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The Real Meaning Of Pork: Meat For The Gods

" My trouble is I love pigs feet and white women too much, I damn sure

can't be no Muslim" - Shorty (Spike Lee's Malcolm X)

"Ham seems to be a word linguistically connected to the Hamites"

" And the pig, thought it has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud; it is

unclean for you." Leviticus 11: 7-8


I was going to layoff writing anymore post, but one day while sitting cross-legged and sun gazing many flies began to land all over me. I immediately viewed this as a sign from the animal spirits. Whenever I encounter any animals I make a mental note of it, and then look up the animal spirits meaning later while at home. I soon discovered that the fly is associated with still more work that may need to be done, and hurry up because time is running out. The symbol of the fly says to continue work even though it may start to annoy some people. I also was having rabbits approach me as well, and aside for a rabbit being a sign for fertility it also is a sign that means hurry up. I do feel as though I was given a gift as a seer, and a gift should not be wasted it is my job to record as much as possible in order to prove the true and living God resides within.

This leads me to the subject of pork. Lately I have been questioning my diet. As we see all around us more and more people are moving toward a plant based diet because it is healthier, I have done sort of the same thing. My intuition has been telling me that different people though may have different diets. I remember while reading and watching J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, and Lord of The Rings, I noticed that the Hobbits would eat bacon and eggs. This struck me as odd. Of course I already knew that Tolkien was part of the illuminated El-lite that are also composed of many artist, and he slipped hidden messages and allegory into his work much like George R.R. Martin and George Lucas have also done as well. Others have done it too but these are the masters.

Previously I have stayed away from pork mainly eating turkey bacon being influenced by some of the teachings of the Nation of Islam, as well as the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. I believe both the Nation of Islam, as well as the Gods and Earths are right and exact when it comes to their understanding of the real nature of white people and black people, as well as the red and blue star prophecy which is of course Sirius; however, I do not believe that their philosophy on pork is correct. It is possible that information is hidden from us, and gradually becomes released as we begin to ascend toward Sirius. There are other groups who also preach against eating pork. Orthodox Muslims do not eat pork, and neither do groups that identify as Jewish and follow the Hebrew faith. I remember coming across an obscure Sigmund Freud book called Moses and Monotheism where Freud makes the claim that many of the traditions that the Jews follow such as not eating pork, believing in one god, and circumcision was borrowed from the ancient Egyptians.

It was the Egyptians it was said by Freud who did not eat pork because it was associated with the negative God Set. This is not completely true. Set was not always an evil god we find that when he was worshipped the earliest he would help the sun god Ra defeat the dragon of chaos Apep. This could be a connection between the sun Ra and the pig Set that has not been explored before.

Set the pig only became evil later after the Hyksos invasion of Egypt. Now some people call pork swine, and still others call it bacon or ham. It was with the word ham where I found the clue. By assigning a numerical value to the word HAM we get H(8) A(1) M(13) When you add this up you arrive at 8+1+13 which is 22. Now 22 is a very important angel number assigned to kings. George Washington as well as the Pharaoh Ramesses where associated with 22. It is also known as the number of the Master Builder. People who come among us and help create civilization. My youngest sons birthday is April 22. In the Bible Isaiah 22.22 reads:

“And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”

This is interesting because the birthmark on the shoulder is also called the mark of Cain. Those chosen Master Builders have this mark on the shoulder. I have a birthmark on my shoulder, and I believe this is a sign of royal blood. I also believe all of this requires a person to eat a somewhat different diet to maximize their potential. To find with these things you must be willing to question everything, respecting and learning from all organizations, but also being a freethinker. For me pork is fine to eat, as well as milk, eggs, and orange juice, and of course chicken. Milk is associated with the Egyptian cow god Hathor, and eggs when cracked reveal the yellow yoke as symbols for the sun. As far as pork, pigs as animals have been proven to be actually smarter than both dogs, and cats. Pigs are very intelligent. Also there is a famous saying you are what you eat. Another clue is that ham seems to be a word linguistically connected to the Hamites in the Bible. The Hamites were said to be African nations like Egypt and Kush, and Canaan. They also are associated with people cursed into slavery. The truth of the matter is the actual Biblical curse was true. The cursed people are also God's chosen people destined to rise again. This is why they keep you away from ham they don't want you to know who you are. They make you stay away from ham, and make you be ashamed of being called a nigger, which means a snake. All of this done to confuse the true chosen people of learning who they are. I believe my bloodline stretches' back into ancient Hametic Egypt, and that many of these Egyptian royals like the Pharaoh Akhenaton were of extraterrestrial bloodlines, as many people believe. As our Earth and sun continue to ascend in consciousness, and as we move closer to our sister star Sirius, more and more light will continue to be revealed as we elevate toward a higher understanding.

Sir Francis Bacon a scientist, mystic, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth was probably very aware of the mystery of eating pork. He would often play up his last name "Bacon," and would proudly call himself the Hog. He even used hog printed money in Bermuda.

If you take the word hog and apply a numerology to it you get some interesting numbers. So H is(8) and O is (15) and G is (7) if you add the 8+1+5 you get 14 now take the 14 and add it to the remaining G which is 7 and you get 147 or 777. As I have said previously in other post 777 is a number associated with fallen Ang-Els known as the Sons of Lamech, or the Sons of God. Pork is the food for the Gods. Pork for Muslims and Jews symbolically functions the same way as the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life does for Christians. The true seeker of knowledge and light, is encouraged to eat both the apple and pork. One final clue I found was in Spike Lee's Malcolm X when Malcolm X was trying to get his old friend Shorty to join the Nation of Islam, but Shorty says he can't "because he "likes pigs feet and white women too much to become a Muslim." Shorty like the Hobbits is short in stature, as are Luke Skywalker, John Snow, and others. This is because many of those with the oldest royal blood are not tall. This is because they are related to extraterrestrial aliens that are very powerful, but also very small. They are only about 3 feet tall. Why white women? Believe it or not both pork, and white women factor into certain rituals that the El-ites practice. Everything in a ritual is meant to teach a lesson, or it's pointless. Pork makes you intelligent, and may be connected to the sun. White is the opposite of black and hints at the precessional cycles in our solar system. White though their energy is negative they are actually attracted to the positive energy of the black people just like a magnet this also works vice versa. As worlds and Ages die, and are reborn it has always been the duty of both the black and white royals to absorb each other in during the last days because good and evil are related, you cant define one without the other, Black men and women may rule as royals together on the throne, but they have to take serious precautions by guarding their brain, a topic I want to touch on as I re-explore the true meaning of Shakespeare's play Othello. Finally this is a deleted scene from Malcolm X that reveals a lot while at the same time it also misinforms, which I will explain.

You must learn to use the law of reversal and read things backwards and upside down just like I have learned to do with the Bible the same thing applies to Islam. Jinn for example in Islam are the devil, but if you read it backwards it spells Nij or Nig. The Jinn are you the lost Nigs, Niggers, or Nag serpent God-Kings in America. Everything Malcolm (Denzel) said in this deleted video is a lie. First the pig is actually a clean animal. It lays in the mud to cool down. It never will deficate where it sleeps. As I already mentioned earlier it is highly intelligent so eating it is good. Sister Betty if you look close is not fully wearing her hijab the correct way her hair is exposed, and she is feeding Malcolm salad which is making him passive, and dumbing down his intellect. Look sometime plant based foods are good they have a calming affect make you less violent, but there are other foods that can also be beneficial and affect you differently. Pork is an excellent example because it increases your intelligents. I wonder why this scene did not make the cut?

I wrote this article on July 22nd, and Hobbit Day is celebrated on September 22nd. Hobbit's are also called Tooks, but pronounced Two-ok. The Pharaoh Ramesses temple at Abu Simbel is aligned to the sun on October 22nd as well. I finished this at 1:48 A.M. When broken down 1x4 is 4 together with the 8 is 48 flip that around you get 84. A very important number it symbolizes the 42 Gods of Upper Egypt as well as the 42 Gods from lower Egypt together making 84.

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