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Children Of Gold: African Kings, Hip-Hop Legends, and Ancient Aliens

"Man's infatuation with gold is traceable to the beginnings of his civilization and religion, to his contacts with the ancient gods (Anunnaki)" - Zecharia Sitchin

"Gold which we call the royal metal,

was in fact the metal of the gods." - Zecharia Sitchin

"There are very clear and detailed references to southern Africa or the "Abzu"

as the place where the first gold in the world came from." - Michael Tellinger

"Great Scott! are you a thief?

Seems like you got a mouth

full of gold teeth." - Slick Rick


People it seems since the beginning of time have always been fascinated by the precious metal known as gold. It is this metal that drove the Spanish conquistadors mad making them sail countless miles across the Atlantic reducing the age old empires of the Americas to ashes in order to obtain it. Legendary men like Midas obsessed over it. Kings drank from golden goblets and ate off of golden plates. Some were even buried with gold objects not willing to depart with the metal even in death. In this particular case I want to specifically bring attention to gold and how it pertains to Black people, African people, Moors or whatever term you may use to describe melanated people who descend from Africa. It seems like it is people of African descent who have in both the past and present been obsessed with gold more than any other group of people on the planet. My question is why is this? What is it about gold that makes the metal so precious to African people? My intellectual journey would take me into ancient Egypt also known as Kemet, as well as the West African kingdoms of ancient Ghana and Mali. I would even eventually explore the allure of gold within the Hip-Hop Community, and shockingly even travel to planets and civilizations that are not of this world as I discovered an extraterrestrial origin for the obsession with gold, and ironically slavery. Gold for that matter is a fixture you see among European royalty with their many golden scepters and crowns, but monarchy as we know it, as well as a love for gold, may have its origins as with humanity itself right in Africa.

Gold seems to have been a very valuable metal to the ancient Egyptians one need only think back to the discovery of King Tut's tomb and the many priceless golden treasures discovered there.Tut's tomb discovery shocked the world, having everything from an amazing golden sarcophagus, as well as an astonishing golden death mask, a golden biblical like ark, and even a golden throne fit for a king.

Tut even wore golden sandals decorated with the many people who he either conquered or ruled over, literally a reminder of the enemies he trampled on. Gold was valued for possibly many reasons, but symbolically early civilizations most likely associated the shiny metal with the sun. The Egyptians most likely imported their gold from their neighbor to the south known as Nubia a formidable adversary who also prized gold as evidence found in their many Nubian pyramids built for powerful queens known as Candaces.

After the greatness of Egypt and Nubia came to an end it was the West African kingdoms of Ghana and Mali that acquired the rightful name of "Golden Kingdoms," because in many ways they may have valued the mineral even more so than the Egyptians being that their whole economies were based on trading gold for salt. Salt was valued by these West African kingdoms because it could help preserve things such as food, a necessity for survival. One African king from old Ghana was said to have so much gold he would have body guards with golden swords and shields as well as guard dogs of fine pedigree with golden and silver collars. Arab historian Al-Bakri explained:


Behind the king stand ten pages holding shields and swords

decorated with gold, and on his right are the sons of the subordinate

kings....all wearing splendid garments and with their hair mixed with

gold....On guard at the door are dogs of fine pedigree, wearing collars of

gold and silver adorned with knobs.


No one seems to have had more gold than the famous king of Mali named Mansa Musa who seems to have had a monopoly on the metal.

This king of Mali was known for taking a pilgrimage with his hundred camels each carrying 300 pounds of gold with them to Mecca. While passing through Egypt he threw so much gold away he destablized the economy causing massive inflation. According to many modern economist Mansa Musa would have had a net worth of 400 billion dollars making him the richest man ever in the world surpassing even the robber barons Ford, Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller. The Ashanti kings of West Africa even to this day are still known for their beautiful kente cloth and many golden necklaces, bracelets, and rings, as well as the legendary golden stool that wars were even fought over. Their African American cousins in the Hip-Hop community knowingly, or not wear massive golden chains and rings. As originators of fashion early rap pioneers from the 1980s names such as Run DMC, L.L. Cool J, Slick Rick, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G. Rap most certainly did this. Even before the "bling bling" and everything platinum craze consumed Hip-Hop culture in much later periods, and then later fading. Gold on the other hand is able to endure, it knows no trend, forever remaining timeless. Many of the early rap pioneers, and even rappers today whether they are aware or not wear their jewelry just like the Ashanti kings from West Africa. What is one to make of this? Where did they learn this if slavery supposedly erased all memory of the past? This for me is too much synchronicity, and makes me lean in the direction of quantum physics and even the supernatural for a possible inspiration.

Was the love for gold a spark of originality, or was this some how encoded in their genetic memory as their ancestors traveled across the Atlantic in shackles. Of course some Africans like Mansa Musa's brother Abubakari II sailed to America not as slaves, but as explorers even before the more famous Christopher Columbus, if one is to believe the scholarship of Ivan Van Sertima, Thor Heyerdahl, Alexander Von Wuthenau, as well as others. For most Africans though this journey was made on the bottom of slave ships, and was known as the Middle Passage. Is it possible that these Africans were not robbed completely of their culture and were able to maintain cultural retentions such as drumming and a love for gold among other things? These are of course two very African concepts and amazingly are both found to exist in Hip-Hop culture. Even the Afro-Brazilian dance/martial art capoeira which originated in Angola looks eerily similar to many of the breaking or B-Boy moves we would later see in the Bronx during the 1970s and 80s. How can these things be explained? Is there something in our genetic memory that connects us in a Jungian architypical way to events in the past? Are we being guided on some sort of quantum level? Africans in their reverence for gold may in fact be connected to early contact made with extraterrestrials as some writers believe. In fact I believe that both slavery and placing value on gold was first learned from advanced extraterrestrials as I will explain.

There is a belief held by author Michael Tellinger and in some conspiracy theory corners that southern Africa was used for an ancient mining operation for gold. These advanced extraterrestrials are believed to have at a very early period of time to have enslaved early man and forced them to mine for gold. I find this interesting for one because one of the reasons why the Spanish and Portuguese turned to Africa as a source for slaves in the Americas is because Africa already had a system of slavery already in place before Europeans or Arabs ever stepped foot on the continent. The question I pose is where did these early Africans learn about both slavery and the value of gold? The answers that I concluded were undoubtedly shocking to everything I had previously known. Gold and other precious metals were viewed as valuable to a group of extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki who mined for it in southern Africa. These same Anunnaki were also thought to use early man as slave labor.

These Anunnaki were lead by Anu, Enki, and Enlil and seem to have some connections with not only early civilizations in the Middle East like ancient Sumer, but ancient Africa as well particularly southern Africa. Even before Michael Tellinger, the legendary Zecharia Sitchen author of The 12th Planet was one of the first to believe that the Anunnaki used Earth to mine for gold. Why gold? It is believed by some that gold is used to protect their atmosphere on their home planet whether it be in the Sirius star system, Orion, or legendary Nibiru. The Sumerians left records written in cuniform of contact being made by travelers from other worlds who visited Earth and performed experiments on the human population. These experiments led to an advancement in not only humanity, but civilization and technology as well. It could be that these alien visitors somehow passed on their value for gold to both the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Sumer as well as others.

Gold for that matter is an important conductor for things like electricity, even NASA uses gold in its circuitry for many of their advanced satellites for this very reason. Gold blankets are also used to protect satellites from the heat of stars like our sun. NASA must be aware that extraterrestrials value gold because in 1977 they launched a golden record into space hoping it is discovered by some advanced alien life forms in a distant galaxy.

There are actually hundreds of mysterious stone circles and ancient mine shafts in southern Africa that are unexplained, but some historians believe they possibly are associated with some sort of ancient high tech mining operation. The ancient dates for these mine shafts in southern Africa baffles scientist, predating all known civilization. It is my belief that all these events are linked in some way but never noticed before by historians. It seems that gold was in ancient times and most likely still today valued by ancient aliens, this was then learned by early Africans as well as the civilizations of Sumer, Egypt and others who worshipped these extraterrestrials as gods. From Egypt and Sumer the tradition spread to other parts of the world. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade enslaved Africans some how kept with them in their genetic memory this love for the precious metal which is still very much a part of African culture right on down to the many Hip-Hop artist that still spend thousands of dollars on the age old precious metal. Many of them may or may not realize the ancient connection that they are a part of. It is my personal belief that much of what we also see has much to do with the age we are living in which is the ascending Age of Aquarius, and our Earth and suns location as it moves closer to its sister star Sirius. Humanities level of consciousness and awareness is increasing as it is exposed to more powerful electromagnetic rays, and even the realm of unseen quantum physics that may yield greater telepathic links and influence with the divine, as the ancestors inspire and guide us from an unseen dimension. You will begin to see an increase in the status and stature of melanated people who have been on the wrong end of history and astrology for the last 2000 years of the descending former Age of Pisces. As the two suns ascend so will humanities consciousness as old religions become obsolete and racial catagories no longer exist as humanity blends together in one melanted race. Humanities mental abilities will increase as the pineal gland increases in size, even as large as a golf ball. You will see more and more humans, or superhumans begin to emerge with psychic abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, as we return to the time when the "Gods," Nephilim, or both interdimensional and extradimensional beings eventually return to rule on Earth draped in royal gold.


Nice and Smooth "Gold" 1989


Tut's Treasures/National Geographic


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