers such as clairvoyance and seeing into the future. Many believe that crystals contain ancient wisdom within the actual crystal, and have the ability to stimulate psychic powers.

It is my belief that people like the Aztec and Mayans viewed the human brain as an actually living crystal skull. The skull was possibly viewed symbolically as a transparent crystal like sphere by certain members of the priestly class (wizards) who lived among the royal courts of the Aztec and Mayans. It was this transparent brain they could be influenced by good or bad spirits, similar to the battle of the consciousness and mind of Dr. Sivana and Shazam. Many Christian fundamentalist actually believe that in this world there really are "angels in Heaven" and earthly fallen angels known as Nephilim or "demons." These groups also believe that there is a real battle going on for an individuals mind, body, and soul. This is symbolized by the duality of Shazam and Dr. Sivana's consciousness. Ancient astronaut theorist believe that it is really not angels and demons but advanced telepathic extraterrestrials that guide and influence a certain segment of the human population by accessing their pineal gland.

This pineal gland is known as the 6th chakra or third eye. This is also why Dr. Sivana has an eye injury. When 3 is placed next to 6 you get the number 36, and by adding the total sum of 36 you get 666 the mark of the beast which is an angel number. For most conservative minds this may seem inconceivable, but for those who dare to think outside the box this world we live in is truly a world of mystery. Also the idea that an illuminated Hollywood elite is also aware of this reality and weaves this sort of mysticism into their scripts is not a fantasy but a reality hidden under the guise of "fantasy" and "science fiction." So buried within Shazam is the story of telepathically controlled brains of a priest or a wizard class, which was imagined by ancient Mesoamerican cultures as crystal skulls.

The crystal skulls would then morph into the European crystal balls, and this would eventually become the harmless toy Magic 8 Ball sold by companies like Mattel. Dr. Sivana's character holds other occult secrets not just the Magic 8 Ball and the symbolic seven sound in his name Sivana, but he has an injured eye. The injured eye is one of the most famous images in the world of the occult because it is the Egyptian Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra. The Eye of Horus is believed by many to have a connection with the mysterious pineal gland in the brain as it is in the shape of the thalmus region of the brain. There are some including myself who believe that this region is associated with vivid dreams and clairvoyance. The question I ask is what is causing the vivid dreams and clairvoyance?

Is it angels and demons, or extraterrestrials? I personally believe it is extraterrestrials being that I am now a strong supporter of ancient astronaut theory, ironically a theory I often laughed at in the past as simply beyond ridiculous. If you stayed to the very end of the Shazam movie which is an unspoken rule when viewing DC and Marvel movies you would have seen Dr. Sivana being approached by another evil villain known as Master Mind. Master Mind is a small worm with telepathic powers that allow him to have influence over peoples minds. The message of human will power and telepathic guidance is definitely encoded in the Shazam.


I must also add that the themes of race and the hailing of the new Age of Aquarius is also encoded in Shazam, and a clue as to what it might mean for the future of humanity. For those not familiar with the changing of the age and the precession of the equinox we have currently just existed the old age of Pisces which ended around the year 2012. As we transition from the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius humanity will begin to experience greater racial unity and sexual freedom at a level we haven't been used to. The Age of Pisces though some may not want to admit it was generally an age of white supremacy and more specifically an age of white male supremacy.

This is why Shazam's friends are of different genders and multiracial because the groups that were once marginalized are now going to be empowered in the new age. His friends consist of a White female, an Asian male, an Hispanic male, and a Black female. There is also a heavy set kid (Pedro) and I believe this character is actually meant to also be homosexual. They symbolized this by showing him as being very uncomfortable in the Gentlemen's Club. Some may believe the White female is not really a marginalized group because her white skin privilege counterbalances any supposed discrimination she may have faced in the past age. This is actually a legitimate argument that abolitionist Frederick Douglass and feminist Elizabeth Stanton engaged in during the past with valid points to be made on both sides. White female skin privilege is also no doubt a sore spot for black feminist as well. I will not use this space to argue the meaning of white skin privilege, and does it counter balance gender and sexual orientation, but it is a valid point that is deserving of further exploration and an entire post within itself. What I am only concerned with is the hidden occult messages the writers included in Shazam not their validity. What of Billy's white male friend Freddy some may say he is out of place for a new age message. Freddy I believe serves as a double consciousness to Billy's Shazam, quite like Dr. Sivana does as well. Freddy is there to test Billy's conscious as he challenges Billy to use his new powers for something more than just to thrill surrounding crowds, but to use his powers for moral good. And finally some might say well where is the black male presence in the movie Shazam?

This is where it gets interesting. I believe Shazam is actually meant to be black. The clue is the black wizard who was previously white in the comic but is now played by Djimon Hounsou. The black wizard passes powers down to Shazam because Shazam is meant to be his black son. Also there is a scene in the movie when young Billy believes he has found the mother who has abandoned him only to knock on the "wrong" door and be surprised when a black mother answers. Its brilliant because the writers were cleverly able to slip in both a black father and black mother for Shazam right in front of our eyes.

In the opening pages of the New 52 comic book in a scene explaining Shazam's origins he seemingly looks out the window wishing to be a part of a black family living in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is also the setting for the movie Shazam because Philadelphia was the church favored in the book of Revelations. It is stated in Revelations 1:11


Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.


111 or 11 is also an angel number associated with Cain, Lamech, and Nephilim that I already mentioned but deserves repeating because Shazam is Nephilim. It makes one wonder what role the real city of Philadelphia will actually play in the new Age of Aquarius that we currently live in? Shazam represents then the end of the old age, and the beginning of the new age with the rise of the black wizard magician. For those that watch the television show Lucifer we see the black angels replacing the white angles as well because I believe this actually is going to happen. This is the black and white cyclical theme that we see in the precession of the equinox that I constantly mention in many past post on this blog, but especially the ones about Game of Thrones that cleverly uses racial allegory to explain the "changing of the guard." Finally the fact that Shazam's opponent/opposite Dr. Sivana holds the black and white Magic 8 Ball is Hollywood showing us that in the past Age of Pisces white male supremacy held dominance over not just black people, but all people of color.

The game of pool especially 8 ball hide many esoteric riddles about race and power very similar to the way the game of chess also does. In 8 ball the white ball or cue ball holds power and the object of the game is to kill off or sink all the mixed balls especially the black and white eight ball.

The black and white 8 ball represents the racial unity that is going to arrive during the Age of Aquarius. The white cue ball symbolizes the racist old world order of Pisces which is symbolized by the bald headed Dr. Sivana. It is interesting to note that another meaning for cue ball is a person with a bald head; however, when Sivana's reign is over the new world order will be one of greater racial unity.

This unity is symbolized by Shazam's very diverse wizardly parents, foster parents, and new friends. After watching Shazam it only further validated my belief that Hollywood is run by an illuminated elite that guide and shape our world view through the use of film as propaganda. In this case they are preparing us for the new world order to come. Shazam is very much in alignment with other films that are pretty much in synch with their precession of the equinox message. This is essentially represented by a 24,000 cycle which includes two 12,000 years of ascending and descending halves. This is represented by 12,000 years of white domination and exclusion (descending) that just ended cumulating with the Age of Pisces, and the 12,000 years of black liberation and inclusion (ascending) of marginalized groups (women, people of color, gays) that just began with the Age of Aquarius. Change has not been felt yet by the masses, but the long push has begun. A black President of the United States, a Latin Pope, and an African-American marrying into the British Royal Family are all signs of the cosmic cycle and the new age. A women President or even gay president is a very real possibility in the new age.

I say cosmic because the cycle is actually based on what some believe is the well hidden fact that we live in a binary star system (two suns not one) with the Sirius. George Lucas was well aware of this and included this in Star Wars.

We ascend in consciousness the closer we move toward Sirius and the star flashes blue, and we descend in consciousness as our planet and sun pull away from Sirius, and the star flashes red. This is why in our circulatory systems veins that bring blood toward the heart appear blue, and arteries that move blood away from the heart are red. This may also be the reason why Jedi lightsabers are blue (ascend) and Sith are red (descend).

This is also why the police cars flash red and blue lights, and are called "K-9s" because Sirius is the true canine, as it is the dog named constellation Canis Major as well as being the Dog Star. This cosmic law in outer space is mimicked on the ground below. This is what is meant by the Hermetic phrase "as above so below." Now Hollywood is doing their part to help raise the level of consciousness we just need to see the signs....of the times.

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