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In Search of My Alien Roots: The Mystery of Rh Negative Blood

"....I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA" - Kendrick Lamar

" Blind to the fact of who you are maybe, my bloodlines crazy, kings and queens

and Michael Jordan rings" - Jay-Z


In the book and movie Roots, the writer Alex Haley captivated audiences as he talked about how the experience of slavery in America cut him off from his deeper roots that go back into Africa. Though controversy may surround Haley's story and the accusations of plagiarism, I can still gather meaning from it in more ways than one. For one I'm African-American.

Most African-Americans if they are like myself they are naturally curious about their past. For many African-Americans there is strength in surviving slavery, and yet they are still searching for something deeper than slavery, and because of many great historians like John Hope Franklin and John Henrik Clarke they find it. Ironically my journey is a complex one that would have me researching my history in a somewhat more complete way. Not only would I look into my African roots, but also my European ancestry as well. I found out that I have a very rich history and rather deep bloodline that pulls from not only Africa, but Europe as well, if I am truly going to be honest about who I am genetically. Of course my genes do not erase the everyday realities I face because of my phenotype. Let me be clear I am a black man, and that no doubt attracts racism, micro aggressions, and stereotypes. All of this being a residue of the 2000 years of ignorance we learned during the lower descending Age of Pisces; however, to have a more complete understanding of who you are genetically you will have to uncover more than just your phenotype. I found out recently that my mother's blood is Rh negative. This information was like being struck by a lightening bolt because of what it may imply, and because of what I am currently going through. My mother being Rh negative does not necessarily make me Rh negative because my father may have been Rh positive; however, what it does mean is that my mother passed down to me at least some negative alleles which may have some major implications. I believe that I am currently on a personal journey of self discovery as I navigate blindly through a family ritual with only my intuition as a guide. Intuition for that matter may in fact be one of the benefits to being Rh negative. As I mentioned in previous post I believe I find myself in a family ritual being a descendant of certain bloodlines. I also believe I receive this information through my very active pineal gland, known to many people as your third eye.

Everything is not psychological though some of my experiences have been paranormal, for example, when the bee stung me on the eye numerous times while I was crying from staring at the sun, or the time I was touched by an unseen force in my home. One day while researching symbols of African royalty while on my computer I came across the cow tail switch/bull tail, and how the pharaoh wore the tail on his waistline near his lower back. At that very moment I was struck by a force on my lower back. At first I thought it was my dog jumping on me from behind, but as I turned around to yell at my dog he was vast asleep. It is my belief that it was the ancestors, or some other unseen force. Maybe extraterrestrials that were hitting me on the back in order to encourage me in my research.

I also experience synchronicities all of the time such as while researching the 4th dimension and interdimensional travel and then suddenly bumping into a person wearing a Back to the Future shirt within the next hour. Or the time I took my family to an Indian restaurant, and asked the waitress the Hindi name for snake which is of course nagga, only to later go to the Barnes and Noble and bump into a guy wearing a large cobra on his t-shirt. What many people see as coincidences I see as planned synchronicities, just a reminder from the universe that we are not alone, and are connected to something bigger. What does any of this have to do with Rh negative blood one might ask? It actually has a lot to do with it as I will explain. Come to find out Rh negative blood is very rare. Only about 15% of Europeans have it; however, Europeans known as the mysterious Basque whose origins are not certain (maybe from North Africa) but currently live in Spain and France have Rh negative levels as high as 35%. When it comes to African-Americans it is even more rare only about 10% of them have Rh negative blood. When it comes to the Ancient Egyptians much like African-Americans the percentile is only 10% as well. The reason why African-Americans have a higher percentage of Rh negative than some West Africans is probably due to the nature of the power dynamics of slavery, and the "racial mixing" that no doubt occurred on the plantation. The majority of the world roughly 85% is Rh positive not negative. The letters Rh actually come from the word rhesus as in the rhesus monkey. According to scientist there was a time in our past when both humans and the rhesus monkey shared a common ancestor. The Rh negatives somehow share a different origin, and behave differently. Rh negative people are known to behave in a peculiar way, subtle, yet differently than most humans.

Rh negative people are known to be highly intelligent, and they are also known to be very inquisitive or curious about who they are. I for one know I have a very curious or inquisitive nature, and my sister has a PhD, and my mother is a graduate of the Ivy League. Some have pointed out that Rh negatives have a keen interest in UFOs and outer space, and that some of the best known UFO researchers were in fact Rh negative. Erick Van Daniken, Brad Steiger, and Robert Antone Wilson are all ancient alien enthusiast and are all Rh negative. Rh negatives are also known to have high blood pressure though some report low blood pressure. Rh negatives are also known to sometimes have red hair and freckles. My mother for example is one of the few African-Americans that have freckles. Some Rh negatives are known to have tails, or an extra vertebrae giving them not 33 vertebrae, but actually 34. My mother stated to me personally that she has 34 vertebrae. Did she pass this down to me? I wonder? If not that what else was passed down? Many have stated that Rh negatives are known to be very psychic or intuitive, and many experience astral projection, nightmares, and sleep paralysis. I personally never experienced many nightmares, but I remember my mother having such deep sleeps that she would often walk around the house in her sleep. This type of thing has never happened to me; however, I do believe I have a strong intuition or funny feeling on certain things, and I personally experienced paranormal events that can't be explained. Some people say having a strong intuition is akin to having a "six sense" because your intuition comes from your six chakra which is also the pineal gland. The six chakra is often called the third eye and together 3 and 6 make 36. 36 just so happens to have the sum of 666 an important Biblical number as well as a number associated with my birth. Me being born 6 pounds and the labor being 6 hours and 6 minutes, a synchronicity I never overlook. Many people who are Rh negative have also reported to have been abducted by aliens. In fact many writers believe the Rh negative blood may in fact be alien in origin. It has been reported that many of the worlds leaders and kings and queens often have Rh negative blood as well. It has been reported by some writers that many among the British Royal Family are Rh negative. For years now conspiracy theory writers have linked royalty with bloodlines, and that many of these bloodlines are not only Rh negative, but extraterrestrial in origin. It is said by a small but growing group of historians that in the past a group of extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki came to Earth and mated with humanity spreading their genes in the human gene pool. In the Bible many believe the story of alien visitation has been remembered in metaphors of fallen angels known as Nephilim or Watchers who mated with human women and produced children. This is why some call Rh negative the god gene, or as I like to say god body. It maybe that this extraterrestrial blood allows a stronger psychic connection with their human descendents. This maybe why I believe I have a very active pineal gland experiencing ideas that seem to come to me out of nowhere. Sometimes its just a random thought at other times its during a semi dream like state known as hypnagogia. Aside from coming from a family that is Rh negative I also found out that on my mother's side we descend from a family of European barons and knights that have links to King James I as well as the Magna Carta. This coincides with what many writers say about royals and bloodlines. Its all interesting because today there is talk of a new black Illuminati, and I believe there is some truth to this. Jay-Z had an album called Magna Carta and it may hint at more than just a random name. Lebron James is called "King James" and Beyoncé is called "The Queen." It could be all clever marketing, but maybe not. It could be many of these "elite" blacks are finally being given a seat at the table during the new age. In fact during the Age of Aquarius as we ascend there may in fact be a changing of the guard. The elite maybe ruled by a conglomerate reflecting a new racial and sexual/gender based reality rooted in unity, rather than the older model rooted in white supremacy. My mothers maiden name is Skipwith and Skipwith was one of the Magna Carta baron's descendants that settled in Virginia where some of my family is from. The Skipwith line is connected to the William de Mowbray line through marriage, and de Mowbray is connected to the Magna Carta one of the most important documents in history. The Skipwiths in their own right were also some of the first barons knighted by King James I. These wealthy Skipwiths from England were no doubt European, but their bloodline most likely then became mixed with enslaved Africans. That was in fact the taboo and oppressive nature of slavery. European royals for that matter may find that they too are mixed with the royal blood from the Egyptian pharaohs who lived in Africa. We are all pretty much mixed up at least that is the story of America as well as Europe. History is funny and ironic in that way. I find it curious that the royal bee is both a symbol of European royalty and ancient Egyptian royalty, the very proof of this very mixture of which I speak. From Virginia the African-American Skipwiths on my mothers side settled in Princeton New Jersey where many are buried. So where does this all leave me? I don't know what my future holds. Currently I am in an overly medicated and unemployed state of limbo. My future looks bleak, but I am aware that looks can often be deceiving. I am very aware of how ritual works, and that every downside has an upside so they say. I'm also aware of how mental health and wellness is a serious subject that the black community is finally beginning to openly confront without embarrassment. When all is said and done maybe I am psychotic, maybe I'm not. Maybe I do hallucinate, or maybe I don't, or just maybe I'm on to something, and there is something in my families bloodline that is both very ancient and possibly not of this world. This other worldly element brings with it certain psychic abilities. I also believe the current Age of Aquarius will see the rise of the melanated Nephilim of royal bloodlines who will finally begin to inherit the keys to the kingdom once denied to them during the lower descending Age of Pisces. I believe these black Nephilim will serve as cornerstones and shepherds for their communities in the new age. Ironically the name Skipwith actually means "sheep settlement" as far as shepherds are concerned. They say that what's in the blood is often passed down in an unbroken chain. I believe it is a very good chance that my sons will inherit certain physic abilities from me. I believe both my sons are possibly sensitive to psychic gifts, and are what some would call indigo children. Indigo children are those born close to or during the Age of Aquarius and through a psychic connection help prepare the world for the new age. Indigo children get their name from the indigo color or aura of the sixth chakra which is the pineal gland. It could be that they are getting this ability from an interesting family history of people who are Rh negative.

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