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The Iron Throne Is The Brain: A Strange Theory For Game of Thrones

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" - William Shakespeare

"Daenerys will need a place to retreat..somewhere the dead cant go"- Yara Greyjoy

"the dragon spawn were famous for losing their minds" - Robert Baratheon

"No ones ever really gone" - Luke Skywalker from The Rise of Skywalker

"Well, I hate to admit it, but it is possible

that there is such a thing as telepathy" - Philip K. Dick

"You best protect ya neck" - Wutang Clan


Game of Thrones is many things. I believe at times with themes of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones can be an allegory about race and the different regions of the world. At other times with all the different houses jostling for power Game of Thrones can be a lesson in geopolitics, political intrigue, and diplomacy. This post is about the idea that Game of Thrones also functions as an esoteric allegory about the mystical brain. Be warned this post is about the occult, things hidden, and things considered paranormal. This is a world most people do not believe exist as their reality centers around empirical data. If you are that type of person this read is not for you; however, if you have an inquisitive mind lets see how far the rabbit hole goes. I came to the conclusion that some of these books on fantasy are allegories for the brain when I was reading J.R.R. Tolkin's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series and discovered that many of the conflicts Bilbo Baggins and Frodo faced was when they were inside mountains or mines. Not only does the word mine rhyme with mind, but I wondered was there more than just a curious etymological connection. After reading various other books on ancient Egypt it was then when I discovered that the Egyptian goddess Hathor was not only a goddess of dreams, but she also was a goddess of mountains, as well as the dead who lived in the West. One of Hathor's titles is actually the "Lady of the Mountain."

Tolkien's Aragon and his conjured army of the dead


George R.R. Martin's Night King and his conjured army of the dead.


Now as far as the dead, this is a theme we see in Tolkien's work as well when King Aragon has an army of dead fight for him. The association with mountains, the brain, and the dead parallel in both Egyptian mythology and Tolkien's work. The dead as an army of White Walkers being led by the Night King are a major theme in George R.R. Martin's work as well. None of this is a coincidence for me, so I wondered would it be so irrational to believe that when George R.R. Martin wrote Game of Thrones he was also thinking of the brain as well? Did Tolkien's mountains as a brain metaphor become Martin's Iron Throne as a brain metaphor. Why an Iron Throne as a metaphor for the brain? This is because I believe one of the greatest secrets in the ancient world was that telepathic influence did in fact exist, and that iron blocks out telepathy. The Egyptians called iron the "gift from heaven." Iron could be used to fashion weapons such as the Pharoah King Tut's iron dagger that was shaped from an extraterrestrial meteor that fell from outer space. I wondered was the pharaoh and queens uraeus (crown) also made out of iron.

History is mute on this point. What is certain is that the Iron Crown of Lombardy is one of the oldest European crowns and it is made of iron. A persons hair especially women's hair is often oddly referred to as her crown. The Egyptian goddess Isis had a throne sitting on her head. Is this because some people have hair that is telepathic like the snakes on Medusa's head, and others may have brains that are more prone to telepathic influence? This maybe why the pharaohs of Egypt shaved their heads and wore a nemes in order to avoid mental manipulation.

It is also quite possible that the stripped nemes worn by the pharaohs was actually made out of silk. There maybe a connection between the Egyptian nemes and the word nemesis which means downfall or ruin. Was the Mad King ruined? Silk and iron I believe are ancient mystical ways one can block out telepathic influence. In Marvel comics the characters Iron Man has a suit that is able to block out telepathy, and the villain "Mr. Mind" is a silk spinning worm that has telepathic power. This for me is not coincidental these are the ancient mysteries cleverly written into comic book folklore as well as the fantasy of Tolkien and Martin. Silk was revered in China and was surprisingly discovered in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians as well.

Chinese emperor with square silk head covering. Like iron I believe silk also blocks out unwanted telepathic influence on the brain. Chinese emperors were interestingly also known as dragons.


In Game of Thrones Theon Greyjoy told Queen Daenerys Targaryen that his sister Asha Yara Greyjoy is guarding the seven Iron Islands to use as a safe haven in case of a retreat. My theory is that the seven Iron Islands are symbolic of the seven chakras that climb up the spine toward the brain, and the iron is the metal "from heaven" that protects the brain or throne from negative telepathic influence.

These are the seven Iron Islands of House Greyjoy guarded by Theon's sister Asha Yara Greyjoy. They may serve as a safe retreat for Daenerys and Jon's army if they need it. Notice how the islands are seven in number which is symbolic of the seven chakras. Also they are named "Iron" which I personally believe was a protection against telepathy. Asha Yara Greyjoy's name sounds a lot like the West African concept of Ashe which means spirits. Its worth noting that the Red Witch Melisandre is from the land of Asshai which again sounds like the African Ashe. Are we talking about spirit influence on the brain? Among other things, I believe so.


The seven chakras of energy that weave up the spine is associated with Indian mysticism but may have its roots in Egypt. Notice the snake or dragon. It is my belief that a very small percentage of the population have what is known as dragon or royal blood. What is more amazing is I believe their brains or pineal gland is somehow a receptor for telepathic influence and spiritual influence. This is why the royal lines of dragon Targaryens are susceptible to madness. This is also why royalty of the past (Egypt, China, Europe) wore silk or iron head coverings to block out unwanted influence.


What negative influence might I be talking about? I believe the real threat is possibly Bran Stark who is not only a seer who can look into the past, present, and future, but he might have mastered the ability to warg into peoples subconscious very much like a telepath could do.

If this is the case than Thrones functions as an allegory about the brain, where the brain or crown is the real throne one must fight for not just the battles on the ground. In fact the name Bran in Welsh means raven or crow but it also oddly in a bit of synchronicity sounds like the word brain. It is interesting that the one group called "unsullied" have neither hair on their head or facial hair. In Biblical folklore Samson was brought down by a woman who gained influence through his hair. It is my opinion that under the mystical law of reversal the Bible scrambles the story. Long hair is not a man's strength it is his weakness. Long hair is actually a woman's strength. The truth is in the Bible but for mystics you must read it backwards for it to make sense. Hiding secret messages in songs and then playing them backwards is a favorite of the occult. This same idea may also exist when reading the Bible I only mention it here in order to make a connection to what I see in Thrones, but I actually plan to expand on this idea in a future post.

Samson and Delilah by Matthias Stomer, but under the law of reversal the opposite would be true cutting your hair actually gives you strength. Notice the headcover the other woman in the painting is wearing and her waving a finger of disapproval. These paintings are sometimes labeled as deceit paintings, but who is being deceived? This is why its called "the art" of deception.


In a recent Bible series an African Samson has his hair cut to gain access to his power. It is my belief the story is reversed this is why Samson is blind. Losing his hair would actually give him strength. Most of the strong men in the Bible are Nephilim and many of the stories in the Bible were not written for them. The Nephilim were also called Rephaim many believe they were somehow connected to reptiles, snakes, or even dragons. Remember the pharaoh was the snake who didn't have long hair. Also in Thrones the Dragon kings and queens like Aerys II and Daenerys have snake or dragon blood. Does this dragon blood make a person susceptible to brain influence either through telepathy or spirits.


The unsullied have very short hair, and no facial hair at all. Also notice the helmets and covered heads. They would be completely shielded from any telepathic manipulation, after all they are called "unsullied." Are the helmets made of iron? Grey Worm is also a snake or dragon. Worm in Old Norse means dragon.


Sansa and Tyrion are safe in the crypt during the Battle of Winterfell because just like the Unsullied they are safely covered over, the "brain" that is. In York Rite Freemasonry the crypt is associated with King Solomon's Temple and the temple is an allegory for the brain. This is all about the brain and the influence of telepaths and spirits (the dead.)


Game of Thrones for me is about mystical mental battles being fought where dreams are weaponized and used against you and one must keep a "nights watch" over your thoughts because you never know who or what might be controlling them. An important clue I believe is in the true meaning of dragonglass that no one else has seemed to pick up on. Probably one of the most important pivotal moments in Game of Thrones is when Samwell Tarly while on one of the Nights Watch missions beyond the wall, he discovers dragonglass, and the fact that it kills White Walkers.

I could not help but to notice that the very black dragonglass looks exactly like a rock or glass most of us are familiar with called obsidian and I wondered is there some how a deeper connection?

The photo above is not dragonglass but obsidian it looks so much like dragonglass when watching Thrones I wonder when they were filming did they use actual obsidian rock as an actual prop. Also if you watch the next video closely (36 second mark) you will see that the sword that is sticking out of the ground has a leather strap around it, and it is forming the image of the old Christian snake and cross, known as the tau cross; however, this snake or dragon also factors into Freemasonry and the already mentioned kundalini snake energy of the seven chakras. Also if you listen close to the dialogue they mention the word seven further driving home my point. I mentioned before in past post about Thrones how when combining the first two letters for Stark and Targaryen which is S and T it makes the tau cross as well. This is because Jon is representative of the dead and resurrected Christ or Osiris the snake or dragon king.

As far as obsidian, it's actually made from the fire of volcanoes. As the fire cools it turns into the black rock that we call obsidian. The very fact that Thrones dragonglass looks exactly like obsidian, and that they are both associated with heat and fire, told me that there is probably more to this than meets the eye.There is another thing about obsidian that most are not familiar with, and that is that there are some occult esoteric uses for obsidian as well. Obsidian was cherished by many of the Mesoamerican people like the Aztec and Mayans in fact they even had a god named Texcatlipoca who was associated with the rock. Texcatlipoca was the obsidiean god of smoke and mirrors.

Was there not a lot of smoke when the dragons were fighting during the episode titled The Battle of Winterfell, so much smoke Daenerys and Jon could not even see as they flew. What was it about this rock that made them and later others consider it so valuable? The Aztec and Mayans would fashion the black rock into mirrors and use these magic mirrors for scrying. Scrying is when one uses crystal balls or mirrors or even pools of water to read into the past and future. The Aztec and Mayans would use these obsidian mirrors to foretell the future. Britain's Queen Elizabeth I had an advisor magician John Dee who was known to use not only crystals balls but Aztec obsidian mirrors to scry into the past and future.

Among ancient people mirrors or glass was believed to be portals that spirits could enter and help you understand the past, present, or future. This is why Jordan Peele in his latest horror movie Us he utilizes mirrors to show how tethered spirits can enter our world sometimes to either help or hurt us. So much focus centered around Game of Thrones has been on wars between White Walkers and men, or Lannisters versus Starks, that few have focused on the psychic battles that seemingly go under the radar. Instead of using mountains the way Tolkien did George R.R. Martin uses the symbol of the wall and the Iron Throne as symbols for our brain. The wall is also a metaphor for your skull that is shielding your thoughts from dangerous influences. In this case the dangerous thoughts would be the White Walkers (dead spirits) and the Night King (telepaths). Notice how women and the short haired Unsullied defended Winter Fell better than the long haired Dothraki. Their hair never gave them a chance. This is why Martin uses names like " The Night King" and "Nights Watch" with an emphasis on night or nighttime because he is talking about what goes on in our head especially when we dream. It is the job of The Night Watch men like Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly to defend our noble minds from the sinister thoughts of the Night King. What sinister thoughts creep into the minds of men and women alike one might ask?

Just look at Theon Greyjoy as an example. Where did his loyalties lie with the Starks who adopted him and loved him as their own, or with his old House Greyjoy? The sheer mental weight of it all caused him enormous stress, and in the end severe consequences. Theon's fate was in the end death, but he first lost this battle inside his own brain. When Daenerys Targaryen father was murdered her soul mission in life has been to reclaim the Iron Throne, get revenge, and end oppression. In her zeal as a liberator will she then become a tyrant? Her mind might get the best of her as she is dealing with jealousy upon learning that her lover Jon Snow, also a Targaryen, is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

The most obvious example of the battle for the Iron Throne being fought inside the brain was Daenery's father Aerys II also known as the Mad King. They called him mad because he claimed to hear voices in his head telling him to "burn them all!" Who's voices was he hearing? Was it spirits or someone's telepathic influence? Aery's name is actually pronounced as "Aries" the ram which implies head because rams often bang heads. Also in the zodiac and how it relates to the human body Aries is always the head. In the Egyptian temples at Karnak and Luxor they were fashioned to be in the shape of a human body, and inside the holy of holies the god Ammon the ram or head was worshipped. The name Aerys was chosen as the Mad King because it symbolizes battles fought in the brain.

This leads me to probably one of the most mysterious characters of them all Bran Stark now known as The Three Eyed Raven because of his gift as a mystic seer who can see into the past, present, and future. The Three Eyed Raven is symbolic of the third eye known by the Egyptians as the Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra. This is really the mysterious pineal gland and thalamus region that many consider so important for visions and clairvoyance. Which is another brain reference. Just who is influencing these visions angels, demons, aliens all of these theories have been discussed in the esoteric community. Bran (brain) in many ways is the living embodiment of dragonglass which most likely was inspired by obsidian rock. Bran's mind functions exactly like obsidian and in my opinion this could not have been by accident. Bran literal knows all things even before they happen.

Much was made about Arya Starks gallant and unbelievable fighting skills at The Battle for Winterfell last week, especially after she killed the Night King. What many did not notice is that she killed the Night King with Bran Starks valerian steel dagger that was given to him by Little Finger. In fact Arya Stark is standing at the exact spot next to the weirwood tree where she would later be when she "kills" the Night King.

The thing that I could not help but to notice is that I believe Bran Stark or The Three Eyed Raven gave her the dagger at that very spot because he already knew she would kill the Night King even before it happened. This does not taking anything away from Arya's brilliant fighting skills, Bran just help push things along. Bran encounters Samwell Tarly after Daenerys Targaryen reveals to him that she had his family murdered because he knew this was going to happen, and I believe he may possibly see Daenerys as a threat to his ambitions whatever they are. He also made a sly reference about Jon not really being his brother.

I believe this is also why Bran Stark is waiting at the gates when Jaime Lannister arrives because he already knew he was going to show up before it happened. This is probably also why Bran Stark does not let the others known that Jaime Lannister pushed him out of the window when he climbed the castle wall accidently discovering Jaime engaging in sex with his sister. He does not have Jaime killed because he probably already witnessed Jaime dying in one of his visions into the future.

If this is the case The Three Eyed Raven is more powerful than we could possibly imagine because not only is he truly symbolic of the dragonglass and obsidian rock in that he can see into the past, present, and future, but the real scary thought is, can he actually be manipulating events and changing the course of history. If this is the case he is truly a beast, and when I say beast I mean just that Bran has the mark of the beast on his forearm given to him by the Night King. Four being important because the Night King is accompanied by the four horsemen of the apocalypse signifying the end of an era and a new age. As far as the weirwood, well just like obsidian was most likely the inspiration for dragonglass the oak tree was most likely the inspiration for weirwood. The oak was the tree of the Irish priest known as Druids. Before any such thing as temples , mosque, and churches existed trees were viewed as being the house of god where one can communicate. For ancient people the tree with its outstretched branches served as ancient antennas to communicate with the gods. Trees with outstretched branches also oddly look like afro hair. This goes far beyond Britain the ancient Africans in both Egypt, East Africa, and West Africa considered trees sacred as well. In Egypt the sacred tree was the sycamore tree, in Ethiopia it was the ebony tree, and in West Africa it was the baobab tree. In fact the reverence for sacred groves may have been imported into Britain from outside.

Major Oak tree in England. Druids used trees like these for telepathy and communication with spirits. Like the Egyptian pharaohs the Druids were the snakes. Snakes like cobras appear to have telepathy as they can hypnotize their prey.


The sacred Baobab trees in Africa were also important to African shamans


If Bran is communicating with spirits are they for noble causes like how the old Three Eyed Raven did as a noble Greenseer or is it something else entirely? Did Bran give into the temptations of the Night King, or is he in fact the Night King? Brans training was never completed both his parents were murdered, and he was made a cripple. This may have deeply affected his psychology leaving him vulnerable for temptation or revenge. Temptation from who though? Could Bran the telepathic influencer also in fact be influenced by the spirits of the dead. This is very plausible, the spirit world is a very real place. Through them he may in fact be trying to change the past or future something he was warned against by the Greenseer.

These are similar in a way to themes we have seen in Star Wars where a good person (Anakin Skywalker) with extraordinary ability uses his ability to do what he thinks is good (save lives) but in the end becomes something much darker. I guess we will all have to wait and see how much of this ends up being true. It is my belief though that if The Battle of Winterfell represented bravery and braun it may soon be time for the great minds of Tyrian Lannister, Samwell Tarly and even Varys to take over because if this theory is true, and its just a theory, they are going to need all the help they can get.

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