• Jeffrey Carey

Sons of God: The Destined Return of The Black Angels

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

- - Matthew 24:37-39


There are some people who view the Bible today as a book of mythology. It is said that the more educated one becomes the more likely it is that they will not believe in religion. I do believe this statement is true. Science and the reliance on empirical data teach against mysticism, and things that one can not test. There is a movement today of "mystical scientist" known as Noetic Science that try to scientifically prove that "hidden" multi-dimensional worlds actually do exist, and that the supernatural is real. The supernatural world is not revealed to all. It is only revealed to certain people who have become spiritually awake. Today I personally am a strong believer in hidden inter-dimensional realities and the paranormal. I align myself more and more with The New Age Movement, as well as occult and esoteric groups. Today people become so "woke" and enlightened that they scoff at the Bible; however, I still believe that the Bible holds much value. One must learn how to read the Bible, even if that means reading it backwards and upside down, and I mean that literally. A couple examples would be Satan spelled backwards is Natas which means snakes, also Devil spelled backwards is lived. God spelled backwards is dog. All of this hold meaning to the initiated. The Bible is also written in the language of metaphor and allegory. I see the story of Jesus and the twelve Disciples as a retelling of the story of the sun and the twelve houses of the zodiac. I view the Four Gospels as the division of the four seasons. Stories like Passover to me are the stories of the spring and fall equinoxes, when the sun passes over the equator. Today I am a strong believer in ancient alien theory, and how our planet was visited by aliens in the past. I believe that these aliens mated with humans leaving behind a reptilian bloodline. These people look just like you and I but their brains are different, and some of them have a 34th vertebrae, when most people have 33.

Stories of ancient alien visitors have been recorded by people all around the world such as the story of the Anunnaki visitors recorded in Sumerian cuneiform tables, as well as the Dogon rituals of the Nommo or Dagon who visited Earth from the star Sirius. The question I pose is did the Bible record such stories and frame them in allegory?

I believe the Bible recorded stories like this, but instead of calling them aliens they call them angels. The above picture is a painting of black, or African angels from the nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is very important to the story of angels because in Ethiopia they found the apocryphal text known as the Book of Enoch. In the Book of Enoch stories of angels mating with humans is mentioned. The Book of Enoch mentions a group of angels known as the Watchers who mated with the daughters of man creating children. In the Bible the Watchers are called Nephilim. Genesis 6:1-4 reads:

When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: "My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years." At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

All of this happened prior to Noah and the flood. These angels are associated with the line of Adam's son Cain. Cain was an ancestor of Enoch, and Enoch was the father of Methuselah. Now Methuselah was said to live to be 969 years of age. This number 969 is a very important mystical number because when you flip the two number 99s in 969 you get the important number 666.

The number 666 often has a bad reputation due to religious propaganda it being viewed as the mark of the beast and the anti-christ, but on a closer look 666 is mentioned in the Bible numerous times in a positive way. King Solomon paid his workers six hundred and sixty six talents of gold. There is also the fact that the Bible has 66 books. Carbon an essential building block in the universe is made of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. The most shocking revelation is if you take the numbers 6 x 6 x 60 it equals out to 2160. 2160 is actually the number of years in what is called a precessional Age. The Age we are currently transitioning into is the Age of Aquarius. This for me is critical because the number associated with angels is directly connected to the universe as if certain people are genetically coded into existance. Methuselah was also the father of Lamech who also is associated with important mystical angel numbers. It was said that Lamech killed a man, and would have a punishment that would be seventy seven times that of Cains.

The number 77 though is an important angel number oddly associated more with luck than punishment. Today in the casinos triple 777 wins. Also 7 wins in the dice game craps. It is said that it was the daughters of Lamech who mated with the angels known as Nephilim creating mighty men and the heroes of old. Now according to the Bible it was said that these angels known as Sons of God once ruled the Earth, but God became dissatisfied and destroyed the Earth with a flood destroying everything but Noah and his family. This flood would usher in a New Age where men would rule.There are many Biblical scholars, and occult writers today that believe that all of the Nephilim, and those with angel blood did not die. Some of them survived the flood destined to be cursed like Cain. The question is were the Nephilim or Ang-Els really cursed? How long would the curse last, and when are they destined to return and rule once again? It is interesting because in the Bible Cain was not the only one cursed, but also Canaan.

Many believe Canaan to be the black, or of the African race, and he is also associated with Noah's son Ham. Ham is said to have a Canaanite wife as well. Is there a connection between Cain and Canaan other than a phonetic one? I find it odd that both were cursed. There are those who believe that Africans were the real chosen people related to God by way of angel blood, but God became upset with them and cursed them. This curse followed them as they became slaves in America. It is interesting that the Hebrew word for God is El, and this is also the word Ang-El. If this is true, and I believe it is, is the time for their enslavement up? I believe that it is, but in order to understand this you must have a certain level of understanding about the precessional clock. The book of Matthew and the Book of Revelations predict that the Nephilim will return to rule as they once did. Revelations 4: 6-8 says

6 Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal. In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back. 7 The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle.

8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying: " 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,'[1]who was, and is, and is to come."

The four creatures described above the Lion, the Ox, the Eagle, and the Man refer to the four cardinal points on the zodiac. They are the summer and winter solstices, and the spring and fall equinoxes. The Ox is Taurus which is the summer solstice. The Eagle is Scorpio the spring equinox. The Lion is Leo the fall equinox, and the Man is Aquarius the Winter solstice. We are about to end the Age of Pisces, and enter the New Age of Aquarius, and this will be a new Golden Age that will see the return of the black ang-els and their descendants known as Nephilim.

When the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Man are in alignment the Sons of God will return. As Aquarius begins to rotate on the wheel counter clockwise Leo will begin to rise as the flood waters of Aquarius begin to recede. Is this Leo symbolizing the return of the Lion of Judah the original Black Jew's god's chosen people? Maybe Nick Cannon was right after all. These people will look like normal humans, but will not behave like them. They will begin to show signs of being more evolved. Many of them will be more intuitive, and clairvoyant showing slight signs of being more sensitive and aware than most humans.

As the Ages continue to ascend their abilities will become more and more pronounced, as we move into the Age of Capicorn also known by the ancient Greeks as the Bronze and Silver Age, and what the Indians refer to as the Dwapara Yuga and Treta Yuga. These Angelic beings will have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, and levitation.

The intelligence of man will increase as well. It is believed by the Hindu's who follow the Yuga cycles and the Bull of Dharma that we currently only use 25% of our brain. As we start to slowly ascend through the Ages/Yugas the brain capability will eventually increase to 100%. When this happens books like Charles Murphy's Bell Curve that set out to prove that blacks are mentality inferior will be turned on it's head, and be viewed as extremely shortsighted. It is at this time when the public will view the Nephilim as demigods, and the Titans of old, recorded among the legends of the Greeks and Egyptians. It is quite possible that man's actual physical size may increase as well as we ascend through the Ages. This is possibly why the Nephilim were also recorded in the Bible as "giants" though some see the word to mean "mighty." I believe the first Age of Nephilim will be very powerful, but rather diminutive, but their size will change increase with time.

Occultist like Rudolph Steiner and Madame Blavatsky knew of this future time, and called this coming of this new born highly intuitive people the Sixth Root Race. They will usher in the return to the once great civilization of Atlantis. This new race of men will seem like modern day super heroes to most, even to some godlike, and they will govern over a time of great peace and prosperity that humanity could never believe possible during the lower Ages and European rule. At this time the majority of the population will be a melanated population with very few, or no non-melanated people left on the planet. The continent of Africa will experience a huge population boom even surpassing Asia, and the Europeans population will continue to decline to levels of extinction. The planet will also get warmer, as our sun moves closer to its sister sun Sirius, the two being part of a binary star system.

The truth about the actual cause of global warming has not fully been revealed to the public as of yet, but it soon will. Non-melanated people will either die off, or through interracial unions become more absorbed into the greater population. Because black represents righteousness we will absorb some of them in. The color black actually absorbs all colors where the color white deflects. This is one of the reasons why you see the rise of interracial marriages, that no one seems to fully understand. This is their only hope for survival. If skin cancer rates are increasing under one sun which they currently are, then one can easily imagine the affects that two might have? Especially being that Sirius the second sun is ten times more powerful than our own. It will be their way of developing melanated skin in their children, and an added benefit will be non-calcified pineal gland granting them a God consciousness.


Also black women who were the most despised group in society, even worse than black men will slowly replace the Nordic blonde as the ideal standard of beauty. Everyone will try to get back to black, associating the color with not only God consciousness, and the pineal gland, but beauty as well. Cultural values are becoming the polar opposite of today's social norms. This will come as a shock to many, but when old Ages and worlds die, new ones are born.

People will be astonished to realize that it will be the melanated people who have been the lowest rung, and most despised people of society, who will now surface to the top, as if Atlantis is rising from the sea bottom. When we span the globe wherever one looks the darker the people are, the more they suffer. People will go about their lives and never question how odd that is. Whether its the black Dalites of India, or the aboriginals from Australia, the conditions are the same. Whether its the indigenous people of America, or the African diaspora the conditions are the same. When one looks at the darker skin populations of Southern Asia, places like Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Pacific, they have not fared as well as their fairer skin Asian neighbors. Of course the continent of Africa suffered from diseases like AIDs and poverty. None of this was a mistake it was all apart of the cosmic balance governed over by unseen forces. All of these things are about to change as the precessional cycle, or wheel spins yet again. Is this the "wheel" that George R.R. Martin mentioned in Game of Thrones? I believe it is.

Advanced extraterrestrial life forms adhere to these cycles that exist in the cosmos. They watch over (The Watchers) our less civilized planet, and make sure that things that occur on Earth are in alignment with natural laws, and with what is happening in the heavens above. As the hermetic saying goes "as above so below." The New Age Movement as well as the Esoteric and Occult Movements are very aware of the precessional cycles of the equinox; however, where they differ from Biblical scholars is that they believe the Ang-Els or Nephilim, and their children, are really an allegory for advanced extraterrestrials who mated with a certain group of humans years ago. These humans with alien bloodlines were known around the ancient world as the Snakes, Nags, Negs, Negus, Obs, Oph, Dag, otherwise known as the Serpent Brotherhood because of their reptilian brains, and pineal glands. They are also associated with bees because they work for the Queen Bee. My belief is that she is a superior female alien on Sirius (Sirius C) who has male workers on both her planet, as well as Earth. This is why the symbol for royal blood as well as the Illuminati, and Freemasonry is the bee. With so much racial mixing this royal blood was spread all over the Earth regardless of color, but because precessional cycles rise and fall, this is now the rise of the blacks. This alien blood enabled them to be guided by their extraterrestrial ancestors, as they received messages by way of their kundalini spiritual awakening of the third eye. In the Bible it is said the prophets often said they talked to god, and this is true. The question is who were they actually talking to. The Aliens guide their descendants on Earth, and in turn the descendants serve as shepherds, and guides for the larger population, thus bringing humanity into a higher more enlightened age. The only irony is that Earth's most peaceful time will be ushered in by the people who were the most brutalized, stigmatized, and despised.

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