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From Magic Carpets To Prayer Rugs: King Solomon, 1001 Arabian Nights, and Disney's Aladdin

"Among the many gifts that God bestowed upon Solomon were the understanding of the speech of birds, and knowledge of every kind. He was the lord of men, genii and birds. When he travelled through the air on his magical carpet of green silk, which was borne aloft by the wind" - The Kebra Nagast


I recently took my sons to see the Disney remake of their smash hit Aladdin. Disney's first Aladdin was an animated movie that was released in the 90s, and was very much adored. This time Disney decided to remake the movie with real actors, with the famous Genie being played by none other than Will Smith. For the most part even though critics have been divided on the remake, the movie has performed well at the box office which means a sequel is probably in the near future. Its a kids movie after all, my kids liked it, and in the end that's all that really matters. As I have been doing lately with many of my other post, I will attempt to deconstruct the movie Aladdin unveiling many hidden esoteric messages I was able to find that most likely alluded many mainstream reviewers. I also want to center my attention on the history of the magic carpet, and what I believe it really reveals for humanities future, and how it relates to the precession of the equinoxes. For starters the story of Aladdin is very controversial to begin with.

Most people associate Aladdin with the famous classic 1001 Nights, but that story as well as Sinbad, and Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves were not included in the original Arabic 1001 Nights. Aladdin was only added to 1001 Arabian Nights in a much later European translation. The number 1001 for that matter is an occult number (also an angel number) in that 1001 can be rendered as 11 which is also 2. Two symbolizes dualities found all throughout the universe such as male and female, positive and negative, hot and cold, and north and south, to give but a few examples. Aladdin also never had a magic rug in Arabian Nights, but he did have the ability to have a genie magically lift the soon to be married lovers bed off of the ground, so that he could separate her from her potential partner. Strangely enough Disney left that scene out of their Aladdin movies because I guess stealing a woman out of her husband's very own bed might have been too much for some audiences to handle. Although I like to point out that the Greek Gods did this sort of thing all the time in their mythology. So where does the idea of a magic carpet come from if its not associated with Aladdin? There is actually another story in Arabian Nights that has the magic carpet, and that is known as The Story of the Three Brothers. Each brother had to find an object to impress the one woman they all loved. One brother discovered the ability to heal sickness, the other a telescope that gave him the ability to see, and one of the brothers discovered a magic carpet. I was amazed to find out that stories of magic carpets actually can be found in books that may even predate 1001 Arabian Nights. In the Quran there is a surah that mentions that King Solomon/Suliman could control the very wind as Surah 21:18 reads:


And We subdued the strongly raging wind to Solomon

which blew at his bidding towards the land We blessed.


Solomon's power over the wind was elaborated on in the Ethiopian holy book known as the Kebra Nagast. The title Kebra Nagast I like to point out literally translates as "The Glory of the Serpent Kings." Serpent symbolism is a major factor seen throughout the Aladdin movie.The Kebra Nagast mentions that King Solomon had a magic carpet and that he would fly around on. In fact there are so many similarities between the Ethiopian Solomon story, and the Aladdin story that I believe Arabian Nights may have borrowed from the Ethiopians. I believe the dating of both of these books is questionable being that they were both based on much older traditions very much like the questionable dating for Homers Iliad. I don't trust academics much when it comes to dating the ancient world. Dating Mayan temples is often wrong because the Mayans built temples over top of older temples as did the Egyptians. The dating of the Sphinx is obviously wrong, being that the Sphinx has water erosion when Egypt would have only been raining at a level of that magnitude at a date much earlier than Egyptologist are willing to give for the creation of Egyptian civilization.The chronology of Egyptian pharaohs has also been badly scrambled where whole names of predynastic kings are completely ignored. Saying that to say this, when it comes to dating 1001 Nights and the Kebra Nagast It's hard to tell who influenced who, but the similarity between the two books is stunning. First of all King Solomon was also said to command Obs and Jinn as does Aladdin. Obs and jinn can be translated as spirits or devils. Jinn is also etymologically where we get the word genie from, so one can say King Solomon in the Kebra Nagast not only controlled flying carpets, but he commanded jinn or genies.They are also both associated with magic rings. King Solomon was said to know the language of the birds, as does the character Jafar in Aladdin with a talking bird on his shoulder.

There is another occult connection I discovered, and this is the magic ring that is oddly left out of the Aladdin films entirely. Aladdin does not only just have a magic lamp, but he also possess a magic ring that he also rubs in order to command the genie.

Notice the snake on the lamp just like the evil sorcerer Jafar, both Aladdin

and Will Smith's jinn/genie are of the powerful royal serpent bloodline that

grants them wealth and magical power.


Now here is the thing, there is a Jewish tradition in the Mishna that King Solomon also possessed a magic ring. Today many in the occult world know this ring as Solomon's Seal, and this is the famous hexagram or six pointed star today wrongly known as the Star of David.

Its important to note that there are some versions of the seal that favor eight points instead of six. In fact the word for six which is also where we get the word for hexagram, or hex. Hex still means to work magic, as in "I'll put a hex on you." Six also is a number that we see in 1001 Arabian Nights. In The Story of the Three Brothers and the magic carpet begins on the night of 667 one day after 666. In the Kebra Nagast King Solomon's magic carpet is interestingly 60 miles long and 60 miles wide. Though 666 today is known as an unlucky number this is very misleading. The Bible is made of 66 Books and in the Bible King Solomon is paid 666 talents for building his temple.

The sheriff star is the six pointed Seal of Solomon and in this case it symbolizes authority. Six also sounds a lot like the word sex, also not a coincidence. It is not shocking then that Solomon is known to have many women, and Aladdin also happens to no doubt win the woman he loves. Far from being an unlucky number 666 actually seems to bestow magic, wealth, and many other blessings on an individual. As I currently write this my youngest son is 6, my oldest son is 12, and I am 45. That makes 6669, but if you reverse or flip the 9 its 6666. That's some kind of synchronicity.Today in the modern world rugs are still valued in different cultures, but no one values the rug more than Muslims. Muslims around the world after cleansing themselves use the rug as a place to pray. In some Eastern countries such as Turkey even Christians use prayer rugs. Many of these rugs are strangely decorated with a lamp.

For me this raised an eyebrow because in Arabian Nights we have stories of both magic rugs and lamps. The Quran predates Arabian Nights which was written around the 10th century, but was made up of a collection of much older tales from India and Persia. Did these old tales influence the Muslim prayer rug or did Islam influence them? The idea that Muslim traditions could have pagan influences should not come as such a shock to anyone. If the pagan world influenced Christianity then why should Islam be immune to such things. It is well documented that the famous pilgrimage to Mecca to visit the Kaaba was something that pagans were already doing before Muhammad. Many believe the Kaaba to be an ancient meteorite from space. The ancient Egyptians revered meteorites from space as a "gift from god" they made their thrones out of the metal (Iron Throne) as well as the famous Ben Ben stones that topped their obelisk.

Many believe the stone inside the Kaaba is actually a meteorite from space.


Much like the Kaaba the Egyptians revered meteorites from outer space

such as this Ben Ben stone here, as well as thrones that they made out of the extraterrestrial metal.


Circling the Kaaba seven times as well as shaving of the head, and revering holy water are all older pagan traditions that Muhammad may have adopted, or co-opted while building his new religion. This is very similar to what Christianity also did while reworking ancient Egypt's Osiris-Dionysus mystery into the death and resurrection of Jesus. Some argue that even the very name Allah as well as the moon symbolism may have first originated in a female pagan moon goddess named Allat and others such as Hubal.

It would not completely come as a shock for me when I discovered that the reverence for prayer rugs may have as it's origin an even older now forgotten tradition of magic carpets. I am aware that much of this information is not empirical data that can be tested its mystical. I believe I receive information through what some people may call the "Akashic Record," however, I also believe I am guided by terrestrial and extraterrestrial spirits or guardian angels by way of my active pineal gland. I believe I was initiated into the Eye of Horus which gives me third eye illumination, also more commonly known as a six sense. No I don't see dead people, but I communicate with them through nature. This was first unveiled to me when I was stung by a bee on my eye numerous times without the bee dying or leaving a wound on me, but miraculously leaving a wound under my youngest sons eye. In the past I would not have believed any of this if someone told me this, but my very personal experience changed my world view. I am now "woke" or awake as some say, but its a lonely road. I believe very few people experience this, so its either unbelievable, or hard to relate to. I descend from a family of enslaved African-Americans from the state of Virginia. Knowing the historical nature of American slavery many slaves were of mixed ancestry. The many shades associated with African-Americans is a witness to this fact. My initiation put me on a path where I soon discovered that I am also related to a family of English barons knighted by King James I. My bloodline further revealed that I was also related to the barons of the Magna Carta. Your phenotype only tells part of a story your genealogy tells so much more, and this goes both ways. Many of these European royals were mixed with Egyptian bloodlines from Africa, and they are all connected by way of the royal bee. This is why the kings and queens of Europe have bees in their robes. These bloodlines I believe allow telepathic guidance and influence to be much easier.

The original name for the elite Illuminati was suppose to be The Order of the Bees. Bees still are an important symbol in Freemasonry. Just who the "chosen bees" actually work for may shock many, but I believe the orders are extraterrestrial in nature, coming directly from the star Sirius. Our Earth and Sun are part of a binary star system with Sirius, and Sirius is the more advanced out of the two. Not only is Sirius more advanced, but it is run by females in the form of a Queen Bee. One patriarchal planet (Earth) and sun that is run by men, and the other more powerful matriarchal sun (Sirius) that is governed by females. If you remember the hit alien television miniseries V, they had a female alien leader that commanded all things. This I believe is actually how it works. Female queen on Sirius male workers on Earth of which I am one.

I believe that my bloodline even predates ancient Egypt which I believe was originally a colony of the legendary prediluvian Atlantis settled by aliens and those hybrids with alien blood. Furthermore if I have not lost you already because I can imagine how bizarre this all sounds to virgin ears, it is this bloodline which is in fact not only extraterrestrial, but reptilian in origin.This extraterrestrial royal alien bloodline allows people such as myself to "see," have strong intuition, and a certain level of clairvoyance by way of our very active reptilian pineal gland. Some of what I say can be verified through scholarship, but I am very aware that a lot of what I am saying is only for those who believe in occult mysticism and a fifth dimensional reality. These reptilians have been symbolized by the snake symbolism and worship practiced by ancient people all over the world. This is a topic that I previously documented in a past post titled The Rise Of The Black Serpent Kings. This all leads back to Aladdin because the Serpent is also a symbol we see all throughout the Aladdin movie, as the evil antagonist Jafar holds the serpent staff that can hypnotize you. Jafar uses his serpent power in a negative way to influence Princess Jasmine's father Sultan Navid Negahban. In fact the root of the name Negahban is Nega which is also the Ethiopian word Negus for snake.

If you watch the movie close Aladdin and the genie or jinn also have a more positive serpent power, but still a serpent power nonetheless. Aladdin's lamp is actually in the shape of a serpent, go look again. The word jinn, jin, or gen when using the law of reversal and spelled backward is nij or neg. In a strange etymological connection nag is the word for snake in India, and neg or negus is the word for Serpent King in Ethiopia which I already mentioned. These royal mystical Serpent Kings by way of having royal blood are born with what is known as free will, meaning they are literally above the law. This is why in the movie Aladdin Will Smith was casted as the genie, and in the end he is being freed. In a comical way probably missed by most audience members Will Smith is actually the embodiment of "Free Will" as Will is now free. This is also the true meaning of the movie Free Willy with the black and white opposing colors of the orca whale symbolizing the equal halves of the precession of the equinox, but I will leave that for a future blog post. In another shocker Will Smith is also a snake or serpent as he is the genie or jinn/ginn spelled backwards which is the nig, neg, or negro.

The idea that the once derogatory word "nigger" may actually stem from the royal Ethiopian neg or negus, who were also Serpent Kings with psychic power, will surely go over the head of many. Equally shocking is genie or Jinn/Jin spelled backwards is nij or nig. Will Smith marrying Princess Jasmine's white (Aryan/Iran) handmaiden at the end of the movie is also symbolic of the new Age of Aquarius, as power will now shift from previously white male dominated civilizations to melanated dominated civilizations another point I highlighted in The Rise of the Black Serpent Kings. The 24,000 year cycle known as the precession of the equinox is divided into two 12,000 year halves with one half ruled by white dominated descending years, and the other ruled by black dominated ascending years. We just ended the descending years of white domination with the ending of the Age of Pisces. I believe in many ways President Donald Trump is symbolic of the end of an age. Donald Trump maybe more illuminated than people realize, and is only playing a role.This racial change is symbolized in Aladdin as well. Note that while the very white handmaiden Dalia is attracted to Will Smith's genie, at the same time Princess Jasmine has her eyes on the swarthy Aladdin, being no longer attracted to the waning power of her potential "Caucasian" Eurasian mate. The black male as a central power is a theme we have slowly been seeing in many movies because it is a very cosmic phenomenon matching the changes occurring in the heavens above. Our polar star (North Star) will soon change from Polaris to Cepheus who is an Ethiopian king, and a 13th constellation has been recently added to our zodiac by NASA. This 13th constellation is Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is the Greek name for two African gods. Ophiuchus Egyptian names would be the snake god Thoth and Asclepius/Imhotep. I say snake gods because they both hold the medical caduceus which is a snake wrapped around a staff. This is the symbol of prophets as Moses/Musa also held this in his hands. The science of matching on Earth what is occurring in the celestial heavens is called Hermeticism. The message of the dawning of a new black king may be just as hard for black people to adjust to, as it is for some white people because for hundreds of years oppression has justifiably instilled a victimhood mentality in the black populace. It is going to take some getting used to, but Hollywood propaganda is attempting to gradually prepare the mind for the changes that are about to come.The elite is very aware of what is going on; however, the masses may not start to feel the real change for another 20 years. I am very aware that discrimination and wealth disparity is still very much the current reality for most melanated people, but that reality should soon change. Being that we are on the topic of Will Smith and William It just so happens that my grandfather was also named William, and I myself am also a William, being that William is my middle name. The famous name of the Hebrew and Christian God is said to be "I am that I am," but many believe it is a miss translation that should be really read as "I will be what I will be." This is why Prince Charles son is named William. He will lead with his free will. This is also why Prince Harry and Megan Markel named their biracial son Archie. Many connect the name Archie to Archibald, but it is my belief that it may in fact be connected to the name Arthur or "author," as in you are free to be the author of your own fate.

Some are above the law free to decide will they be a character like the smoothed faced Aladdin, or his polar opposite the bearded Jafar. The mystery is they are both the same person, but different sides of the same coin, its an internal struggle.This is why when Jafar rubbed the lamp and summoned the genie, the genie was angry that he bumped his head under the arch.This was a subtle reference to the Royal Arch degree in Freemasonry that deals with the making of King Solomon's Temple; however, the real temple is the temple of the brain, and the Royal Arch is the slope of the skull. This is the same kind of thing we recently witnessed in Game of Thrones when Daenerys Targaryen had her bell rung.The ringing bell is her thoughts, brain, and "will" cracking under pressure. As stylized serpents in the form of dragons both Daenerys and John Snow were both a levitating/flying Serpent King and Queen. My final point I want to make is it is my belief that there are those who currently live among the public who actually have what can only be described as superhuman abilities.They are like a real life hero found in comic books or even Disney movies such as Hercules and Aladdin. As strange as it may sound they possess levitation, hypnosis, telekinesis, healing factors, protective force fields, sexual prowess, as well as an invisibility that enables them to manifest free will. In the past these people were known by many names such as shaman, sage, prophet, and magi. The Bible and Book of Enoch record them as Nephilim, Watchers, or fallen angels. The Greeks knew them as demigods. During the lower descending ages of our precession cycle they possessed the ability to just levitate. Being that we have just entered the Age of Aquarius and we are now starting to ascend, we will surprisingly begin to discover that these wise magicians will be able to not only levitate, but even fly in the future on "magic carpets." Their power will grow with each ascending age. This was the true origin of the prayer rug, its original meaning all but forgotten, but as we begin to ascend these Serpent Kings will begin to soar above the clouds once again the same way that Aladdin did.

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