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The Astrological Shift: The Real Reason Statues Are Coming Down

"Old buildings, temples, and pyramids were destroyed and new ones created to

coincide with the ending of old cycles and the beginning of new ones....The end of an Age meant the end of the destruction of the current way of doing things."

- Dr. Synthia Andrews


All across America Confederate Statues are starting to come down. This is mainly being done by those who sympathize with the ideas of groups like Black Lives Matter as well as other left-wing groups. Due to social media the tearing down of statues viewed as racist symbols of slavery and colonialism as well as the ideology of Black Lives Matter, has spread outside of the United States as far away as the U.K., Australia, and even India. Of course as science teaches us for every action there is no doubt a reaction, and conservative right-wing groups have responded. The President of the United States Donald Trump, recently gave a speech in Dakota in front of Mount Rushmore, declaring that statues should not come down referring to the famous images of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt.

What many are or are not aware of, is that those faces were carved into the sacred Black Hills of the Sioux Nation, which is their equivalent of a Jerusalem or Mecca. The President of France Emmanuel Macron has recently said sort of the same thing as Trump in regards to statues of French colonial "heroes" not being torn down. It should be noted that Trump's conservative hard line stance has done very little to stop the statues from being taken down independently by governors and mayors. This has also not stopped the zeal of the radical left, who seem to be tired of waiting on legislation, and are circumnavigating the process completely tearing down these statues on their own. Robert E Lee has been torn down, as well as Stone Wall Jackson, and even a statue of Confederate general and 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike. Pike was one of the only Confederates to have a statue in Washington D.C. and is lionized by the Freemasons all across America. Indigenous Native American or First Nation people are letting their voice be heard as well, aligning themselves with Black Lives Matter as they tear down statues of Christopher Columbus. There are even those like the much hated activist Shaun King who are saying that the Northern European images of Jesus should also be torn down as well. I will be the first person to say that most in the African-American community are probably not going to rally around that call just yet, being so well indoctrinated into this image. King has received threats on his life for his statements about "White Jesus."

I would never in my life have thought that I would see the state flag of Mississippi come down, but it actually is, and in my opinion if Mississippi goes the others will follow. As a former history teacher I was very much aware that Mississippi has always been the true heart of the South not Virginia, even though the capital of the Confederacy was further north.

Flash back to the 1950s and 60s Mississippi was the place where Emmett Till was killed, as well as civil rights activist Medgar Evers, and the three CORE civil rights workers. So my question is what gives? America has always been a nation based on white supremacy whether one looks at the campaign waged against Native Americans, or one looks at slavery. Did the brutal death of George Floyd really bring about all this change, or is there something else at play that others have not picked up on? Is a hidden hand at work? As a person who studied astrology, alternative versions of history, the New Age Movement, and the occult, I was aware that this type of thing is actually not new. It has in fact happened many times in our distant past. In fact so long ago that we don't even remember it.

It is part of what is known as the precession of the equinox. This is a long 24,000 year cycle divided into two 12,000 year halves of descension and ascension, which are each broken into 2000 year Ages. Every 2000 years the Earth wobbles and spins on its axis through the zodiac entering a house or Age that can be observed during the spring, or vernal equinox. Once in an Age that civilization will last for 2000 years, or actually 2160 years to be exact. Though some people believe we are currently still in the Age of Pisces their are those that study the Mayan calendar that believe we exited Pisces in 2012. The New Age that many believe we are currently in, and are about to enter is the Age of Aquarius. Once we enter Aquarius many believe we will take on a whole new entirely different energy; however, we first must detox from Pisces, before we can transition.

While Pisces was a descending Age, Aquarius will be an ascending Age. Whenever an Age ends old ideas are destroyed, and new ideas are born. Before the Age of Aquarius, the old Age was Pisces and the symbol of the two fish. It was during Pisces when Christianity reigned, and this is why Jesus was called the fisherman, and he feed the multitude with two fish. Before the Age of Pisces, we were in the Age of Aries. This is when the ancient Egyptians worshiped the ram god Ammon, and the Jewish priest blew the rams horn. Before the Age of Aries, it was the Age of Taurus, and the worshipers of Mithra had a bull cult. The Egyptians worshiped the Apis bull, and when the prophet Moses was away the Jewish people worshiped the Golden Calf. It is all clever allegorical symbolism.

Across the sea in the Americas the ancient Maya also followed precessional cycles, and they would build and destroy temples whenever an Age came to an end. Often they would build temples on top of the older ones. Along side the Black Lives Matter Movement you also see a rise in women's rights groups, as well as the LGBTQ community. This in my opinion is all astrological. The biggest secret about the precessional cycle is that it is governed by two suns. There are some that believe that our sun is part of a binary star system with a second sun, and that this second sun is Sirius. Sirius was the most important star/sun for not only the Ancient Egyptians, but the Freemasons as well. This second sun Sirius is known as a feminine sun associated with the goddess Isis. There are those like author Robert Temple who is famous for writing the book The Sirius Mystery who believe that Sirius is governed by an advanced extraterrestrial race of females. There is no doubt that some will laugh at this idea of "little green men" or actually "little green women." It should be noted that Temple was only able to write his book after researching an obscure West African tribe called the Dogan who claim to have knowledge of these extraterrestrials, after migrating out of Egypt. After the release of his book in the seventies he was investigated by both the CIA and MI6. The question is why would a crackpot be investigated? There are others who believe an illuminated elite run the world and the Presidents, and other world leaders are small players in the game. These illuminated persons are actually in contact with these beings, or Watchers that help to guide civilizations through the shift as we move from one Age to the next. They are the ones who oversee both cycles of war, and cycles of peace. For them everything is binary and about balance. Its worth pointing out that for these advanced extraterrestrials they are neither conservatives or liberals, right-wing or the left-wing. They are all about binary balance also known as maat. The good thing about this well hidden secret is that we are now ascending into an Age of greater enlightenment, less racism, less sexism, less homophobia, less war, more spirituality and less religion. When you are aware of the cycles you can kind of read the future in a way, and you can see that both abortions, as well as gun rights, will most likely be overturned in the future because we are in an ascending Age now. It is also worth pointing out that precession, as Walter Cruttenden has noted, moves at a turtle's pace. Only some of us will experience the change the New Age brings, in either this lifetime, or the next.

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