• Jeffrey Carey

Not 12 But 13 Constellations: Ophiuchus And The Rise Of The Black Serpent Kings

"Be ye therefore wise as serpents..." - Matthew 10:16

"..many people currently residing on Earth are the prophesied

returning serpents who will soon take a giant evolutionary leap

and transform into spiritual adepts. They are the future leaders

of our planet." - Mark Amaru Pinkham

"The last shall be first and the first last.." - Matthew 20:16

"The devil cursed God, and reversed God, turned God to dog

and made people search hard" -RZA

"N-E-G-U-S, definition, royalty; king royalty" - Kendrick Lamar


"So the last shall be first and the first shall be last," so the Bible says. In the past I could gain very little meaning out of that cryptic phrase, but after having a fairly good understanding of the precession of the equinox I believe the often repeated phrase has a new meaning for me. It is my belief that in our past, in a time long gone, the world was very different than the world is today. It was a world much more melanated and brown in color. This was also a world where a segment of the population had superhuman abilities that are only remembered today as the mighty Titans, giants, and demigods of myth, folklore, and legends.

In fact modern science has confirmed some of this with studies being done by scientist at Penn State that have proven that white skin is a fairly new occurrence, in fact maybe even new for Europe. Especially if one is to believe the studies done on the DNA of both Cheddar Man (10,000) and Whitehawk Woman (5,600) who are early inhabitance of Britain, and builders of Stonehenge, and were both much darker than people previously believed early Europeans to have been. One is naturally to conclude if the world was once much darker then, so too were the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, and India from which our modern civilizations owe so much.

One can even presume that very old sites in Turkey such as Gobekli Tepi (11,000) and legendary places like the lost continents of Mu and Atlantis would have also been populated by these dark skin people as well. Of course in the past Hollywood, and even Bollywood invert this idea through whitewashing, thus confusing our perceptive of what the past would have looked like. The fact that darker people around the world today occupy the lower positions in society further drives home the confusion and idea that melanated people never occupied a higher strata in the past, and furthermore this most likely wont change for them in the future either. This post will attempt to show both of these ideas are wrong. Not only did melanated people once rule and govern this world in the past as what I call Serpent Kings, but they also once wielded enormous supernatural power that may have made them even seem godlike. Based on the cycle known as the precession of the equinox they are destined to return to that kind of past greatness in the near future. In fact based on the Mayan calendar the age ended in 2012 though others may arrive at different calculations to show when the Age of Pisces transitions into the Age of Aquarius. Some believe the precessional cycle to be 25,700-25,900 years; however, the Binary Research Institute believes 24,000 years to be correct. They factor in what is unknown to many, and that is we live in a binary star system with the star Sirius, and the gravitational pull between the two stars speeds up the precessional cycle to exactly 24,000 years. Coincidence or not this matches the 24 hours in a day, when those hours are divided on the days of the equinox it gives you 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of darkness. The fact of the matter is we are living during a very crucial time and only the blind can not see the changes happening all around us. As I mentioned before having the first Black American President, the first Latin Pope, as well as an African-American marrying into the British Royal Family are all for me clear signs of the new age.

One only needs to watch the news to see that more women and gays are coming into power as well. I also believe the melanated populations around the world such as those living in India, Africa, Latin America, as well as minority communities living in the United States and Europe will begin to assume more power similar to how they once did in the distant past. Like the oroboro snake the wheel has now turned and we have once again arrived back to our starting point again. Through wars, catastrophes, new religions, misinformation, and propaganda we all have forgotten about our past, and developed a sort of amnesia.

The world was once ruled over by powerful Serpent Kings whose original seat of power may have once been Atlantis, but after the destruction of that powerful civilization the survivors spread out all over the world to become the priest kings whose symbol was the serpent. Why the serpent one may ask? It is because these priest kings descended from reptile bloodlines, that in fact were most likely of extraterrestrial origin coming from the Sirius star system. This reptilian royal bloodline is why the royal kings and queens as well as their priest all over the world called themselves by different serpent names such as Nag, Negus, Nata, Nada, Nahash, Neheshi, Ob, Obeah, Oph, Op, Can, Kan, and other names as well in order to show who they descended from. If you study ancient Egypt you will see that the king wore on his crown or uraeus the symbol of the serpent. The mummy wrappings of the pharaoh are not the cocoon of the caterpillar, but the snake shedding its regenerative skin. The king was viewed as the resurrected mummy king Osiris and his wife was Isis. Isis was often depicted as a serpent; however, Isis was the Greek name given to the goddess, her Egyptian name was Ast and this is where the word asp comes from which means snake. This snake symbolism was a world wide phenomenon that went beyond the shores of Africa.

The Buddha as the Serpent King


The Buddha again as the Serpent King. The seven heads is mostly a reference for the seven chakras.


In India the kings were called Nag to this day the word for snake in India is nag. In fact this is why when one finds the statues of Buddah he is sitting on a serpent, and his head is shaded by the seven heads and hoods of the cobra.

Shiva statue with the snake on the shoulder. Is this what the Biblical

Job meant when he said his tau or mark is on his shoulder? The tau cross

is also a serpent. Notice Shivas hand making the O.K. symbol which

is 666. We are taught 666 is negative but under the law of reversal it

is the mark of someone favored.


This is also why when one encounters statues of Shiva in India you also see the Indian god with a cobra on his shoulder. In China the emperors were called dragons. A dragon is nothing but a highly stylized snake. In Ethiopia the kings were called Neg or Negus. The Neg or Negus is most certainly also the snake, sounding very much like the Indian Nag. The term Negus also means not only king as Grammy award winning rapper Kendrick Lamar famously pointed out, but could really be translated as Snake King, or Serpent King. The holiest religious book in Ethiopia is called the Kebra Nagast known by many has "The Glory of Kings," but should really be more properly translated as "The Glory of the Snake Kings."

The Kebra Nagast translated means not Glory of the Kings but Glory of the Snake Kings or Serpent Kings


Some authors believe that the name Ethiopia was originally spelled Atiops to mean "Mountains of the Serpent" not "Land of the Burned Faces" as many believe.


We are told by Egyptologist that the translation for the word Nehesi is Nubian. This I believe is a wrong translation the Egyptians did not use vowels, so Nehesi would be more properly translated as Nhs. I find this interesting because the word for serpent in Hebrew is also Nhs. There is a famous African-American writer by the name of Ta-Nehesi Coats, I wonder is he aware that his name does not mean Nubian but serpent. I believe "The Nubians" were really known as "The Serpents." This would in fact make sense being that these pharaohs from Nubia/Kush had on their crown not one serpent like the Egyptians, but two serpents.

These Kushite Serpent Kings ruled from their capital in Napata which I believe also means serpent because the word Nata is the word for serpent in Babylon. The similarity between the words Nata and Napata are very striking. There is a green snake of Africa called the Natal.

Also using the law of reversal when one reads the name Satan backwards it reads Natas, or snakes. The Bible was written during a descending age, so though truth is in the Bible; however, they spin or code all the stories, now making the royal snakes the bad guys. The Anak, Nephilim, and Rephaim (reptile) of the Bible as well as the Ob are written to be negative. This essentially makes people all over the world hate themselves because all of their cultures were derived from the snake. It just so happens the holiest site in all of Kush was a mountain called Jebel Barkel which translates as "Holy Mountain." What made this mountain at Jebel Barkel, so holy one may ask? This is because the mountain was actually in the shape of a snake.

How the Egyptian and Kushite pharaohs visualized the snake mountain.


The holy snake mountain of Jebel Barkal Nubia (Kush) the god Ammon was believed to be worshipped there.


What I find even more shocking is I believe the derogatory word for African American "nigger" may in fact be a twisted cruel joke that hints at how far the former Serpent Kings have fallen. I say this because in Aramaic Jesus was known as a carpenter, but the word for carpenter in Aramaic was "naggar!" Was Jesus also of the royal snake bloodline? These very serious implications will no doubt be too much for some people. Authors such as esoteric historian Philip Gardiner has written extensively on this subject, and whose work I pull from to help me draw my own conclusions believes so.

I go so far to say not only was Jesus viewed as a Naggar, but as an Afro-asiatic Naggar at that. In fact an interesting article written by Popular Mechanics magazine claimed that the popular opinion of what Jesus might have looked like with long sandy blonde hair may in fact be wrong. This made me think about a poem titled Christ in Alabama by the Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes when he says:


Christ is a nigger beaten in black, oh bear your back

Mary is his mother mammy of the south, silence your mouth

God is his father, white master above grant him your love

most holy bastard of the bleeding mouth Nigger Christ

on the cross of the south


From Nag to Naggar to nigger, my how far the black Serpent Kings have fallen, yet only soon to rise yet again in the dawning of a new age. In ancient Greece the serpent was called Oph or Ophis, most likely a corruption of Isis, whose real name was Ast, as she was the asp snake. In Greece the Ophites were those who were with the Oracle at Delphi who was called the Pythia after a Python snake. The Oracle was a seer who could look into the past and future. In ancient Canaan the Ophis or Oph serpent was called the Ob, so I find it interesting that the magicians or sorcerer of West Africa are known as Obeah. One of the chief West African gods worshipped was Obatala who is also associated with a snake. In Haiti followers of Obatala when possessed move on the floor like snakes. There clearly was a connection between West Africa and places such as Egypt and Canaan how else does one explain the etymological connection. A small African-American group known as The Moorish Science Temple teach that West Africans are really descendants of the Canaanites. African-American's don't like to hear this but the Bible says that the Canaanites would be cursed as slaves, and it was true, if only for a time. As I said in the opening, the Bible also says that "the last shall be first and the first shall be last." History is not linear its cyclical. Those Ob from the royal snake bloodline were known to possess supernatural powers such as telepathy, hypnosis, levitation, and even telekinesis.

It makes one wonder did any of this influence George Lucas when he created Star Wars and had one of the most powerful Jedi named Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Obi is none other than the Ob which is the word for snake and Ben means son of. One can easily see that Obi Wan Kenobi's name means the Son of the Snake. In the Bible or Hebrew Torah the Ob was the name for wizard or spirits. King Solomon was said to be an Ob. Ob in Hebrew also can mean ventriloquist. Why ventriloquist because the Ob has the power to control or influence people like puppets. In Star Wars the Jedi do all of this. The Jedi can hypnotize, levitate, move objects with their mind, and talk to spirits. Abilities that people may possess as we start to ascend the yuga wheel as we entered the Age of Aquarius.

Obi-Wan making the Storm Trooper "obey" notice his hand make the

O.K. symbol which is 666, known as the "mark of the Beast," or "mark of Cain," but really the mark of those favored. Also notice the Jedi hoods make them appear as hooded cobras.


Kan or Can in Canaan also means snake or snake blood. In Mesoamerica the snake god was named Kukulcan.

The Mayan serpent god Kukulcan.


The Pyramid of Kukulcan with the winding serpent.


The priest of Mesoamerica especially among the Mayans were called the Nacaals a play on the word nag. The mound builders of Mississippi and Ohio would build their mounds in the shape of snakes.

You also see this kind of thing in Britain as well. At the megalithic site located at Avebury it was built to be in the shape of a serpent.

Megalithic snake ruins of Avebury.


One can not forget that the Druids of Ireland were known as the snakes. These were the sorcerer snake priesthood that Saint Patrick was said to have chased out of Ireland.

Ireland has no snakes, so what are we talking about here? What happened to the Druids is the same thing that happened to the Mayans, Egyptians, West Africans, Native Americans, and Indians. All of these ancient civilizations were ruled by kings and priest that came from the royal serpent bloodlines, and all of these civilizations were defeated during the last Age of Pisces, but their slow decline really began after the global flood recorded in the traditions of Noah and Gilgamesh, and even the stories of the sunken civilizations of Atlantis and Mu. The Age of Pisces is over we have now entered a new age, and our Earth and Sun are now ascending as we move closer to the star Sirius.

Before they were called Negroes, or the derogatory "nigger" they were called Negar by the early Dutch. The root of this word Neg may deal with kingship as in the Ethiopian Negus as well as the Indian word for snake Nag, and may have very little to do with the color black as many linguist believe.


The irony that melanated people who were once Serpent Kings, but now degraded as chattel slaves and "niggers" in America, while in colonial India forced to work for pennies as illegal snake charmers in the streets, should be lost on no one. It is now time for the ancient melanated Serpent Kings to rise once again. Snake charming for that matter originated in Africa as the snakes were kept in temples viewed as reptiles associated with the sun. They were made to rise like the sun by way of music. From Africa this tradition most likely later traveled to India.

The question I want to stress is where does the snake or serpent symbolism even originate from to begin with? It is my belief that the snake symbolism is really a recalling of extraterrestrials that visited our planet in the past, as shocking as this may sound. These extraterrestrials according to Dogan legends came from the star Sirius and were both amphibious and reptilian. These extraterrestrials mated with certain members of the human population that allows them to telepathically influence and guide them by way of their reptilian pineal gland. This type of concept is similar to what people may call a guardian angel, or more appropriately reptilian like guardian aliens. Philip Gardiner calls this psychic state hypnagogic and the guides as Egeiro meaning "to be awake." I personally have experienced this sort of thing through vivid dreams, and having a strong intuition, as well as picking up on odd sycronicities I experience with nature. This is why Ob means both snake and spirits because if you come from this royal serpent bloodline you can communicate with them (extraterrestrials/spirits?) and they can communicate with you. Its important to note that serpent blood has nothing to do with skin color because people have been intermixing for years. Both black and white people alike can carry this serpent blood, as well as the powers and wealth that comes with it. In fact it was the white Serpent Kings who ruled during the Age of Pisces the irony is they play an important role in aiding the shift in power during the new age.

Skin color and race do however factor in when one looks at the precession of the equinox, and who is able to rule and when. These advanced reptilian extraterrestrials from Sirius are all about maintaining the cosmic balance of duality, and how it ties into the 24,000 year precessional cycle of the equinox, so they basically divide history or time into two halves. For 12,000 years they created a world where people were united as one regardless of color, gender, or sexual orientation, and then as we reached the cumulation of another 12,000 years they allowed white people to rule exclusively in a world based on sexism, and racial and religious division. This is because white reflects light, but black absorbs it. Does this also not coincide with the 24 hour day of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, though illuminated sunlight and white the color are two different things entirely and should not be confused. The sun is actually black where the term "black sun" comes from. I know this appears on the surface as though white is "bad" and black is "good," and in a way this would be essentially correct, but that will be a very shallow understanding of how the ancient conceived of things. You can not define good if there is no evil, and this also works vice versa, so both good and bad need each other to co-exist. Things would better be described as dualities or opposites. The ancient mystery then is about opposites, positive and negative are very much like magnets that need each other in order to connect and create balance. It just so happens that now in our current cycle we have ascended, and finally entered an age that should start the push for religious and racial unity. This push will once again see the rise of the black magicians that were also known as the Serpent Kings of the past. We are building from 12,000 years of chaos toward 12,000 years of order, so things will appear slow, but make no mistake about it the push has begun. This will be known as the new world order. This is what is meant by the Latin phrase ordo ob chao which means order out of chaos. Recently NASA stunned the public by announcing to the world that there are not really twelve constellations but actually thirteen. When NASA adds a new constellation you know we are living in a new age. The thirteenth constellation in none other than Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is grasping a huge snake but is also standing on the head of the poisonous Scorpio.

The 13th constellation Ophiuchus was known by the ancients but only recently announced to the public by NASA. This would in fact change the dates for the old zodiac signs. For those curious take a look and see what your new zodiac sign would be based on this change.


Ophiuchus stepping on the head of the poisonous Scorpio.


The 13th constellation Ophiuchus is really the Greek god Asclepius who held the snake and staff symbol known as the medical caduceus, but Asclepius was really the African Egyptian Thoth and Imhotep. By unveiling Ophiuchus NASA is letting you know what is about to happen on Earth, "as above so below" as they say.


One is left to wonder can Ophiuchus also be viewed as another snake god Abraxas who has a rooster's head and two snakes for feet. Abraxas is also where we get the magical word abracadabra which means to speak and create. This idea fits rather nicely with the Biblical snake Obs or wizards who could conjure and create through the power of terrestrial or extraterrestrial spirit beings.

Old Knights Templar coins showing Abraxas with snake feet. Standing or crushing the serpents head is an old idea we see throughout history including everyone from the Buddha to Jesus in the Bible, and may have also been envisioned as the constellation Ophiuchus when holding a serpent, but stepping on or crushing a poisonous scorpion.


What is even stranger is the "Christian" knights known as the Knights Templar carried around Abraxas coins. Snakes symbolism seems to be a major factor in Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite has 33 degrees most likely because the spinal cord has 33 vertebrae and is shaped like a snake also among the Hindu the spine was associated with what was known as Kundalini snake energy as well. Unknown to many but some people have 34 vertebrae known as the L6 vertebrae. L is the 12th letter in the alphabet and a 12 can be represented as 66; therefore, L6 is 666.

The spinal cord when separated from the body appears as a snake

with 33 vertebrae. This snake symbolism was no doubt included in Freemasonry. Jesus completes his work at age 33 we are told, but Jesus was also a Serpent King he was called the carpenter or builder which in

Aramaic is naggar or snake.


The early Christian tau cross has Jesus as the serpent. This is indeed a very strange symbol for Christianity.


Some like to point out that the Egyptian ankh was the actual first cross, and influenced both the tau cross and the traditional Christian cross. The ankh is called the crux ansata, but I figured if you use the law of reversal and unscramble ansata you get Satan, and if you scramble it again you get natas the name for snakes. Crux anasata really is Satan on the cross, or the snake on the cross, which is incredible to me as it is shocking! But one must remember in Aramaic Jesus was the snake he was the carpenter or naggar. Information alludes people because most are crippled by boogie men, and the fear of damnation, or being labeled blasphemous, so they easily fall into the safe space of groupthink.


In York Rite Freemasonry there are 13 degrees when one includes the 3 degrees leading up to Master Mason. The Knights Templars also factor into the York Rite which leads me to believe when they created their 13 degrees did they have the snake gods Abraxas or the 13th constellation Ophiuchus in mind? It is interesting that Ophiuchus was really believed to be Asclepius who was but a Greek version of the African snake magician Imhotep or Thoth. When NASA unveiled Ophiuchus as the 13th constellation they most likely were aware of the celestial oroboro like spinning cycle known as the precession of the equinox, and how the new age has arrived. We are also approaching a time when the North Star or polar star which is now Polaris is about to change to Cepheus who is an Ethiopian king, so this is not one, but two celestial African centered events Cepheus and Ophiuchus. What is going on in the celestial heavens must match what is going on, on the ground. As the hermetic saying goes "as above so below." What this means is we will once again witness the rise of the Black Serpent Kings who possess magical Jedi like powers.


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