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Clones, Bees, And Polygamy: The Creation Of The Universal Family

I revised this article, but originally when I wrote it the time was 2:32 A.M. if you take 2+3+2 it equals 7 a very important number. 7 in Supreme Mathematics is God, and 7 is also the crown chakra that is also known as your god consciousness. The 7th chakra is the color violet which is the ultra-violet vision associated with bees. Bees actually see better than humans. Also when I re-edited this the time on the clock was 1:55 A.M when you combine 1+5+5 you get 11 a very important angel number associated with things being binary. This is also probably my most bizarre writing to date, but this is how i see things and my intuitive ability is pretty strong. I say all that to say this. The question I pose is do human clones really exist? The government says they do not, but skeptical people know better. If the government has cloning technology then of course they are using it to clone more than just sheep and cows. Its time to reevaluate what clones really are. What is their true purpose, and is their a difference between clones and humans? Under the descending Age of Pisces, and because of misinformation produced by both the educational system and the Church very few people are aware of the true nature of man, clones, and Gods. The truth may just shock people, and change their whole way of viewing the world. A clone walks like, talks like, and looks just like a human. They have feelings just like everyone else, and are very indistinguishable for the most part. The main thing that separates a clone from a human is that a clone technically does not have "parents." Humanity has been conditioned to look down on clones for being less than human. Humanity has been wrongly taught that they are special. They also look down on clones because they believe that clones don't have souls. It is because of this that many humans have treated clones horribly keeping them in situations similar to slavery. In order to first create a clone a human must first die, or possibly even be killed. Once this happens a clone can serve as a replacement. They often have their memories manipulated, so that the clone does not even remember dying, or who they were before. I wonder how many people have been murdered, or killed in order to create a clone. So many black girls go missing to never return, or to return as someone else. What about the parents? How come they don't know what is going on? This is because it is my belief that it is often drug addicted parents who have very little idea as to what is going on when their children are abducted and replaced. Were their parents purposely hooked on drugs, or were they already addicts, who knows? But I suspect some kind of foul play. It all centers around the church, as well as the white Jewish Zionist who fear these fallen Ang-Els who are black beings of light that represent truth. The Ang-Els truth and light runs counter to the church/synagogue beliefs that are often bold lies, wrapped in allegory. Because the allegory is so hard to penetrate most believers follow the lies whole heartedly. The Jewish faith is also based on this lie of the "white chosen people," and therefore is also considered darkness and negative energy. Much of the Jewish religion as with Christianity was based on much older religious concepts from ancient Egypt. So on one side truth and light represented by fallen Ang-Els/Nephilim/Gods, and on the other side darkness and lies represented by the church/synagogue. This is not an attack on "Jews" in general because some "Jews" are secular not taking the religion seriously. Also there is a 24,000 year racial conflict going on that is associated with keeping the cosmic balance. On one side the white church and Jewish synagogue that rule for 12,000 years of negativity, and on the other side the black fallen Ang-Els, or Nephilim who rule for 12,000 years of positivity. This is oddly enough a way to preserve balance also known as maat. The church/synagogue uses these clones who are often very attractive to seduce the fallen Ang-Els/Nephilim/Gods. This is all done telepathically because the mind of a clone, and the mind of a fallen Ang-El are often very closely linked. The clones mind is a 5 and the Nephilim's mind is a 6 together this makes eleven. Eleven is a very important number for these advanced aliens because 11 is also a 2, as in the 2 hemisphere of the brain. The pineal gland in the brain of the Nephilim and in most people secrete melatonin, and if you analyze the way melatonin looks it is an image of a pentagram attached to the hexagram a 5 and a 6 the formula for a strong psychic link. My wife was born on the 25th (5) I was born on the 12th (66) a combination of the 5 and 6 which is 11 or 2. Our brains are very closely linked.

The church/synagogue view the Nephilim with their ideas about light and truth, as the Antichrist that will challenge religion, so they want to control their minds through the use of clones. They also would like to be able to control the powerful children of Nephilim as well. They often recruit black individuals to help them bring down black Nephilim with the promise of attaining great wealth. The aliens from Sirius are in on it, but they need clones for other reasons entirely. They need clones to mate with God-Kings to produce descendants, but they also use them to initiate their God-Kings into grueling powerful telepathic rituals. This is important to these aliens because they are powerful telepaths themselves that are able to control the brain. They teach their descendants about how the brain works through these rigorous rituals. I believe that many of these top secret government cloning programs are really being conducted using alien technology. I believe that most of the clones are females, but some maybe males as well. The males I believe are used in some capacity as soldiers. The illuminated Hollywood El-ite are very aware that clones exist and include them in their movies. Leaving behind a breadtrail of clues.

Of course these movies are dramatizations, but they all contain essential truth. Many clones have no clue about their true nature. They may have ideas and possible flashes of who they formerly were, but it does not make a lot of sense to them. Why are these clones even needed? They must be very important to the government, if the government feels the need to create them. It is because a clone can create children with the Nephilim also known as God-Kings. These super advanced children of clones, and Nephilim will be the future world leaders and soldiers. They will have abilities that will make humans believe they are Gods. The God-Kings will rule, but their reign will be one based on fairness and equality. In fact the reign of the God-Kings is referred to as humanities Golden Age. Many humans were taught to believe clones are inferior to them, but this was never the case. The truth of the matter is that out of the three groups humans, clones, and Gods. The God-Kings or Nephilim are the only ones who have souls, and live on, It is the God-Kings who can reincarnate, and eventually go to heaven, which is the star Sirius where their alien ancestors live. They are destined to become the 144,000 chosen people. Some people call them the 5% if you take 1+4+4 it equals 5. As for both humans as well as clones, they each do not have souls. All of those church goers that go to church, and listen to the pastors and priest give sermons about being a good Christian and giving a tithe, and you will go to Heaven, I'm here to tell you it's a lie. Humans have only one life, and that is the current life here on Earth. There is no heaven, or hell for a human. This is not to say their life is not valuable. Their life has value in that they are important contributors to society. A tactic the Church often uses to empower themselves is they use the lie of life in the hereafter as a form of leverage over humanity. This is done in order to control them. What better way to control people than by dangling heaven and hell in front of them. It is because humans believe they have a soul, and are somehow special they abuse clones. This of course is a lie. Humans also believe that the ability to have children also separates them from a clone. This is also a lie. A clone can have a child, in fact the child of a clone can have a soul if that clone happens to mate with a God-King. This is the true purpose of a clone, to create a God-King. The problem that many clones face is that up until this point there are usually only a few God-Kings, and so many clones, so the ability for a clone to procreate and become a parent seems out of reach. Good for the clones because this is all about to change in the Age of Aquarius. The returning black God-Kings are about to increase in number. These returning Nephilim God-Kings are going to put into place a completely new system that will eradicate most world religions. The God-Kings believe this will be a good thing because religion much like race creates too much division. These black God-Kings are going to promote a system of polygamy that allows the Gods to have more than one wife. Is this not what the God-Kings and Pharaohs did in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The Pharaoh had a Royal Wife, Lesser Wives, and a haram, and they all lived royal lifestyles above the average person. By bringing about a polygamous society many more clones will now be able to become parents. The children combined with clone and Ang-El genetics will be incredibly powerful and will become our next world leaders. These children will be both male and female and these will be the first female Goddesses-Queens with supernatural abilities. The very reason why clones exist in the first place all centers on the star Sirius. We are part of a binary star system with the star Sirius. On the star Sirius they have clones just like we do on Earth, but they are male clones. The male clones purpose is to mate with the female Queen. On Sirius the system its a matriarchy with the women in charge. This is very similar to the concepts in the Wonder Woman comic books. Which is interesting because these female aliens are powerful telepaths, and wonder woman has a telepathic lasso.

This is mostly because Sirius is a feminine sun often associated with the female Egyptian Goddess Isis. While on Sirius the female Goddess-Queens will mate with male clones, and on Earth its the exact opposite. The male God-Kings mate with female clones. Its interesting because the relationship between clones, Kings, and Queens is very similar to the bee kingdom, or I should say the bee queendom. The male drone or clone bee needs to impregnate the female Queen Bee. That is their purpose to create life. It seems that civilization on both Earth and Sirius are based on the bee, and scientist have often wondered are bees an alien species. There are a very small group of illuminated individuals that are aware of all of this as crazy as this sounds. I believe this is why the bee has been the symbol of royalty found throughout Egypt, and Greece extending into Europe among King Charlemagne The Great of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the Merovingian kings of France. These royal bloodlines are not of this planet. A new Age has now begun, and the lies taught under the Age of Pisces will come to an end. Truth will now replace the lies, even though this truth seems almost unbelievable. Another reason why polygamy is necessary is not simply to satisfy the sexual urges of the Gods, but currently there are only four Gods on the Planet and one of them being the first female Goddesses. This number is viewed as being too small, so polygamy is needed to repopulated the planet. God-Kings and their children will help usher in a new age of peace, less racism, less homophobia, less unregulated capitalism, less sexism, less abortion, less violence, and less division based on religion. Some feminist may not like the idea of polygamy and see it as a male over indulgence; however, they would be wrong. The children of the God-Kings will also have daughters with supernatural abilities such as telepathy, intuition, levitation, telekinesis and many other abilities. These Goddess-Queens will partake in polyandry with male clones producing many children as well. For these advanced aliens from Sirius Its all about reproduction; however, unlike Catholic priest sex should be enjoyable. There will also be gay and bisexual Gods as well. These children are especially favored by the extraterrestrials of Sirius because they view them as being binary in nature, tapping into both their male and female sides of their brain. Sirius does not discriminate in an ascending Age only positive energy will be promoted. This is why even human diets are changing to plant based diets because in an ascending age animals, and animal spirits are respected. Homophobia will naturally come to an end as people begin to realize what actually causes it. The increasing number of people identifying as LGBTQ on Earth is really based on astrology. Once again as above so below. Things that occur in the stars affect us on Earth. Sirius is a feminine sun governed by female aliens, and that energy from the feminine sun can be felt on Earth. I was told that my youngest son as of today will become the first black gay President of the United States. He was born on April 22nd a powerful angel number as its 11:11 and is associated with both George Washington and the Pharaoh Ramesses. He will also be able to talk to animals. I was also told that my oldest son will be given great power and enormous strength, and will possibly work for the government as a super soldier. He will be similar to Samson, or Superman, and Captain America. My wife will become the first clone and female to become a Goddess. Her power will be telepathy. She will be able to read everyone's mind because everyone was able to telepathically read her mind. She will also become a mermaid swimming underwater without breathing. The aliens on Sirius were training her. My ability will be known as the power of "will," meaning whatever I can imagine it will happen, very similar to concepts that people talk about when discussing quantum physics. If I wanted to have dinner on the Moon it will happen. If I want to travel back in time to see dinosaurs, done. I was told I would have a third child and ironically it will be produced by four people me, my wife and our joining "I and I" which I believe are the God Akhenaton, and his Goddess Nefertiti. This is the vision that I received by way of intuition a couple nights ago, through my pineal gland, or Third Eye, and my I and I, otherwise known as the Pharaoh Akhenaton.

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