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What did George Lucas Know About the Pineal Gland and Precession?

" I sense a disturbance in the force" - Darth Vader


The above photo is of a young George Lucas, and his black and white Malamute dog Indiana that holds a special significance for me. Like most people I am a huge Star Wars fan. I'm in my forties now, so as with most people my age, it was a childhood ritual to go see the first three Star Wars movies as a kid. I enjoyed the movies when my parents took me as a kid, and I enjoy them even more now. What I did not know as a kid, but I do know now, is that Star Wars contains many secrets. Much like we see in religion there is both an exoteric meaning, and an esoteric meaning only known by a few. I believe George Lucas used this exact approach when creating Star Wars, and it has pretty much stood the test of time, but as we enter The Age of Aquarius things that were once secrets are meant to be revealed, as we raise our level of collective consciousness. Nowadays my perception has been heightened, and for reasons that I will not mention here, I will only say that I relied heavily on my intuition when I wrote this. In writing this I will show you certain things I was able to pick up on that to my knowledge was never written before. First I would like to bring people's attention to the battle Luke Skywalker had with his father Darth Vader in the movie Empire Strikes Back that took place in Cloud City.

The battle between Luke and Vader takes place in the Carbonite Freezing Chamber room, and I believe Lucas did this for a particular reason. The Carbonite Freezing Chamber room is really meant to symbolize the mysterious gland in the center of our brain known as the pineal gland. This gland for the most part has been ignored by western medicine, but is very popular among occult groups and the New Age Movement. The ancient Egyptians called this gland the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra associated with the pituitary and thalamus region. It is mentioned countless times in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The Egyptians also called it the wadjet eye which to many people eerily sounds like Jedi when you say it out loud. In India the pineal gland was known as the third eye or bindi. The French philosopher Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul often connected to spirits and animals; however, western medicine mainly link it to schizophrenia and psychosis. What stood out to me in the Carbonite Freezing Chamber room is that the floorplan is shaped just like the brain.

The chamber floor has four rings with a hole in the center where the pineal gland would be located. It's just like the four layers of brain fluid that move throughout the ventricles in the brain, with the pineal gland bathing in a lake of brain fluid at the center of the brain. The chamber is also modeled on how the lost city of Atlantis is suppose to look. Atlantis is known to be made of four rings of water, while at the center of Atlantis was a temple. The temple is symbolic for the pineal gland. Also the brain is often called the temple.

There are some occultist who believe that Atlantis as a physical place did not actually exist, but it was really an allegory for consciousness and man's brain. It was a metaphor that described how levels of consciousness can rise, or sink depending on the age that we are living in. Proof for this is that Atlantis though it is an Egyptian legend gets its name from the Greek god Atlas. Atlas is also the name for the 33rd vertebrae that holds up the head, further proof that what we are dealing with in both the Atlantis story and Star Wars is the brain.

Atlas vertebrae (33) holding up the head


Atlas with the weight of the world on his neck and shoulders which

is a metaphor for his brain and thoughts. Does not Luke struggle to

resist the dark side or his lower consciousness.


Why did George Lucas choose the name carbonite one might ask? What many people do not know is that the pineal gland can become calcified in people. Studies have shown that it is the most calcified in Europeans, less so in African-Americans, and even less so in continental Africans. There is a belief held by some that as the pineal gland is calcified it becomes useless. This is why when Han Solo becomes frozen in carbonite, and when he finally thaws out, he is blind and can not see. His third eye is blind.

There are some conspiracy theorists who believe that flouride is purposely put in the water supply in the United States to calcify the pineal gland, and thus lowering our level of consciousness.

There are some people who believe that as we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.and subsequent later ascending ages the size of the pineal gland will increase in size becoming even as large as a golf ball. The increase in the size of the pineal gland will also lead to an increase in abilities as man evolves.There are those who associated the capability of the pineal gland with intuition, clairvoyance, ESP, telepathy, and telekinesis. I find it very interesting that the Jedi in Star Wars have all of these abilities, and their name is even associated with the pineal gland if George Lucas had the wadjet eye in mind when he created them for his "science fiction" masterpiece.

This scene from Return of the Jedi is interesting for many reasons. Compare the blind Han Solo with a calcified pineal gland to the Jedi/Wadjet Luke Skywalker with a fully functioning pineal gland as it shall be during the Satya Yuga or Golden Age yet to come.


I also want to focus on the name Cloud City where the battle between Luke and Vader take place. If you take the first letter from the words Cloud and City you get CC. If you then assign numerical value to the letters CC you get the number 33 because C is the third letter in the alphabet. This will also bring us back to Atlas and the brain because the Atlas vertebrae is also known as the 33rd vertebrae. Even the light sabers in the battle are color coded Luke has a blue light saber which represents ascension and the rising of consciousness, and Vader has a red light saber that represents descension and the lowering of consciousness.

I believe that the two light sabers are based on the star Sirius a very important star for the ancient Egyptians and Freemasons alike. It has been recorded by the ancient Greeks that as the star Sirius moves away from us it flickers red, and when it is moving toward us it is flickering blue. Many believe that our pineal glands, or wadjet eyes are influenced by the electromagnetic rays of both our sun as well as Sirius. In fact the rays of the sun may in fact help to release melatonin and dimethyltriptomin that help regulate sleep, vivid dreams, and other mysteries. Walter Cruttenden of the Binary Research Institute believes that our solar system is in fact goverened by two suns, our sun and the second more powerful sun Sirius. This view is not accepted by most scientist; however, I believe that George Lucas believes this to be the case, and this is why on Tatooine the place where Luke Skywalker grows up there are also two suns.

According to the Binary Research Institutes theory our 24,000 year precessional cycle involves two suns revolving around each other. As they get closer together every 12,000 years Sirius appears blue and humanity ascends, and as they pull further apart every 12,000 years and Sirius turns red and we.descend.

Thankfully as we are now at the current Dawn of Aquarius humanity is finally about to begin to ascend after descending for the last 12,000 years. I will finally add that I believe that there also are some shocking "racial" implications to this theory as well, and how it relates to the pigment melanin, but I'll leave that for a later post...

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